Angel-Confirmation Number 1071

Channeled by Quornesha S.: Intuitive Medium Healer| Angel number 1071; the angels remind you that you are on the right path at this time & you are powerfully stepping into your new beginning. There’s nothing to fear and all is well. You are in alignment of your purpose & Love surrounds you ‘all about’ at this time.

The Angels consent that you are usually the strongest, therefore you are able to send healing vibrations to anything that is necessary at any time. You deserve some healing and Prophetic vibrations yourself.

Expect miraculous ‘turn around’s’ in your life. Heaven is always opened to you, as it is always available and receptive to help you meet your needs and dreams, so that you are able to receive all that you need as you move forward.

You will recognize that you no longer have concern. For certain matters or constraints. You are a being of light. You are an elected lightworker, designed specifically for the work  you do in the world & there’s no one who could ever fill your space.

The Number 1071 reminds that you are on the correct path or in alignment with your purpose. You are encouraged to act cautiously, as even though many opportunities are available to you, you must choose wisely.

Use your inner wisdom and intuition. Be sure that you sort everything which will matter to your long term future. Do not cling to any situation out of fear on how you will manifest or maintain abundance while serving your soul mission.

1071 Is a call to each of us, as lightworkers; IE; mentors, Spiritual counsels, healers, mediums, etc…To shine from a level of purpose and enlightenment. Your value is expressed in whatever you are willing to pay or render in exchange of energy. If you will not do it, you must not coach others to follow that path. If you will not render it, you cannot ask others to render whatever you are asking for.

Further Clarity One full hour of healing or Psychic Consulting

Keep moving forward in the vibration that you are currently. Knowing that you are not only bringing more happiness into your own life, but also to the lives of those you lead *those whom commit themselves to your cause*. You are who you are for a very pertinent reason.

Your soul soars & you feel optimum for your contribution to the world as a whole. You are being commended & you may now look upon your past as buried beneath you. Look forward to your unique blessings. And listen closely to your own intuition. Remember that if we are not allowed to rush into help others, through heeding to the law of request, we are neither to allow anyone to rush into us with their own opinions or demands of what we are doing. Remember that those who are so convicted with what we SHOULD be doing, is the conduit for those demands.

1+0+7+1=9 Empowered. Your spirituality and the mission you are here to serve is more dominant or prevalent at this time. Send out your thoughts in most empowering ways, and act in accordance to your own innate wisdom and enlightenment. As you cannot lead outside of yourself. Begin within. Also see the number 9


Quornesha S. 

All rights reserved ©

Thanks 4 Sharing so kindly + with all due respect

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Demonstration of Healing 

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