Angel-Confirmation Number 937

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: *media consultations + Egyptian Healing*: The Angel/Confirmation Number 937 is a message from the Universal Energies about our angels hearing our prayers. Hearing our desires and integrating them into our destiny. If you cannot have entirely what you want, ask that whatever you are requesting is integrated with the Will that God has for you.

Life isn’t going to be perfect. Make the most of what you have always. Make the most of your blessings, as these will not always be with you. Everything is born and everything dies. Keep this in mind when you are receiving what you want.

Do not concern yourself with what is temporary. As whenever a door shuts, another opens. God wants each of us to be lead to our purpose and his will for us. His one true goal above the others he has for you are, so that you can fulfill your earths mission. With the number 937 appearing in your life right now, this is a reminder that you are loved by the creator.

You are more than love, you are all that the your creator has designed/made you to be. You are asked to remember who you really are. If you do not know as of yet, ask the Universal energies to relay to you the truth about your spiritual nature. It will then be revealed to you. Step into your Divine power at this time.

The Number 937 is a message and reminder that you are a powerful light and force in the universe. Many forces exist, and you are one in your own right. We each have a unique connection with God. It’s time that you discover your own or that you begin to honor what you already know.

You deserve the very best and it is being vowed to you by God himself. If you have a powerful intention out into the universe, do not allow anyone to dictate or deter you from manifesting this dream or goal, as these are promises that heaven are making to you, on behalf of you coming to earth.

God is prophesying to you himself. Do not allow anyone to take this away from you in any way. Gifts or blessings entering your life at this time are blessings directly from heaven. Receive every blessing gratefully. Empower your gratitude.

Receiving the outpouring of his love allows us to being open to great things. His love lives within, feel this love at any moment by being in touch with the heart. Embrace the enlightenment within. Call upon the Universal Energies to attract more good into your life and world.

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Seeing this number in your waking life, dreams, visions or through any abilities, is sign that you are on your Divine path, serving your soul mission as you were meant to. You are to continue shining brightly.

9+3+7= 19 & 1+9=10 & 1+0= 1 There are new beginnings to take place in your life. Be prepared in all ways by energy and mind, body soul. Receive blessings forthcoming. As the wait is over for something you have been so patient for. Also see the number 10 + the number 1


Quornesha S.

Psychic Consultant *Media Consultations + Egyptian Healing*

All rights reserved ©

Thanks 4 Sharing So kindly + with all due respect.




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