Divine Channels

Often, I need confirmation, with all due respect, not from my fellow humans, or fellow psychics but from those who have lived and moved on. These are also known as ascended masters. These spirits present themselves to me and they are there afterward for me to call upon them as often as needed. These are the results. Private Consultations Are available @ Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 

Over time, I’ve been asked. How do I know for certain, that it’s them? I MUST know, that what I KNOW is accurate. These spirits aren’t only heard, but they are seen and felt. And often, I have received this very question telepathically, more than direct. ;-). Yes, I hear you, yes I see you, I am spirit and it fully fills my essence. I am the voice of Spirit, the channeler and I am grateful and so joyful of these heightened spiritual experiences. xo

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Maya Angelou Guiding me through one of my greatest obstacles, it looks like i have won! ©Quornesha.com
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A Divine Channel From Wayne W Dyer.

My Power question to him: What do you say to those who send energy without permission?

Wayne W Dyer: I would say to it, “Nothing, I did not agree to, or permitted to enter into my spirit has the power to root itself within me or around me.

Some situations are not ‘just life’. If you accept it, yes, it becomes a part of who you will live to be. But, because you are willing to address the thing called confusion, stress or angst it is not welcomed to stay, and ‘it’ knows that.

We must speak up for ourselves + reject spiritual invitation that do not serves us.

Whether it serves you or not, you have the right to say NO or not right now. You hold the power of choosing, what or how you will feel.

Yes, Is your own journey. It’s everything you are willing to take on.

Have I ever done this before? Sent without permission?

Their showing up is agreement, you did good.

Defining yourself is important, change yourself as often as you will like, whatever that is, it’s never going to be perfect.

I think this situation is teaching you something. Do not wish your days, year or anything away. Everything ends in good timing. Your worries may be endless today, but you will discover that tomorrow. You may have no worries. But those around you are worried. It’s an endless cycle. But you must put in work for your own mind.

We are all in need.

I’ve relayed this message in it’s exact order as much as possible. And specified just as he said it. And refrained from expressing the things he suggested were for mine eyes or ears alone.

He also said: Be very patient with those around you and look forward and move ahead. Do what your heart tells you to do. You will be glad and so happy that you did.

Over the course of these messages from Mr. Dyer. He repeated to me, in a kind and witty way, (funny) don’t put words into my mouth.

He concluded this message and i entitled it. What would Wayne W Dyer Say (W.W.W.W.D.S)

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Medium ) Also the number 50 repeats itself with this message. Thank you Wayne W. Dyer. © Quornesha S.

A Divine Channel from Buddha, Speaking on Unity no matter your beliefs. ©Quornesha.com
Buddha Speaks on what it means to love yourself, although infinite ways abound, it is nevertheless beautiful. ©quornesha.com All rights reserved
Mahatma Ghandi Stands with me and encourages to soar on the wings of our blessings each time/day. -Quornesha S. ©Quornesha.com

Maya Angelou Channel + Power Questions:

Maya  Through Quornesha S. : I’ve been in this place before, and it’s a place no one WANTS to be in. It’s rock bottom. But ya know what it says as it whispers to you?, ”Get out! You don’t belong here. Start again.” It’s a place of nothingness. And the Foundation is solid, but life was not intended to exist there.

Wow. That is amazing.

I asked The Lovely Maya: So where does negativity come from?

She answered:

Maya: Those who know nothing about greatness, yet. When they see it, it’s odd. Different, another world.

But it’s like walking in nature, in the nude, you do that where it’s not allowed, they are going to throw rocks at ya. Think that you’re crazy. You’ll have to garner through these vessels who may feel like the bottom is where they belong.

It’s almost like saying you’re going to the moon in your natural, physical form. But you know that it requires that you put on some kind of special equipment to be able to walk this path.

Do you get what I am saying…(Maya)

Yes Ma’am, I do….(Quornesha S.)

You’re learning. That’s all there is to it. Learn. From all the lessons that are around you, learn….(Maya Angelou)

For some reason, she says, ”Be as happy as you can be, even if there is ‘poison’ in the skies. When something does not affect your future or your outcome. You know that you can and you will overcome it.

She’s learning: (This is a voice that is interpreted as I am working with The Spirit and gentleness of Maya Angelou)

Her spirit leans in some way. She smiles and reassures that happiness is free. She offers an envelope that is purple and whispers, you’ll be fine.

She will not return to her youth, as she is proud for the wisdom, she has acclaimed. (Final words, in this moment/session with Maya Angelou)

Afterward, I felt, There are many who can paint paintings of the greatest Legends who walked the earth and channel their essence, why can’t I not hear their voice. Why not. I know that I can and so I am.

The voice once more, joyfully repeats. Ohh, yes, she is learning. How brave of you.

