Attention Aspiring Actors, Entertainers & Film Producers

Morning! Hope that you are setting forth with steps and plans for your wildest dreams to become a reality! My report is: I am! And every day I am alive to put the intention out for to it manifest I see it materializing even more.

I Love using my insight & Healing to help artists, actors, directors, producers and the like! If it has something to do with the entertainment industry, I’ve wanted to be a part of it in an impactful way! I am available to book behind and on the scenes!

There’s something about media that gets my creative juices flowing. I’ve been in Virtual Green Rooms, have done plenty of behind the scenes work, and VIRTUALLY! Making it happen with what’s in front of me every day! Enjoy your pre-weekend!


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So, what are you starring in? What’s next for you? Who are you working with in the industry? That’s all exciting stuff! And I will be more than happy to help enlighten you on your purpose in whatever art you are looking forward to having a career in!

You’re a star, you just haven’t figured it out as of yet! And for what purpose?! And if you have, you want to know how far this path will take ya! © I Sense Some Future Oscar Winners, Emmy, Grammy Nominees in my midst! I really want to help you get there!


I want you to know that I am not only predicting, but I am prophesying, so whatever I say is going to be so, it shall! No matter if you believe it or not!


Quornesha S. 

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Western Diamondback Rattlesnack Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Egyptian Healer & Psychic Medium:  Seichim, Sekhmet & Shaktipat: When a Rattlesnake crosses your path, it is a sign of fortune. It is often a positive omen. The rattlesnake at first appearance may mean you no harm unless it senses that it is in danger itself. So then the lesson of the Rattlesnake isn’t to fear upcoming changes, But to take a look at the way you may have treated others, and the actions you have taken.

If you have not brought harm to others, you have no reason to fear. If you have, it is time to take note that some part of your life will come to an end as a result, whether this is a chapter or project. The Western Diamondback Rattlesnake is a message that, whatever we put out into the universe, we should be mindful of it. And to also take into account that, each action we take has a reflective mirror to send or boomerang this energy back to us, for us to see the error of our ways.

The universal energies have blessings in store for you whenever you are done with karmic challenges, lessons or if you are wrapping up a karmic phase in your life. You are reminded that we are all entitled to the blues, as well as the joys of life and is confirmation for you to keep in mind that no one is ever excluded from these experiences, although it may seem or appear.

The rattlesnake appearing before you is a message that, you are aware of some unforeseen or hidden dangers and you have avoided them with dignity and grace, and is a message that as your reward, you will receive some good fortunes, that are to enter your life immediately. A rattlesnake behind you and caught you by surprise is a message that suggests you are allowing yourself to be open to energies or vibrations that may not be of use to you going forward. “Going up the road and around the corner” that is all.

A Rattlesnake to the West of you is a sign that you are coming out of some adversities or  you are breaking through and is therefore a message that you will keep moving forward and things will work to your favor, ALL THINGS will work to your highest good. A rattlesnake to the East of You denotes some travel forthcoming.

When you come into contact with a rattlesnake and it does not attack it is a sign that your spirit is good, and you have respect even from unlikely sources.

No one can manipulate you or have authority or power over you, unless it is allowed by you. You are not easily influenced, so if ever you feel that you are, it is time to reassert yourself in whatever position you may be. Positive news may be forthcoming and unexpectedly.

You can assure that a time has come and passed. You can assure that blessings of many financial and material measures, that will help you serve your life mission and purpose with ease and grace are forthcoming. Ask for whatever it is you want and the Universal energies will see to it that your rewards are many.

If you are bitten by this animal, seek medical attention, but in dreams being bitten, is a sign that we aren’t paying attention to the opportunities laid out before us. Or that your environment is not one of a positive and uplifting nature. Set your course in action and make a plan along the way, as plans do not always go accordingly. By preparing yourself to face this truth you prepare yourself for other options as well. Plan as you go…As when we plan, ALLAH plans.

If you feel that the snake is your ‘power animal’, it is of even more benefit to see it in your dreams, waking life or visions.

Snakes in general are powerful signs of: illumination, enlightened, inspiration, light, power, influence, dignity, pride, spiritism, ritual, ability, leadership, seeing past illusions.

Meeting a snake at your left foot is a very powerful and positive sign or omen. A snake at your right foot is a sign of influence and encouragement and denotes that you are in the learning process.

