Angel-Confirmation Number 705

Channeled by Quornesha S. Lemon, Channeler, Medium, Intuitive, Obeah Practitioner, Overall Multi-dimensional Spiritual Professional| You are not to live under the confinement or expectations of another persons’ standards. An opinion is not simply an opinion, it is the persons’ standards and blueprint guide for their own lives.  You need to rise above all of this and keep not only your emotions but the way you express yourself in order.

You have a lot to do in this world and so much of it involves serving your purpose and being present in this world for all of humanity, starting with yourself. You are the guide. If the world or people in it could heal themselves, your light would not be necessary. Any wise person that claims they need nothing or no one really isn’t wise.

You are here to learn your lessons, perhaps, These supposed hardships are things you may already know and have forgotten. The angel-confirmation number 705 asks you to give up something and make some changes as to your perception, how you feel and think. Something needs to break in order for something to heal.

You are in control of your life and the present life occurrences have been brought about because of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. It is not by far, anything to do with laws of attraction. As you set your own laws and how things will flow to you. They can be as abundant or be lacking depending on how you feel about them. Just think, would you want to show up to a party to which you were invited to, yet many were speaking ill of your name?

The answer is no if you are a person of common sense acknowledgment. You wouldn’t want to be surrounded in negative attachments, knowing you are the only one pulling in the reigns on something positive. This So-called Law of Attraction is the same thing. There truly are no laws, there is only YOU in the universe. You are God, in human form. It is up to you to see that. It is only up to each individual to acknowledge and recognize their own reforms and/or destinies.

Do not attach to anything or anyone, as every being is only passing your way. Do not attach to any desires, as these desires will expire some day. Every dream you have do not just dream it, DO IT. Failure is not truly failure these are your lessons. Do not feel controlled by your thoughts and desires. It is now a time to let things go. You need to carry on, THROUGH whatever pain or joy, you may feel. Stop being resentful towards your ‘spilled milk’. You can no longer use what has been wasted. Do not waste another moment of your life feeling worried or concerned. Begin to send negative thinking to another time or place for healing and always, always transmute it. When it returns to you.

You cannot change a negative situation, only how you see the situation. Situations aren’t negative or positive. It is all revolving around your own Feelings. Release the need to feel overwhelmed or trodden down by emotions. Do not compare your situations to old situations. Ask the Gods to help you. You cannot make a negative person feel better, the so-called negative person, needs to clear up their thinking and daily habits to feel good once again.

You have been through some things, don’t allow those things to make spoilage of your blessings.

7+0+5= 12 & 1+2=3 This number represents a mirror, which a mirror in this synchronicity represents how you speak and think of yourself. You need to be more precise in how you communicate with your mind body and spirit. Or, this number is a commendation for keeping yourself beautifully aligned, you must keep doing that. Also, it is imperative that you do not speak things into existence that are only available in your mind. See also the number 12 & The number 3


Quornesha S. Lemon

I am open, receptive and available to assist you along this life journey and with any spiritual requests, you may have to help you in living your best life. I am a Certified Life Purpose Coach, Certified Reiki & Crystal Reiki Master. If you would like to advertise your services on my site, please contact me using a contact form on this blog.

Many blessings to you & Ase

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