All rights reserved ©quornesha.com A Very special appreciation to Dr. Maya Angelou.

Mother Teresa Offering Wisdom on What we choose to be connected to. ©quornesha.com
A Divine Message from Mother Teresa when In the presence of Dictation ©Quornesha.com
Mahatma Ghandi through Quornesha S. on Karma ©quornesha.com
Mother Teresa Channel by Quornesha S. quornesha.com
A Divine Message from Wayne W Dyer recorded on 1/14/16 ©Quornesha S.
A Divine message from Sylvia Brown ©Quornesha S. Recorded on 1/14/2016 @ 11:21 Am
Take another step, by Dr. King through Quornesha S., Clairvoyant Medium recorded on 1/14/2016 @ 5:49 Pm CT

10 Minute Email/Chat Reading

This reading is exclusively for email/text message only. It is a 10 Minute reading. This session can be gifted to others or bought for yourself.


Abraham Lincoln on serving our purposes and being provided for. ©quornesha.com All rights reserved


I sat and wondered for a moment, because i recall when I needed someone the most or thought that I needed someone outside of myself to empower and uplift. Knowing that this concern is outdated, I detach from it.

But because I thought it, the angels provided an answer. [Which decodes the law of attraction, “whatever you think about you bring about’ Truth. But you get the answer first before your ideas materialize.
I believe that when we do not understand something, we can become the victim of it. Because there is no understanding of what it is.

So because I thought about it, the angels answered,  (And this is so important to take caution in what you are thinking)

Believe and trust, that everything you’ll need will come to you in perfect timing. You need not turn over rocks, or uproot sands to find great treasure. Always know that, when you go through something. It is getting better. Know that whatever ends it was time for it to end. Know that what begins is what you have asked for. (By asking, you have allowed permission and welcome into your life) Which is why it is very important to take caution in wishing or anything else for that matter.

To accept blessing is to understand you deserve them.  Know that whatever you ask for in prayer and do not receive we are working on your behalf, for your highest and greatest good (the best situations to empower and help you along the way)

When you receive what you ask for in prayer, always be grateful  for it. Your gratitude and prayers are always suggestions for how we can help you to better your life in all ways.

Love & In Light,

The Angels from above, from within you and around you.

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Mahatma Ghandi, On Keeping emotions intact. ©Quornesha.com
A Divine Channel From Benjamin Franklin by Quornesha S. 1/17/2016
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. though Quornesha S. ©quornesha.com
Wayne W Dyer Speaks on What it means to think positive. ©quornesha.com
Steve Jobs on Being Creative ©Quornesha S. on Quornesha.com

Goddess Healing

A 15-Minute healing session with a Goddess/God of your choosing. This healing will also use my own high vibes to heal anything in your life that can be healed and needs healing. If you need more healing time, please simply increase the quantity.


Quornesha S. A Divine Channel From Mother Teresa ©quornesha.com
Quornesha S.  Mediumship and Telepathy Demonstrations ©quornesha.com
Steve Jobs a Divine Channel on Building up to a Big Dream ©quornesha.com 1/20/2016
A Divine Channel from The Higher Self ©quornesha.com
Mother Teresa using a Metaphor to teach about purpose and destiny.  ©quornesha.com all rights reserved 1/23/2016
Every Now and Again, I make sure that I am going along as I should, Mother Teresa Assures with Divine Wisdom. ©quornesha.com
Nelson Mandela on releasing your past happenings. ©quornesha.com
An epiphany from Steve Jobs Through Quornesha S. ©all rights reserved ©quornesha.com
Mother Teresa, Do it anyway, no matter the outcome. ©Quornesha.com
Mother Teresa, Speaking on Perfection ©quornesha.com Divine Channels™
Divine Channels Higher Self, Quornesha S.
Mother Teresa on the dangers of not leading from within ©quornesha.com
©quornesha.com Messages from The Higher Self
For Divines Will ©Quornesha.com 2/12/2016
How to know when opinions do not matter. Even from Yourself! Choosing Fact over opinion. ©quornesha.com


Quote Orgasms™ by Quornesha S.
Sometimes…the test comes before the blessing.  ©quornesha.com

2 Week Life Coaching

Coach with me for 2 weeks to transform habits, thoughts/beliefs, your life, and manifest miracles through magic. It includes 4 hours of live 1:1 sessions, 1 ritual, and unending support for 14 days to cheer you on.