Remember or take note, that when you are always being warned by others, to also take note of the person doing the foretelling or negative prophecies over your life. Remember that where darkness is, light exists, where light is, darkness is suppressed and/or absolved. You will know what to trust and what not. You must use your instincts. As anything can be used for one’s harm. Embrace your fears and use them to your good.

Seeing a diamondback rattlesnake is confirmation things are starting anew in your life and are working together for your good.


Quornesha S. 

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Angel-Confirmation Number 989

Channeled by Quornesha S.| Medium & Egyptian Healer| Seichim, Sekhmet, Shaktipat: 989 Appears to us in our waking life, dreams, visions or in synchronicity as a message that We are to shine our light in a positive and effective way/manner. And is a reminder, that while we may teach about the law of attraction, this law is ever growing and evolving. As all spiritual laws of the universe. It is consistently morphing and becoming it’s potential.

The angel-confimation number 989 is a reminder that it is not about remaining positive all of the time, ignoring how you feel or what is going on in the world. We are allowed to disconnect from constraints or events if they appear to overwhelm us, but to never not involve ourselves or our light in any way. As it is to stilt the process of human evolution, when ALL voices and souls matter.

To say to your friends when they are going through something, that they are being negative or being downers to your environment is to deny yourself compassion when you are flowing in the direction they may be flowing at present. Be caring of others and compassionate always. WE ALL experience, some form of hurt, neglect and even pain or adversity.

Do not outcast others when YOU will need the support along the way also or someone to uplift you.  Ignoring the truth doesn’t make us any more positive. Which is why we must unify in times of global crisis or upheaval or stress & support one another. We can always switch back to our norms, or personal priorities.

The Number 989 and it’s message is not a persuasion or truth about allowing anyone to consume you of your time, resources, or energy and even light…but that you not ignore what may be felt on a global scale and that which affects us all and that of our future or future descendants, as we ascend.

The number 989 requests and/or requires that our perception be lifted up and changed.  That we not only think of our well being but that of the world as a whole, as of right now. You are encouraged and empowered through the number 989 to take up some form of humane/humanitarian projects to the world and devote your time and passions towards it and you are assured that you will have all that you need, including platform, finances and supply to support you and help you maintain this position to make a difference in the lives of other and that of your own.

The number 989 which totals to 8 when added together in numerology is a message that you are to use your power and ability for all beings. In your own unique way. You are to clear the way and be a difference or change maker for those you are set to guide, lead or shine a light upon.

You already have the power, the skill and knowledge or wisdom to do what you are being called to do. You are to use your abilities to attract the necessities into your life. As these are requirements for you to fulfill your soul mission. Let us not ignore what we are seeing around the world. Remember that we are powerful beacons of light energy.

Deny the world of your light and you will not have lived.

9+8+9=26 & 2+6=8| You are to bare light always. Keep up the good work that you are doing in the world and know or acknowledge that there are many blessings as a result of your faith into the ‘unknown’. The angels commend you for all of the steps you may have taken so far.  You are not to wait until things take a personal turn to speak up, and take action. When you are motivated to be or make a difference follow it. Also see the number 8 Also see Divine Channels 


Quornesha S. 

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Angel-Confirmation Number 886

Channeled by Quornesha S. Consulting *Medium & Egyptian Healer^ Media & Personal |The number 886 appearing in your dreams, waking life, or synchronicity is a reminder to put out the same vibration we wish to receive. As whatever you put out there for others to learn from will be your lessons in turn also, whatever answers you deliver will be the answers you will need also. You are to take responsibility for the way you shed light on all of humanity. Just because we are strong in particular areas doesn’t mean that others are. You are to be cautious of the words you speak and the answers you give.

You are to be free of bias and/or judgment from/with your advice to others. We are not here on earth to be told how to live out our lives. We are here for guidance. There’s no absolute ONE thing we are here to do. For the calling,  requires that there are many deeds to do. We are not parents to those of whom we lead. You are not to tell anyone how to be or how to go about doing or being or becoming.

There is only one true mother, that is earth/universe, there is only only one true father, which is creator. Your frustrations of who or how anyone understands their life and it’s path are a reflection of yourself alone.

