Angel Number 0

Zero is wholeness, the complete and Divine energy of the Universe and it’s creator. However you see it/him.

When the number zero appears in your waking life it asks you to release something, be whole, be well.

Zero is symbolic of authenticity. Nothing goes into this circle that is not who you are. When you are doing things and contributing to causes you actually care about you find that it gives you a sense of peace.

When zero appears repeatedly,  the question to us is…are you living your life whole? For you? For your Environment? For the people you love?

You should never feel anxiety to contribute into any cause or purpose without agreement with your choices inside of your soul.

The color white, green or Gold may often be indicated by this number.

Zero may also be a gentle request from your angels, guides and inner spirit(s). To live life lightly and feel free to let it go. Nothing here should become our attachment where we do not feel free and capable to spread our wings.

Do not deplete your soul and your energy just because you feel pressured to contribute.

Rest. Meditate. Eat and Drink what will replenish you.

Care for all things you love, mind, body, soul, spirit, heart.  Overall Health, Etc.

Be whole, different and Unique. Your soul is here for a specific purpose. Which is not often like others. Follow your own Golden star, shine your own light. Be that beacon. SHINE BRIGHT!

How you tell your story is often different from another. So you may find that the wisdom is different. The Mind is different. We may all be in the same mind. But not everyone is on the same level. 

Before we ever begin anything, there is nothingness, often a feeling of emptiness whether good or bad. This may be a suggestion that it is safe to start again.

Quornesha S. 

Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant

all rights reserved ©


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