The Letter I Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant:  Divine Wisdom + Healing : The Letter ‘I’ When you are seeing the letter I in your dreams, visions and waking life it is a sign that changes occurring at this time have a lot to do with your internal desires. You are following your inner knowing and intuition.

What it represents: I is symbolic for Intuitive, Intuition, Inner, I, I am, IS, Inward, Island, Inside, Inclined, inhibitions, instinct, internal, intern, interest, intention, illumination.

Pay close attention to the various signs. Your intuitive abilities are heightened at this time. Follow your inner voice and do not allow others to change how you see or interpret things at this time. Yourself will often reveal the truth, no matter how much it is being hidden or concealed.

Powerful: You are to acknowledge your power and abilities and know that A divine source is looking after you and upon you. Right now is the best time to meditate and breath deeply for your clarity and answers. Many of your answers are being presented at this time. Life is about to present you with opportunities you have prayed about or hoped for.

All will be miraculous at this time. So do be grateful for all that you are to receive in the coming days. Know that a personal dream or feat is to be realized now. Divine has watched over you, and kept you aligned on your present course. so do Be grateful for the forces that are supporting you and forgive those that have not.

Blessings are Yours: A Long awaited desire is set to manifest and without much further delay or intentions. Your personal affirmations are working at this time. Your efforts are being commended within the universe.

Energy around you: There are spirits around you intending to get your attention. Your psychic abilities have been fully awakened and you are to get moving along towards opportunities that align you in feeling good about your life and upcoming changes. You can look forward to personal happiness and successes to come your way.

Do not fear the unknown as your soul has been activated to protect you by an all powerful source, above human, above the earth, perhaps the creator of our world.

Rest Period: It is now a time of rest and inner reflection as you may have toiled and now you must receive payment for the blessings you are due.

The Letter I is also the 9th Letter of The Alphabet and Is Symbolic that upcoming changes and blessings will be in regard to your purpose and Intentions. Do take care to Continue your positive thoughts and affirmations and actions.  Whatever you decide to believe is in alignment with what you are designed to teach right now in your life.

You hold the power to change and renounce negative outcomes or thought patterns.


Quornesha S. 

all rights reserved ©

Thanks 4 sharing so kindly + with all due respect. 


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