Fun fact: the one reason they say, don’t point at graves/cemeteries, or other ‘Living’ beings for that matter. Because, two fingers are being pointed and there are three are pointed right back at you, and from your own hands! Whatever you sow you’re going to reap, whatever you send out you will receive also. Be as kind to people as you can always. If you speak negative words, those words and vibrations are in your mouth. Which is why it is outlined in the holy bible, that Death and life are in the power of the tongue. Wherever you point your fingers, for whatever reason, is what you think of yourself, three times more. 

You are not to take it into your own responsibility to teach others of rights or wrongs, as again. We are not parents to those we lead. You are to allow others to grow out of or learn from the way they have been brought up themselves. As this is a part of their human experience.

You are not to allow anyone the power to refute you, even if your perception of what you see may not be fully understood. This isn’t some competition to see whose wrong or right, or who comprehends the most along their journey. You are to allow others to be, accept them as they truly are. Doing so, acknowledges that God didn’t make a mistake. Your editing of persons shows your lack of faith in the  higher plan/purpose for a persons’ life.

No one is spiritual baggage to be ‘checked’ or put in place by what you/we know for sure, certain or otherwise. If you nose around in the understanding or lack thereof you may later find out that it was you who lacks understanding. Do not quickly speak. You are to pace yourself. And mind your own path. If something compels you so much, the person whose ordained to follow the orders you are tossing about is yourself.

If you are teaching others, then whatever you teach you need it also. You cannot try to build a house ‘off or outside’ of the foundation, it must be built upon the foundations, so as to not build a home on sand.

You are to surrender all worries or concerns to God for transmutation and healing. The body is a temple where God dwells. The mind is a part of the Body, and so, it is vital that worries that lay on the mind are surrendered so that they may be healed.

If you are learning,  make use of what you learn in your own words and way. Do not abhor others, respect others and you will attract spirits who will allow others to respect you. If you disrespect others, you have given spirits the permission to send that energy to you also, through others.

886 Is a reminder, that positive energy and vibrations like prosperity, wealth, well being, peace and kindness are a state of mind and a choice. Whatever we are, we will gain more of it. If you have karmic work to be done that is negative, higher powers will see to it to send the necessary spirits to help you work through this. If you have positive karmic work to be received then you will see that angels will assure that these come about for you.

Success is not a luxury only available to the few. We are chosen by our destinies, but not by the Love of God, for the love of God is open and available for many and their own and unique way!

8+8+6=22 & 2+2=4 Know that a sense of stability is about to take place in your life with the number 886 appearing in your life. Some situations may come to an end and you’ll see or recognize new situations that enter or come in. Be very grateful for where you are. And focus on your own journey, do not judge that of others.’ Remember, that while we may be more involved in our spiritual aspects, we do not necessarily ‘know God’ more. We are God, having a human experience. Allow others the permission to travel along their journey as they are supposed to, and remember, they are not against ‘your’ time. No matter how impatient you grow, which, should you be impatient, shows a lack of acceptance in your own position along your path. See also the number 4


Quornesha S. Consulting

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White Alligator Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. *Egyptian healer & Psychic Medium*: The white alligator when seen in your dreams, waking life or visions or other synchronicity is a sign of well being, prominence, Starting over in a new way after some adversities. If you have come to the end of something, the white alligator comes into your life to remind you that you have a light at the end of the tunnel and is therefore a reminder for you to let go of closing doors. And Is therefore a reminder that you are to look forward now.

Nothing is ever by mistake or coincidence. You meet everyone you meet for a reason. You are interacting with the people you interact with for a reason. Everything is Divine and has a message or treasure in it. A Promise is being fulfilled.

Pay attention to what is happening around you right now. If it seems out of sync, know that, this is due to the fact that you will soon be stepping into new territory. You should allow every ending to dance. Everyone you are releasing to dance. You are falling out whether directly or energetically with certain people for a reason. You are moving forward from here. Pay attention to forthcoming opportunities. As these are reflections of good karmic work in the past, paying it forward today.

See your path as YOU See it. Abundant and overflowing. Stay receptive to guidance happening all around you but you are allowed to use what is necessary for you and leave the rest. So as to balance everything out.

You will notice that you have a need and a solution appears from this moment on. You will have no fear of what you deserve to serve your purpose abundantly. You will have no worry of how things will come about, you will simply KNOW that it’s going to work out. Even when you do not understand the details of how it’s going to come about.

