Angel-Confirmation Number 39

Channeled Quornesha S., Clairvoyant Medium + Egyptian Healer

The Number 39 is a message from your angels and ascended masters that your spiritual purpose or spiritual career is very important to them as much as it is of importance to you. They are awakening the natural innate abilities that make your ideas and ideals unique.

You can assure that if you are pursuing any education or certification or credential of any kind, it will be attained and will further your journey.

Do not be afraid to be awarded for your work, as it furthers the fruition of your goals and ideals. We all need a little help and you have your ascended masters and Divine Angels all around you to communicate daily with them. Whatever you speak aloud, the angels and ascended masters are listening. Including your inner private thoughts. As they are assisting you at this time with the communications you are sending out into the universe.

Affirmations are tools to alter forms of consciousness and you are guided to use them wisely at this time. You are guided to let go of fears and, when the outside world deflects your positive energy it is time to divert your positive intentions within.

You must keep in with the law of request. You must not send affirmation or energy to anyone without their permission or welcome of the energy. Publishing your work is a way of laying a welcome into the universe for others to participate in the welcome of this energy into their lives.

You must consider others at this time with your prophecies and predictions, and when you feel a pull from this energy (backing away) you must do the same and discontinue use of your energy in their direction.

Pay attention to emotional hiccups and do not judge others for their lack of receptiveness. Know that everything happens for a reason. When one door closes or shuts, another must open in order to replace the energy that has left your life.

You’re in the most auspicious periods of your life, where you are sending and receiving (praying for and receiving, wishing and it being granted). Make this period a successful one and always be sure that you are sending out good energy and when your thoughts or feelings are negative, immediately change them.

Forgive so that your energy frequencies and vibration will keep no record of wrong and cause spiritual build-up. Keep your energy, aura, mind, body and soul clean of toxic vibrations and memories of past ills and hurts.

3+9=12 & 1+2=3 Hinting that your spiritual purpose is very important to the higher powers right now and you on the right course and path at this time. Feel the support of these supernatural energies, and know that you have no reason to fear, not even moon phases, or anyone’s negative attitude. Do not fear the positive people who enter your life, and use discernment when something does not sit well or feel right to you.


Quornesha S. 

All rights reserved ©

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Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 



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