9:04 Am CT 3/20/2016 A Message from Steve Jobs Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant ©quornesha.com
3/20/2016 ©Quornesha.com Divine Channels
A Divine Channel From the Elementals (The Spiritual Forces of Nature) ©quornesha.com
Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant| A Channel from Divine
A Divine Channel from Mother Teresa and Saint Teresa of Avila ©quornesha.com
Steve Jobs & Wayne W Dyer Sending Messages in Duality! ©Quornesha.com
Mother Teresa on the “Face Of God’ Channeled by Quornesha S. ©Quornesha.com
Quornesha S. A Divine Channel from Bernie Mac ©quornesha.com
Jesus, Speaking on Feng Shui Principles and Energy Healing! ©quornesha.com Photos are always used with permission.
You can't buy a Ferrari at300 bucks . Used or new. Unless someone has lost their mind and undervalues what they have.
A Divine Message from Mother Teresa! @ 6:39 a.m @ 4/16/2016
You can't buy a Ferrari at300 bucks . Used or new. Unless someone has lost their mind and undervalues what they have. (2)
Quornesha S. A Message from the Trio of Spiritual Guides that I have and am Grateful for! recorded on 4/16/2016 @ 6:41 am
to live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong. (1)
Mother Teresa As Recorded on 4/18/2016 @12:37 p.m
Do not take spiritual responsibility for the fears of another person.
Mahatma Ghandi, Recorded on 4/18/16 @ 12:44 p.m
to live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong. (3)
A Wayne W. Dyer Message via Quornesha S. recorded: 4/18/16 @12:58 CT
Education is the most powerful weaponwhich you can use to change the world.
AS I wrote it and took note, I questioned whether it was ‘too soon’ he responded, You worry too much of what ‘they think’. Possibly, because I am always sharing what I think. ©quornesha.com A Divine Channel from Prince.
If you have placed a period. To a chapter in your life, and someone wants it to continue. Tell them to live out the story
Quornesha S. Divine Channels from Mother Teresa ©quornesha.com
You are more than welcome to live out this chapter of my past, but I am done.
Wayne Dyer Seconding the Quote from Mother Teresa ©quornesha.com Recorded 4/23/16 @ 8:50 AM Ct
“Don't half-do s--t turn it all the way up.
Recorded at 9:47 am 4/28/16 by quornesha.com
All rights reserved ©quornesha.com
Don't look upon anyone, as though they are sinless. Not even yourself. Equal People, equal God. (1)
Quornesha S. Divine Channels™ ©quornesha.com Recorded @3:26 pm ct, From Mother Teresa


“I will not compare my strengths to another's weakness. Nor will I allow it .” (1)
Quornesha S. Divine Channels, A Message from the Afterlife via Mahatma Ghandi ©quornesha.com
Instead of asking the universe for anything, speak with conviction
A Divine Channel from Wayne Dyer!
A Divine Channel From Maya Angelou, ©quornesha.com
A Divine Channel from Muhammad Ali The worlds Greatest! ©


A Divine Channel from The Late: Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay)
Be of service to others even if they can’t give it in return.
You think that way about giving Because you are/’were surrounded by mediocre people.You can’t get great from mediocrity nor positive out of negative.No Matter how positive you think you won’t get a negative person to be positive or great.If you start being more positive by just being you. Watch how many flee from you.Then you get a new start with a whole new group of people in an independent way.Don’t try to prove yourself to a negative person.If you want to be somebody…Tell ‘Somebody’!
If you tell ‘anyone’ your dreams you get anyone results.
It’s mediocre to give of yourself and not expect success.If you give of yourself even to those who can’t give it back to you…you’ll get it from someone whose willing to give to you over and over again.
Be around more of those who appreciate you.The time will come and you’ll say uh-oh I moved. I ain’t passing out my new address now i’m just no longer there.Thank you for telling people. I’m still here just in a different way.The more you give of yourself to power thinkers as opposed to people who think they’re broke. I mean ain’t nothing wrong with feeling that way but you gotta get the hell up out of here.Ya know. If this ain’t the truth i’m not telling it.
Stay humble. Carry a slice of humble pie each day.Keep smiling and always keep watching yo back.


He’s very flirtatious, even joked about the pork and grits I was dining on, I’d sho’ like to have a bite of that pork chop you’re eating It sho’ look good. Look at you got grit crumbs all over yo face,  Jokingly! I offer metaphorically and he says nah, I gotta go and this was what he started saying as I seen him dash away!

Move out the way, Cassius Clay, Move out the way, Cassius Clay, Cassius Clay!  A very handsome person, He is very grateful to  all the love as well!

~Muhammad Ali through Quornesha S.




A Message from God: We are each here because we have a unified legacy & Are meant to contribute to the collective. You’re not meant to be here forever although..Pay attention to the signs all around you. I am a part of the signs. As well as innate within all of you.

When we oppose the unified legacy we distribute constraints because we lack an understanding & Are in disbelief.