When seen in dreams, use your instinct and intuition. Know that you are respected by multiple beings including spirits from the afterlife and those whom still walk among us. You will feel more content and things will feel stable for you from this moment on. You will enjoy this new chapter that you are stepping through. Know that you can ascend your prayers to having while you allow the blessings and solutions to descend upon you.

The alligator is a sign and symbolic of Illumination, power, positive influence, self control, stability, inner knowing, epiphany, Capability and ability. See also the color white.


Quornesha S. Consulting 

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Angel-Confirmation Number 2140

Channeled by Quornesha S. *Egyptian Healer & Psychic Medium* The number 2140 is a message or confirmation of a beautiful soul-mate period. You are to choose wisely and to choose carefully as the mate entering your life will be for the long-term. It is a reminder for you to follow your instincts and intuition to be a guide to you.

Go in the direction your heart chooses. You are to choose based on your happiness and not solely based on status, etc. The angels want you to know or remember that you are in a prime time, and although this time is available, like anything else, it has come to pass. So be grateful for this time and select. In other words, make a decision. Do not be at a crossroads in making a choice.

Although there’s an influx of opportunities your heart has already decided and you are to open your creative mind and eyes to see and travel in the direction you have chosen. Right now is the opportune time. It is shown in the reflection of the number 2140 that you’ll indeed make a decision. Know that if you are not ready, this time will come again, and therefore this time at present is preparing you for the next one that may appear in the next 5 or so years. Which is why it is of importance, that if you are ready, to make a decision that is RIGHT FOR YOU, at this ‘window.’

All those who are entering your life at this time are receptive, but it is your decision that will shape the course of your future. So be wise and see the heart of the other person, as well as character apart from status of any sort. You are to build a solid future for yourself, including in the area of romance as to experience stability in all aspects or faucets.

If you are willing to build something and continue growing, your choice will reflect that with someone whose also ready to make an evolutionary change or difference in your and their lives as well. Pay attention to repeating colors as this is your soul mate period. Do not compare answers to what you already know within your heart.

Right now, affirm that you are not a reflection of what others desire for you, nor what others believe about love and relationships or marital. I am a reflection of my ideals, and reflections of everyone else’ ideals for me are beneath me now, I am elated & at peace with my decisions. Create your own affirmations and declarations. Free yourself.

You will decide, ultimately. This choice will reflect that which you truly want. Do not try to overlook the future, or the present moment. Your past is your past for a very special reason. 2140 Is a reminder, that right now, the time has come for you to decide how you will go about into your future. If you are serving a mission that is related to being of service to others, this person entering your life will be of great benefit to you to support you moving forward.

The number 2+1+4+0=7 Empowered. You are to select your mate based on what your heart is telling you at this time, do not look to far ahead as to miss the door right in front of you, do not step over your own opportunities. Accept your golden opportunities with grace and gratitude and remember that you deserve them. Also see the number 7! If you are considering moving in with a partner this will be of great benefit to you!

It is okay to have different perspectives. It is safe to be different on specific aspects. You are not to do or believe the same things. Even if you do, there will be different point of views about it or perspectives. Choose wisely for your own happiness. As this is an opportune time and window for a reason. Your choice is up to you. Congratulations &


Quornesha S. Consulting

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Angel-Confirmation Number 545

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: *Egyptian Healing, through Powerful Reiki Symbols & Psychic Energy: Vengeance belongs to God. Wherever you are right now that distances you from the traps and hand of the enemy is due to the workings of God. Step aside. Don’t get in the way while God works on making your enemies better people. No matter who they be.
545 Is a number of High vibration, heaven energy. Prophetic Messages of God, deliverance and Ascended masters, change and favor!
If something is taking place in your life that you don’t understand.  Know that God is bringing what has happened in the past into your favor right now. Vengeance is mine and I shall repay. With God there is no one that got away.

If you’ve been through some oppression or adversity. God is at work with this prophetic Message. People writing you off. Putting shame to your name.  Throwing obstacles in your way. God is saying….Vengeance is MINE and I shall repay. For each devil at your new level. I shall repay. For every defeat. I shall repay.

Of all the pain you had to endure. The tears that you didn’t have to shed. The money that was lost. I SHALL REPAY! For every inconvenience the enemy has put in your way. I shall repay says the Lord.

