The Symbolic Meaning of The Letter L

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant Seeing The Letter L in dreams, synchronicity, waking life, repeated messages. In portraits, etc. Is a message that some blessings are about to enter your life. This is highly resonant with that of Divine Messages or people. You should take note that these will be positive outcomes and situations and not negative ones.

The Letter L, stand for letting go. Laying, Love, Leniency, Lot, Lean, lotus, Level, lover, Legion, Live, Life, Letter, Lake, Lady, L (Representing Initials), Law, Land, Lane, Literacy, ladder, lessons, learning, Luminary, Legacy, Luck, Light, Lightworker, leadership, Lapis Lazuli, Lamb, Legalities, also ‘Life Purpose or Life Mission). Any negative connotations of the letter L is loner & Lucifer (also known as the father of Lies, Satan or the Devil.

Change is coming: These upcoming situations and acquisitions will improve your life and empower you. L is a message that any instances occurring to you is a message that your purpose is trying to get you to pay attention, as you are moving forward.

Do not be weak  or confused in your beliefs: Take caution when others try to persuade you to believe differently. Stick with what you know. As, what others know is for themselves alone. What they voice their opinion towards, is for them alone. Know that if or when someone wants something done and they compel you to do it. The only person who has to do it, is themselves. You are not confined by obligations.

L is confirmation of Stability. And solid foundations for the future. Know that you are blossoming at this time and your dreams are taking on a higher level. Speak, act and think with convictions and do not argue whether others are right or wrong about anything. What is right is for you, and what is wrong you have the power to just let it be.

Leadership: Find people who resonate with you and be sure to clear your life of people or situations who only seek confrontation. And know that you are on a Divine mission, that involves you and those you are meant to lead.

Practice Stillness: Find ways to meditate, even if that means turning off all electrical devices and simply sitting still. If you find that there is not enough quiet time, know that it’s what you do in this situation that will prepare you for situations that are peaceful and quiet. So that you may practice your own spirituality or belief, comfortably.

L is a reminder to balance our lives. As it is possible. Do not try to persuade anyone or yourself what is right or what is wrong. Everything will be understood in it’s own timing. Bless all of your surroundings and express how grateful you are for all of the life lessons that you have learnt from and overcome.

Renounce Sabotage: Do not allow self sabotage from your fears, be in control of your own emotions and the way that you think. Do not allow others to murder your dreams and desires with their own opinions and continue forward.

A Clear and Clean Karmic Path: Always avoid temptations that do not serve you and choose to keep your karma in good balance in the world, with yourself and in your lifetime.

L can also symbolize illumination or the Number 11 or The Number 1

L in a name, title or business Description is sign that caution is needed in some way or form, more likely with our words or approach. Double LL’s are signs of illumination.

L is also the 12th Letter in the Alphabet. Which is Symbolic of a Divine spiritual beginning and purpose. Your purpose is communicating Divine information to you at this time. You are heightened in sensitivity, so do pay attention.  L is also symbolism for Divine Opulence to provide for your purpose to be fulfilled. Receive all, which you consider a blessing, and blessings that are unexpected.

1+2=3 See the Number 3 Meaning 


Quornesha S.

All rights reserved ©

Thanks for sharing so kindly + with all due respect. 

Psychic Consultant Quornesha S. 


5 thoughts on “The Symbolic Meaning of The Letter L

  1. Hi my name is Ramel hicks from the Bronx, NY I’ve been feeling unexplained energies surrounding me i cant pinpoint whether it’s positive or negative . I feel its affecting me physically and spiritually.and i dont know what to do. If u receive this message and you have the time can you give me any advice please.


  2. Hi,Quornesha I’m Tangela Pender from Miami Florida I have been seeing L’s everywhere also alone with the #111,222,333,444,555 daily I’m receiving negative messages and positive ones two I know what my inner knowing to the messages is.I just feel like I’m being prepared for a mission on spirituality and I’m reading everything on spiritual topics to. I under you charge for giving advice on any giving question. I’ll be more than happy to get a reading soon.holla back let me know what up.


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