Angel-Confirmation Number 471

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant:

471 is a message that Your angels are communicating with at this present moment, about your spirituality, life path and psychic abilities. Continue to move forward at this time and know that you are on the right path in all ways. Notice those nuggets of wisdom that come in through your intuition.

You will begin to understand how the angels see you. And you will begin to receive and maintain the truth about your spiritual origination and you will feel much lighter about your life’s direction and where you are yet to go.

The angels are sending messages to you at this time. These messages are to be used for your benefit. Know that nothing ever has to be perfect. Nothing ever has to go according to plan, as long as it falls into alignment of the Divine plan or blue print of your life. Know that all things are happening as they should, even if they are not according to what you are used to.

You are growing in wisdom and spiritual maturity, take your new level of wisdom and express it in ways that allows you to feel balanced and harmonized. Be encouraged about the steps you are taking. Knowing that, it is all working out for your highest and greatest good. You have taken A Divine action at this time and you are being commended for these actions.

If you have feelings that you are working on a higher plane or you are working in another realm, 471 confirms, that this is right. You are an angel, no matter the level of mistakes you have made or those that are yet to come. Your good outweighs the bad.

You will receive blessings of many kinds, be grateful as they enter your life and empower your loved ones’ as they may need your wisdom and healing at this time. Remember to set boundaries for how far you are willing to go in regards to sharing your insight and healing. Your abilities are yours alone, no one has or ever will, have or claim authority over them. They are given to you by God and the Christ-force/Mind alone.

You are working in alignment and Divine vibration at this time. Your wisdom is being heeded and you are loved far more than you’ll ever know. Follow the steps you are being guided to take.

Know that your own wisdom, is the same wisdom of Divine, know that all healing comes from him and you are a valuable conduit for his wisdom and calling upon your life. So, continue to move forward. Know that the creator of the universe, is Divining and Aligning things according to your favor and well being at this time. You are loved, by all creative and powerful energy, that is for your good. Know that no harm shall ever come to you, for it is not destined to prosper.

4+7+1= 12 & 1+2=3 The angels are communicating to you right now, as prophecy, pay attention as this may come about through any means that is necessary. Know that your light will continue to shine in the world. Know that when one door shuts, even if you should walk away from what doesn’t serve you or the door should close all by itself through other means, Another will open, for you to continue serving your purpose and shining your light. Know that you will be successful, as it is in your Divine Blueprint.

All see The Number 3


Quornesha S.

Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 

Thanks 4 Sharing so kindly + with all due respect.

All rights reserved ©



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