No matter what others think, no matter how they feel, you are chosen, you are God’s anointed, You are walking in his Divine will for your life.


 You are a seed and child of the most high God, the enemy may think that they are inconveniencing you, but when they try to inconvenience HIS seed, HIS foundation, they are questioning God. And God replies, Oh you want to shake up MY foundation? The seed I have planted? Look at what I Can do! God is going to shake the foundation of the enemy in a way that will distract them from distracting you, as his seed, so that you can sprout up and grow.

545 Is also a reminder to be careful how you treat others. For we are always praying and our prayers are always heard on how we are being treated. Expressing gratitude for blessings. When praises go up for the things that you do for others, blessings will come down. When prayers go up and tears come down for the way you have treated a person, you are attached to this frequency and vibration and you bare the karma for how you made that person feel.

545 Is a number of Divine intervention. While we may not understand WHY the blessings are showing up the way that they are…don’t question what God is doing. And don’t allow anyone to deter you from staying the course. Know that God expresses himself in any way he pleases. Step aside, God is at work!

What God will bless you with is like the enemy telling you what you cannot do and God saying, Watch me and what I will do through You!

When you thought God had forgotten what you have been through, he is reminding you through the number 545, that this battle belongs to HIM! It’s not yours. Just like any individual that has been wronged they’d want to put the hurting on anyone or anything who’s responsible for the pain and would ask that you not join in to help them do it.  Allow God this priveledge to work it out better than you can. Whatever it was or whatever it is, the battle belongs to God. Watch God work! You were not alone!

545 Is a message and prophecy of the completion of a Crisis and offers the suggestion to see your new perspective in a higher direction/consciousness. God is saying to the enemy, a Hand on my anointed is to question the favor, the success, the greatness, the excellence I have planted and have in store for them. You think you’re doing something…watch me work! Watch me! Look at what I can do!

You are a foundation to which God’s seed is planted. And it was never meant to be disturbed. However it was meant to grow and go further. We are all God’s children, But God isn’t responsible for anyone who walks in the opposite direction of the Purpose he has for them.

5+4+5=14 & 1+4=5 Something is imminent, it is about to change, your whole life, is about to shift. Something is about to happen and it is aligned with your destiny! You are protected and you are safe during, before and after these changes. Continue to move forward. See also the number 5

God will shake the foundation of the enemy, to distract them, from inconveniencing your path. Something is about to happen to break the chains up off you. Hear them fall! It’s a new day! It’s a Supernatural Beginning, you already have the key, and inheritance to claim. Grace be upon you and I and all I continue to do!

Whatever we expect of others to do, is what will be expected of us also!


Quornesha  S. Psychic Consultant

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Boer Goat Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: Seeing the boer goat in your waking life, dreams, visions and synchronicity is a message of confirmation that you are on the ‘right page’ in your life. You are listening to your innate wisdom and that of the messages of God that are appearing to you repeatedly, in whatever form that may be in your life at this time.

The Boer goat is a message that something has changed. And you will begin to experience this change in the aspects of your life. As you are set on a new course, and this was due to some help from the afterlife, heaven or God himself. You are to stick to what you know. However you are expressing yourself is the right way you should do it at this time. Be assured that you are expressing diplomacy and all Love to all and beyond.

Know that whatever you issue, is reflected back to you like a boomerang thrown out toward the ocean. You are aligned and something positive is forthcoming. As one door shuts another is opening. You are learning to release fears in a beautiful way. Step into your new normal with grace, love and gratitude.

Whatever opportunities forthcoming is something you were always meant to do.  Make not fear a priority in your life at this time. Focus on the light of your soul. You are commended as you take new steps along your journey. Remember that we are perfect in God’s eyes, even when we make mistakes. Do not try to show up to your next level as anything less than yourself. You may be thinking of your past because at this time, something has left your life to be replaced with something new.

Be grateful and thankful of forthcoming good news. Be your best self even in your trials. Even though that door has now come to a close, you will face your own unique challenges on the next level, which is to become your new normal.

When making your mistakes, know that these too were meant to pass through your life. Cling not to your mistakes, no matter what. In other words, don’t compromise your best self for what you have to go through along the way to become the greatness that you are awakening to.

