Angel-Confirmation Number 477

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: *Media + Egyptian Healing*. The angels are assuring you that decisions you are making at present are in alignment with purpose, will and fate or destiny. They are assuring to you that they are present as you go through present transitions.

477 Is a reminder that whatever is concluding right now has it’s specific reason or purpose. You are not to deter others from how they feel right now. You are not to allow others to deter you from your own findings or interpretations. The Angels remind you that even though things may feel or be intense at this time, positive results follow this transition.

The angels commend your latest actions. Know that you are taking actions in alignment with your higher self. Know that you should release any fears resulting in judgment towards others or towards yourself. Begin to see the bigger picture and if you must use your power of judgement use it in a way that judges the issue and not the person.

Things are falling into place right now. You will reach a new level of your life in forthcoming days. You will feel more content with your standing in life in general. You are to applaud your progress at this time. As you are arriving at a new beginning in your life right now.

Tap into YOUR inner source of magnetic power and begin to call things about as you wish. Feel enlightened with how far you have traveled along your life course. The most beautiful aspects of who you are is shining brightly right now. Be a light from this new source of information within yourself right now.

Constraints will lift at this time. Every happening has a purpose and is often in alignment with the Will Divine/God has for your life. Move forward with confidence with goals and plans at this time. Knowing that a time has passed in your life for a reason. Move forward with confidence and commit to God’s change of plans for you. As you are indeed open to his will and not  focused only  on what you want.

477 Is a reminder that things will move favorably for you. Enjoy this new time in your life, and look forward to more abundance unfolding. You will experience new joys and happiness in your life as it is your right to have and maintain.

4+7+7=18 & 1+8=9 The Divinity of your life is awakening. You are to Confidently step into this new era of your life. As It is an answer to your prayers.

With the number 7 appearing doubly in this number it is a message that your spirituality has fully awakened. With the support of your Archangels and ascended masters. You are free to call upon them for help and assistance at anytime during or after changes.

Ask the angels and ascended masters to shine a light upon any situation you may be dealing with at this time where you are in need of clarity in order to step forward in your life right now. See also the number 9


Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant 

All rights reserved ©

Thanks 4 sharing so kindly + with all due respect. 



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