House Sparrow Symbolism

Sparrows symbolize rest periods. Confirmation after struggle that all is well. To release pain. Confirmation that forgiveness has truly been given no matter how difficult it was. And for that you deserve to take rest.

Things will go pretty smoothly ahead. Whenever you doubt it in your mind that you deserve it, acknowledge what you have been through.

During this period you’ll begin to receive confirmation as to why all your pain had to occur. It’s been difficult for a while or some time and this is karma to put all the past pain behind you as there are new lessons to be learned.

All signs are from higher realms and higher beings even higher self or thought. So show your gratitude by accepting the gift of rest.

Rest does not mean that you stop doing what you’re doing, yet that the pain must subside for right now. You’ve shown true warrior capability and so as a reward. REST. Yes. REST.

The best way to approach a blessing is with gratitude. Nothing heals the hurting heart greater than gratitude. So now Higher Powers are rendering what is requested for you, to you.

The sparrow’s confirmation is that all is going according to plan (blueprint, or assignment of the soul, or soul purpose).

Do not worry of anything that doesn’t bring an answer for whatever you’re questioning. Sometimes those answers are right before your eyes. And you’re not listening.

My belief is that we are all intuitive sometimes we do not listen and when we do not, we cannot be successful. Therefore failure is born of it. (Lack of willingness to listen).

Follow your inner guidance to the T. If ever it’s wrong it will tell you also.

To hear the sound of the sparrow whilst meditating or walking is a sign that things will get better from here. To hear it’s silence, is a sign of temperance. A rest period that is now due to you.

Sparrows fly freely, so if you’ve felt bound to a certain way of obtaining anything rest assured these changes will introduce a new way of getting things done, only less stressful.

Be well!


Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant

© All rights reserved.


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