Angel-Confirmation Number 451

Channeled by Quornesha S.: Intuitive Medium Healer| Obeah Practitioner| Egyptian Healer| Shaman| Pyschic| Certified Reiki Master| Certified Life Purpose Coach| Very strong connection to spirit and the Universal laws.

The Number 451 is a message from the angels that your prayers and worries or concerns have been heard. You are an open channel for information of the universe. Which is why you know many secrets. You are claircognizant or it is a reminder that you are tapping into a claircognizant vibration. This number Equates that you have so much work to be done and fulfilled on the material plane. You are getting along just fine with your inner self.

451 Is a message that at this time you are going through many changes at once. You must allay out-loud that you are ready to move on from these lessons and that you are receptive to getting acquainted with your true self. Do not worry about the past. As it has been forgiven. You are not alone in your journey. You have many blessings that await you on the other side which you are to experience in your lifetime. Know that whatever you ask for at this time in your life. Is what you are meant to inherit. You just don’t know it until it is received.

If a relationship is not going as you would like. You are asked to surrender, as you are being applauded for honoring your sensitivity. You are to acknowledge that you have your own needs, as much as anyone else. Do not spend your time arguing with anyone that is not a part of your future. You are to move or move on and ahead. You are releasing what no longer serves you, even if you are at present ‘still’ in the situation. Know that every storm deserves a breakthrough for peace to overflow after it is done.

451 Is also a reminder that you are to keep up the good you are doing in the world. You have some gifts that are forthcoming for past good efforts. Pay attention to your dreams, pay attention to your visions. You are worthy of every blessing you are about to receive. Pay attention to the people around you. Just because you are being compassionate doesn’t equate to you being naive. Just because you are receptive and open to others doesn’t mean you are allowing yourself to be used or taken advantaged of. You are to keep going anyway. You have something beautiful inside of you that renews itself when it is dispensed out to help others.

You are receiving blessings from ‘on high’. You are being rewarded and your hard work is paying off. Pay attention to those who are going to lead you in the times ahead. They may not know everything but everyone deserves to be heard. You are your own leader you are your own best follower. You must find your source of peace within. Be yourself. You have purpose and originality brimming within you. Others see your fire, they sense your aura. You are brewing with beauty. The love you receive from those close to you is well deserved.

4+5+1=10 & 10 is 1+0=1 Empowered. Prepare for new beginnings. If you are feeling like a situation has lost it’s hope or that you have lost your spiritual interest or investment in it. It is with good reason. You will move on and leave many memories behind. You are asked to surrender and you are being commended for doing so. Do not worry, just…! Have no fear of the future, anything or anyone. You are protected by higher powers, even if at times you forget that they know  of you and entrust you with their presence.

Speak not so openly of your plans. Know that eyes, ears and words are powerful. Don’t allow anyone to refute whatever you may know…for sure. If they cannot see your success, they need not know of it. Keine Bange!  That is to say, no worries!  You are not responsible for the confidence or lack thereof in others. xo

Also see the number 1

Namaste & Ashe, 

Quornesha S. 

Illumination Reiki & Readings 


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