Angel-Confirmation Number 1137

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: You have the right to your own beliefs. Follow your own, and practice what brings peace to you, do not follow the crowd of religions or anything else for that matter. If that is what will work for you, you are free to do it. It is encouraged to seek paths of spiritual independence.  And honor your truth as you would all others.

Commend your progress and turn your compliments to yourself.  As that is to love yourself. Give to yourself so that you can be light to those who cannot give unto themselves.

Bare your light and shine in the inner wisdom within You. You are who you are for a reason. You are different from others for a very special reason. You have unique abilities for a reason. And you are powerful for a reason. Listen to innate abilities.
1137 Is a reminder that ascended masters,  those whom have walked before you (Buddha, Christ, The Angels, Serapis Bay, Angels and Loved ones Are surrounding you at this time.

Know that at this time, the perfect doorway or path has been unlocked from your own efforts for you to walk through. If you’ve been waiting upon something of a spiritual nature, know that the time has come and you are now entering this phase in your life. Had you been waiting for it to come along or open up to you.

However you choose to walk your life from now on, is how you will experience it. Including how you choose to adapt to your spiritual beliefs or  outdated beliefs and concerns. Know that from here on, it is up to you. If it is right for you at this specific time and space, this is how you will finish your course or life. Your angels will always lovingly guide you along the way, as per the opportunities you will listen and receive their guidance.

Know that nothing has to be perfect. But it is up to you to see this from now on. Nothing has to go right at all times, but it is up to you to understand this. You no longer have to take yourself and everything else too seriously, but it is up to you to apply that.

Know that you have full support at this time in your life and your blessings are forthcoming or arriving now into your life. It is up to each of us individually to release past circumstances. And, focus on what is yet to come and in front of us. Know that everything the angels speak to you about, doesn’t always have to be expressed. It is up to you what you are willing to share and keep for yourself.

Know that you are never bound or trapped in any situation or circumstance. Know that life will get better for you when the number 1137 repeats itself to you. It is a message of reassurance and confirmation and you are to let go and surrender all worries and concerns, know that everything God has in store for you is assured and inevitable. Know that you are in the care and watch of Divine.

Rest assured, your blessings will flow abundantly. It is up to you, how you will live out your life and carry out your earthly mission. Be expectant but not concerned of forthcoming blessings in any way, shape or form. Know that you are loved and all will be provided for beyond your means. Know that you are unique and you are special, for a very special purpose. It’s up to each of us, if we will face our pain, or question it.

1+1+3+7= 12 & 1+2=3 Your angels are guiding you on a new path in your life. As a new beginning has started and you and you can feel at ease or peace that it is for your highest and greatest good. Release all of yesterday’s sorrows and pains. You are able to communicate in a natural way to your angels, guides of any kind, and to the frequencies and vibrations around you, that support and uplift you for your highest and greatest good. Choose positive thinking, and know that when you have to face anything, it is of importance to know, that it too shall pass, and speak the truth about your situation to God alone. Know that, he is compassionate of you, as he is forgiving more than you can expect.

Choose your battles wisely, you do not have to defend yourself, endlessly. Speak your truth and do not conform.

See also the number 3


Quornesha S., 

Psychic Consultant Quornesha S. 

All rights reserved ©

Thanks 4 Sharing so kindly + with all due respect. 



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