Angel Number 2

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: *Media + Egyptian Healing* Two is about balance, the different perspectives. Relaxation, healing. unity, nobility and resting. It is important not to overextend yourself or if you work a hectic schedule to relax. Pause, rest..etcYou may also see the number two when you have gone through important changes. Or about to make some difficult choices that will lead to personal peace and renewed inspiration.

When you feel you lack clarity sit still, sit outside and allow renewal to enter you. Two can also be related to the butterfly,from the wings to the caterpillar it once was.In which case it is about growth and progress and also renewal.Whenever you feel overwhelmed know that things are going to get better when you see the number two, as it represents change of some kind.

We notice signs because we intuitively asked for guidance from our angels, guides and inner spirit (known as higher self}. It is important not to deplete your energy just because you can fulfill a task. Or because you are asked to do so. Is it why you are here? Save your energy for when you are really meant to do something.

We cannot be indecisive as indecision causes delays to taking action, try it one way, if it does not work, try the other. It is better to trust yourself the first time.Trust your inner self. Know your worth. Keep Calm and Relax on!

The Number 2 Is a realization that you are moving on and wrapping up an important phase to due with your life purpose. You have completed something and this is very much related to your purpose. You are being commended by various good sources. At this time you are releasing and freeing up energy that you may have been using in a way that has depleted you, now the energy will get directed in another way.

The number 2 is also a reminder that we are stepping up and honoring the spiritual aspects of our lives. We are each an essence of Spiritual energy. But when we do not accept this truth, we begin the learning process. When we are acknowledging our truths we become the teacher.

Things will be resolved and for the highest good of all involved. It is now a time to balance your life and become who you really are within, or to evolve further into the inner divinity you have been stepping into. One door closes with promise of a better one opening up for you. You can now look forward to renewal in your relationship, with God, the source, universal energies, others, etc. You are ready to step into you, at your prime.

Whatever is needed to display this new beginning, and in a harmonized manner, it will be supplied. You can rest assured, that a prophecy will be fulfilled at this time in your life. Constraints are lifting and bringing balance to you in the process. When you have numbers that lead up to the number 2, know that this represents as stability, along with it’s added meanings. for examp: 1+1=2  20 (2+0=2) etc.

xoxo Quornesha S.

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