Crow Symbolism

Crows aren’t necessarily dark. Their dark physique and their nature may bring fear due to ancient omens or superstitions.

You may also relate the crow to the ‘black sheep’ of birds. However crows know how to defend their ground when necessary. If you see one this may be your message. And a forewarning that the only wolves in sheep’s clothing are your friends who speak unwell of you behind your back.

In which case you are looking closely at those you should trust and not close enough at those you shouldn’t.

For a crow to sit to you facing you means death and chaos happening to you or someone close to you. For a crow to sit in your opposite direction (back turned and crowing, symbolises that a death of a close friend has occurred or is about to happen.

Crows are great for forewarning you of any danger that is near. So you must pay attention to these signs, don’t ignore them or cast them away.

To see many of them means this is not only happening to you at this time but to many people you are not aware of.

Black represents power. But you must use it for the good intentions of others as what you send to others, you’re sending double, one for the recipient and one for yourself.

If you have lost any friendships/relationships/relatives due to the natural order, be at peace, speak to divine to help you through your grief or you may find that you feel peaceful already or soon. Remember to honor your pain. And move on.


Crows love to hang out in patterns (natural order) to see them hanging with doves is confirmation that you can begin to count it victory, your battle is already won. To see them with Cardinals, be patient through this change.

xoxo Quornesha S.

all rights reserved ©

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