Angel Number 9

Channeled By Quornesha S. Oracle of Divine Wisdom + Healing

[The Nine Path] Nine relates to giving and receiving. Nine is the humanitarian’s path, universal love. Or the ability to give of yourself without concern of what you should receive in return. (Without Strings Attached)

Numerically it is the highest number as from 0-9 numbers are either tripled, doubled etc. Nine is very auspicious to those who wish to cater their time and expertise to others as a cause.

Nine resonates with charitable actions. If Nine is a soul path number you can expect to give most of your life to others who do not have access to such wisdom or resources. It is important to not overwhelm yourself. Fun is also a part of the journey and a part of all of our lessons here on earth.

Confidence is not attained outside of yourself: You must believe in your abilities or apply confidence in your abilities. If you are a healer then this may suggest that even though you give so much of your time and ability to others it has not gone unnoticed (not felt). It’s time to learn the capacity of the vibrations you send out to others. That is the purpose of Karma.

Karma is as a ‘customer service center’, if recognition is required to get more of the same service then that is what will be served up. If however the energy sent out needs to returned so that the issue can be fixed by the manufacturer (Sender) it will return.

Soul Contracts: Dedicating your time to anything is actually a soul contract, unknowingly! The energy you send is the reflection of the fault or remarkableness of the soul. Even though the work you do does not seem to be of importance. Change this thought. Know that it does. If you’re giving your best, then that is value. If you’re giving your worst then it’s a reflection of lack in the mind or soul you feel must be catered to before you move forward.

Do to your dreams as You’d have your dreams, do unto you:  Nine energy often urges you to pour of yourself into others. Don’t move unless you have agreed to do so. Don’t act unless you feel internally guided to do so. Don’t allow yourself to be a spiritual sponge for only those around you and not for yourself. If you’re giving you must receive also. That’s law of Karma and Attraction. Only commit to what you really want to do.

Do things unintentionally, that is what will show up also.

Repeating Number 9: The Number Nine repeatedly is a message to come from a place of authenticity when you choose to work with others or humanity in any way. Nine may also be a representation of a caring profession that you would excel at.

Soul Mission is Of Importance right Now: It is time to make your soul mission a priority, our soul mission is a set of tasks or assignments we are fated to complete here in our lifetimes. It is greatly connected to a talent, gift or ability. If you are meant to express your soul’s wisdom through music, you will be a really gifted and beautiful singer. If you are meant to share and express the wisdom of your soul through writing, you would be a fluent poet or author of some kind.

What is a Soul Mission: If you were meant to visually captivate others you’d probably fare well in productions, film and creating works of art to express the soul’s calling.

When the Desire to Express will not die: Whatever you cannot resist to express, whether in your giving or have a passion to earn a living for, is your soul mission. It is the wisdom, known by the soul and urged to be expressed as it was always meant to be. You are asked to shine your light brightly when the number 9 appears. As the soul Is illuminated 100% at this time.

Renouncing Old Beliefs and Habits: Detach from beliefs of the past, beliefs that are old and stale, beliefs that do not resonate with you. You are free to be as prosperous and abundant as you wish to be. Express your all knowing in a way that empowers you to do more of it. You will never feel depleted when you come from a place of desire to do it, rather than a ‘need’ to do it. It also reads authentically. Do not give your energy to hate or envy, compass yourself in love at all times, give it and receive it all times and take detours from what is less than the best.

The Final Stage  Before A New One Begins: The Number Nine is representation as the stage after any karmic periods, and also the representation of a fresh new beginning. So enjoy this time, as it has also, come to pass, so that you may move forward into new stages, levels, directions and lessons.


Quornesha S.

© All rights reserved

Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant

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16 thoughts on “Angel Number 9

  1. Quornesha,

    I truly enjoy reading your Angel Confirmation Numbers as they come to me. Its a delight when I see the numbers come up in the search engine by you. They are always such an inspiration as I move forward on my spiritual journey. I am grateful to have come across your website. I hope to see more Number Confirmations from you…as they are given with love and resonance of the Spirit. Thank you for your precious time in putting this together.

    Many Blessings, Much Love & Light,
    In Great Appreciation…


  2. Greetings Quornesha,
    Thank you for being a vessel of messages that affirm, give clarity and assist in healing. I always appreciate and value what I recieve when I come across your page. Bliss to you.



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