A seed planted yesterday is now seeing growth and potential burst through. Use your words carefully, and choose to gather your thoughts when possible and listen to the inner voice for lessons on why these thoughts exist. You are acknowledging the past, but not in a victim state of mind. You are learning that, Where you started from has refined you and prepared you for what comes next. In order to make wine, the grapes must be stomped and mashed until it generates liquor, then streamed and purified. Know that there are processes and everything that has happened to you were prophecies being fulfilled in your life, by your environment, way or thinking or just simply the lessons that you were meant to learn. NOW that this is over you are ready to level up.

The Boer goat is symbolic of reference, positive energy, nurturing, the end of struggle, the culmination of a new journey, the completion of a dream and goal, support from helpful people.

If you are starting anew, making a move, or creating, the angels want you to know that they believe your verbal efforts, but to put your talk where your walk is. And become a living example of the things you preach or teach. In other words, you are a student of whatever you teach, you are a teacher of the things you learn. What goes around comes back around again. Remember to sow good into your life in every manner, and to touch the lives of others, even when it doesn’t benefit you in return. Be optimistic rather than opportunistic, know that there are forces that follow your thought form. If you believe something is negative, negative energy will be aligned for you to manifest more negativity. If you believe something is positive and abundant, abundant forces will bring forth the opportunity for you to generate more abundance in your life.

The Goat also reminds you to place everything beneath your feet, if you are being talked about in an unruly fashion, know that these are reflections of the people who are discussing it and not you. If you re being treated differently because you are different, these are reflections of the person dealing the difference of the things they cannot accept within themselves. The Boer goat asks you to take the high road. If a door closes, know that there is a reason, and move on. Do not lower yourself to any perpetual/petty situations. Release people, constraints or situations through humor if this is what is needed. Don’t make time for stressful situations or people, keep your distance from gossip. If you are going to gossip, uplift and empower. Set boundaries toward negativity and toxicities. More importantly care after yourself. Take back control of your emotions.

Be aware of anyone speaking only of negative aspects in a person. As we are all growing and learning. Pray for those who cause stress in others or the world. Prayer doesn’t represent endorsement of their actions, but says, I will not dwell on this, and you are willing to surrender the situation to God. Prayer changes things. Be a light, and always seek love in all matters. Remember to use the power of your voice and your own sense of humor. If you didn’t like how your past turned out, by goodness, don’t repeat the same mistakes. Make new ones, and give up victim mentality. Know that God will not have you to do, anything that isn’t of his will and Divine plan for your life. Know that a master plan is at work when you see the Boer Goat.

Know that all is well and your life is getting better, now! If you have fears that appear and as you give them up more come/arrive. Know that this is just a test, and you are encouraged to stay the course. Be well, in Mind, body and spirit. Be good to the spirits of others. As we are all connected to God, and are always praying for the experiences we have with one another for God to work out to our favor! You are entitled to living your best life, at your happiest intent.

Namaste, Namaste, 

Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant

Egyptian Healing & Psychic Consulting *Media & Personal*

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Brown Stallion Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: Media, Personal & Egyptian Healing: The Stallion (Brown) Is symbolic of Moving forward and is a promise and Prophecy of Stability. The Horse is symbolic and representative of the number 4! Know that something has started in your life. You are giving up your fears and the angels acknowledge that you are making the most out of life and the situations that you are faced with.

The Brown Stallion is a reminder to reach out to loved ones, when you feel that you are being outcast. You are not responsible for the priorities of others. Whomever they may be. Whether this is speaking of your friends, relatives etc. The angels encourage you to act of forgiveness and move on from any held up situations in your mind/heart.

You don’t have to try so hard in any way. Be cautious of the things you say aloud when you are venting. Enjoy your authentic self, every aspect of it. Don’t be afraid to get into the intricate details of who you really are. Know that as your life changes, you are changing also. Often situations fall apart in our lives to make us better people. If you want more stability, something will inevitably end so that you can be assured of what you are asking for.

To see/hear/sense or feel this animal being in your dreams, waking life, or visions, is a message that you are connected and listening to your angel and spirit guides. If there are pertinent messages to come through, know that they will come about. Everything God wants you to have, the right people, situations, and blessings will enter your life, so that you can receive. Don’t fear investing in yourself, and your future. In order to receive we must give. However, it is important to remember, you need not do anything you are unwilling to do, to receive what you deserve and what God has in store for you.

