2017 Forecast The Year of The rooster

Channeled by Quornesha S. Medium & Egyptian Healer: The Year 2017 Is a positive year. It is a year of truth, renewal and it is the year of the woman. I am sensing that this year will have much to do with values in regards to business or the corporate world. SO any professional career is highlighted.

New beginnings in regards to religions or beliefs/faiths. It’s going to be a year of calm and renewal. People will be a bit more peaceful than usual. You may find that many things are waived such as fees or parking tickets. But not to be greedy and do things on purpose as these will be acts of forgiveness, rather than kindness.

People will be more honest and upfront about things. If peace was something you were seeking to obtain, it’s going to be a great year. It always takes work to get what you want. Because this is a year of new beginnings, prosperity is flowing in this new beginning. This year which is a total of 1 and the vibration of the number 10. With one being a representation of new beginnings and fresh starts.

So take note that if there are relationship(s). You are in you will possibly grow further into this relation. With the Vibration of the number 10 You will be guided by Destiny throughout this year. Meaning that many events that will happen will be out of what is a part of your fate.

You will receive kindness from others and unexpectedly. It is possible that we will meet our soul mates or be in relationships with our soul mates this year. Including partnerships and greetings with those that match the energy of our own soul’s. I am hearing keywords doppleganger first and apparition.

This year, people will be more open to the spirit realm and world. So this will highlight much of those/us who work in the supernatural professions. So if you’ve had ideas of being or living in a certain area in the world. this Year will offer the opportunities for this dream to be realized.

We are more than likely to experience Supernatural Happenings, This Year, you’ll find others more grateful, including ourselves. Counting blessings. This is a year of personal happiness. With each of us reminding one another, that we each have a reason to be grateful.

We may find ourselves meeting ‘Human like angels’. Or people with generous well-being and nature. This year will be heightened with Spiritual Energy. But it will be balanced. We may find ourselves joining new practices.

This will be an auspicious year for many. Especially those who are starting a personal ONE year! As this is a reflection of the roosters’ energy. The morning, crowing, and rising, or new beginnings. Look forward to blessings of many kinds to enter your life!

You will find redemption in Year 2017 if the year 2016 did not provide much stability to you or, things felt a little out of place.

The rooster will favor many but will lean more towards those whose 2016 experience, was not all that flattering or enjoyable. This is the year to feel and be redeemed.

117]January It’s a time to get things done…Let’s redefine patience for the sake of January. If you have sown seeds in 2016, you’ll begin to see things ‘breakthrough’ during this month. A Booming stock market exchange. What a year it’s going to be. If 2016 has betrayed you, your dreams and plans, you will make a remarkable change and shift and the results will be favorable to you.

217]February It’s a time to resurrect something that perhaps you have set aside. Perhaps this is a dream you’ve been holding onto. But have not pursued in a while. It’s time to move forward and give it a go, one last time before deciding, that this was not a great fit and finally release it and let it go from your life. Remember that all things happen for a reason. Whenever you are willing to give up something, another thing or situation takes it’s place.

317] March is a month to focus on what we want. So a month of Desire and creation. If you really, want something, go after it this month. You have the power on your side this month. 2017, already being a year of manifesting. With the number 3 representing March, things are looking up ‘Serendiptiously’! These blessings are meant to be! And are deserved

417]April a month of communication and learning/education or training. If you want to learn something new, this month will highly favor it. Or you may find that doors open for you in regards to what you have already put/set in motion. Perhaps you completing a degree or program to help you reach your next level.

517 May| This month is a month of sterness. And about asserting things. If you want something to change, you must assert your visions and it will come about for you. Do not allow anyone to deter or include their opinion, unless they are adding to it and not taking it (your vision) away from you.

And briefly…

617] June As you can see so far, this year’s moon, sun and planetary energy is quite favorable and generous.

717] July| Happiness is a state of mind.

817] August| After all of this time, You will elated and happy of your progress! Spiritual beginnings.

917]September You’ll feel fruitful and abundant this month. If you are beginning a personal year of One!

1017] October| This month is very spiritual and will have the support and energy of powerful forces to help you along the way of your purpose and passions related to your earthly mission in life.

1117]November] This is YOUR Time to really shine!

1217] December| You’ll feel like you have accomplished so much this year and look forward to new beginnings.

Positive isn’t it? Well, if you have taken a look at 2016 you may say WTF! And then take a look at this report and say, YES, It was all worth it!

This will be a very positive outlook and experience for all of us! We’ve been in transition in the previous year (2016) and now that this is over, we can have this beautiful rest period that is expressed in the year ahead 2017!

The year of the Rooster, Promises fruition! And will be beneficial to all of us, in big or small ways. It will also be a year of film and Production! Especially Theaters or laugh clubs. It’s a new beginning! And you will feel more peaceful and relaxed or elated this year than 2016 has presented. If you have a dream of Jazz or any musical bar. It will be a great year! And we can all exhale, from the stress and overwhelm that 2016 has brought upon us!

Productions are favored this year! Look forward to new horizons and beginnings. If this year is not a personal one, perhaps you can learn from those who are experiencing theirs and be of support.

If you have a daytime show, you should see, support and fruition there also! Congratulations to all of us!

What you have sown into you reap this year! Think GOOD!

2+0+1+7=10 & 1+0=1 Empowered!!!

How to determine if you are having a personal year.For example; your date of birth (including the year (1952, 1988 etc) will be all added as single digits and the numbers that are totaled added together and will equal to one. See also the number 10 + the number 1 


Quornesha S. Medium & Egyptian Healer

All rights reserved©

Thanks 4 heeding to the copyrights and sharing with all due respect to the author. 

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