Take caution with how you present the truth to others. If you are willing to present it in a tactless manner, you are also open to receiving it in turn. Being diplomatic is for you, as well as all involved. Be positive, rather than demeaning. It is time for you to step into your best self. You are preparing to begin a new future. If there are fears that repeat in your mind, body, spirit. Ask that you learn from these fears so that you never have to experience from them again.

You are to keep up the good work you are doing. And remember, yourself as God created you. As an awesome emblem of his greatest assets in the world. Bring up the beliefs you may have about yourself. As this is your moment to shine. Call upon your spirit guides, angels and spirit, because these resources have appeared to you for a reason. Remember to assert yourself with whatever comes up, so that you remain in control of the actions you will take. To assure you are doing all things in alignment with purpose.

Use wisdom, and understanding, always. The Brown Horse is Symbolic of Fresh starts, wisdom, strength, courage, illumination, light, personal will, freedom, power, wealth, success, attainment, victory.


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Angel-Confirmation Number 611

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: *Media, Personal & Egyptian Healing*: 611 Is a reminder to assert your truths and to use humor to decline the unfair use of your time. Don’t allow others to volunteer your time, as though you would not mind. You have the power to choose for yourself where you’ll contribute. You are a unique individual and what you do cannot be found outside of you nor through anything or anyone else.

611 Is a notation, that relationships or opportunities are coming to the forefront but we are to assure that these are situations we want to be a part of, rather than, feeling assigned to do something. Often these opportunities are blessings in disguise, be sure to assert your value in any situation, so that you will receive in turn what you are giving out.

Only you know what you are willing to give up at this time of your life. Live out each day in a balance state of mind when possible and continue to work on raising thoughts or vibrations if ever they feel displaced. 611 Is  a reminder that our wealth is a blessing, in whatever form that may be at this point and time in our lives. It is indeed a blessing for us to use as we wish.

611 reminds you to create the life you envision for yourself and that right now may be an optimum time to focus on your home life or home aspects. What dream do YOU have for your living experience? What are the places you wish to go? What do you really want? Focus and bring into your life these blessings.

611 May also be an indication or ‘sign’ and confirmation for you to move forward in a direction you may have asked the God/Universal Energies to reveal to you. 611 Is saying, “Looking for a sign?’ Well this is it. No more procrastinating, asking which way will be a blessing and which way will not, just get to it, Whatever you want to do right now, get going and do it. Know that if it isn’t in alignment of God’s will it will be interrupted in a Divinely inspired manner.

You are to look within for the answers if ever you feel confused. You are to look after yourself as these are signs of self care and self love. When you love yourself you are incapable of keeping more love from coming to you. Do not feel overwhelmed when things feel vulnerable. Enjoy every aspect of your human experience, and when you cannot in that moment, pause and be grateful afterward. If someone doesn’t like you, they do not like themselves. But, imagine or think of in your mind the people who celebrate you, and leave all ‘hater’ frequency beneath you. Clear your energy as often as possible through praying and sitting still in silence while listening to your thoughts. Whenever thoughts are out of place, we are ignoring our instincts in some way.

Love every part or aspect of yourself. Including your ego, Love disintegrates feelings of frustrations, that when expressed, it heals. Love is powerful energy. But caution, not all love is welcomed, so be sure to only go in the direction your intuition guides you and walk away from situations where love isn’t reciprocated. Love is a process of receiving as well as you give.

Remember that what goes around comes back around, this is an empowering realization. Letting you know, that, Any efforts you make here on earth are never in vain. Whatever we send we are going to receive. You are to supervise your own energy and manage the direction of it’s flow. There are secrets hidden from us in this world for a reason. Because we are meant to set forth our own efforts to breakthrough. We each must make the effort and do the work to arrive at a sensible/extraordinary/remarkable place in our existence. Whatever you truly want, we each have to be go-getters, rather than wanting anything to magically stop by. Always put yourself out there, no matter what.

6+1+1=8 Angel Number 8 in this sequence is a reminder to use your ability to assert your energy in the world. You are awakening to your truths and worth or value. The combination of 6’s and 1’s is a message that these synchronicities are Divine. Get going in the direction you want, and do not wait for a  Yes, Or NO. Just do it, and honor your own unique power, which Creator/Divine/God/Spirit has Enveloped upon, within and around you. Embrace your unique anointing, as we all are, in our own unique way, never suppress your light. Own It!


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