Many of you do not understand of what it means to be chosen. For you are selected & it is up to each of you to accept or decline your invitation to take part in the legacy I HAVE PLANNED for you. And decide to do more good in the world.

Everything happens for a reason, & I’d hope that through these adversities someone would grow tired of seeing so much spoilage of their kind/race. & Do what I have sent each of you to do in the world.

‘We are only, as dust in the wind’.

I am in each and everyone of you. You can deny my existence by acting out…But I still created each and everyone of you.

In each of you is your own unique sins/iniquities & purity. As all of your purification, you are all qualified but few choose themselves to do the work and serve their purpose.

They ignore the unified legacy or personal purpose by accepting every and each deadly sin. Although, you have the choice to choose your purity even if you select a few of your sins.  As they lie innate within each of you.

All I desire/want more than anything at the end of the day, is for you to fulfill the promise I have in you. I am forgiving, if you decide you’re worthy of it, I am compassionate, if you decide to ask me of it. & I still love you. My love is concrete when nothing else is. It is infinite power that many choose NOT to accept because they do not believe. Possibly, due to the lack of knowledge of how I am. YOU ARE THE ONES who pour out wrath and anger upon the earth(s).

When I am of love and understanding. For those who deny it or me, I am not responsible for their existence while they are here upon the earth.

I am innate within all of you. Which is why many are being taught self sufficiency through you and others. WE have a unified legacy, and many are denying their legacy or input into this legacy in order to live mundane, or mediocre, ‘Normal life’. I am supernatural, as well as all of you. And cannot reflect what you choose to deny everyday in the mirror.

I am in you and you are within me.

When you choose to look away from your truths, you bind your power on earth, as well as in heaven. I send my angels at the end of your lifetime here, to collect your soul, to be read, and determined if it belongs back to the collective or somewhere else. This is so, and it is done.

-Channeled by Quornesha S. from God. Prophecy!

All rights reserved©

Quornesha S. A Divine Channel from Dr. Maya Angelou from the other Side Part 1 of 3 http://www.bookquornesha.com
Quornesha S. A Divine Channel from Dr. Maya Angelou Part 2 of 3 ©www.bookquornesha.com
Quornesha S. A Divine Channel from Dr. Maya Angelou Part 3 of 3 As recorded on  7/18/16

A Divine Channel from Mother Teresa:

Killing is not in our nature, love is

Hate is not in our nature; Love is

Violence is not in our nature; Love is

Destruction is not in our identity, love is.

We are all created equal created from the same source. Just identified in a different way. When we decide we are more united than divided we begin to treat each other with goodness and kindness. Love is not corny. It’s not unreal to love one another. It is unreal that we lash out at one another.

As Channeled by Quornesha S. ©quornesha.com

As Recorded on 7/22/2016 ©quornesha.com
It would be unbecoming of you to NOT fully realize your own truths. You know better now you’ll do better. -Dr Maya Angelou through Intuitive Medium Healer Quornesha S. ©quornesha.com


Sometimes I think, “I need to say it as best as I can, but Maya Angelou reminds me to just be honest by saying things exactly as I meant them. Her & Wayne Dyer Empowerment above. As recorded on 8/18/16 for further healing book here| all rights reserved ©quornesha.com


As recorded on 8/18/16 via Maya Angelou through Quornesha S.


As recorded on 9/2/16 by Quornesha S. Intuitive Medium Healer

A Channel from Wayne Dyer: There’s no exclusive group or people who have access or communication w/God/Spirit..for we are all source. Seeds from Divine. There’s no ‘right or wrong way to access the power. It is a gift we all have. Yet, not all use. We are each an expression of God, in fact, we are only all serving ourselves as we serve others. We are indeed in part a version of the creator.


We are all born and sometime along our present course(s), we will expire. At least this version of ourselves. One person cannot uplift the world on his or her own. We know we must lead from within, and now we must begin to use the ability of self-healing and self-power to navigate our lives or way!

While we all may be one, we also have the power to decide the pace we will go. Every action or step we take either leads to our punishment as a result of the cause or reward as a result of the cause. While we cannot speed the process any further than our souls are willing to go, we cannot override what we are each here to learn. There’s no one true way, other than that which pleases us and makes us feel at home in mind, body and spirit. We are the spirit, having a human experience. We have the power to walk our paths as we choose. For we cannot bare light from that which we do not comprehend. You/nor anyone cannot lead from which they do not know. Choose wisely how you will experience your own Godliness, it is your own unique experience.

One person alone cannot uplift the world, it is each of us whom must take part in our contributions.

Namaste & Blessings through Quornesha S. From the Spirit of Wayne Dyer.

©All rights reserved.


Muhammad Ali’s Comical Caption: Your Negro Balance is Zero, cuz you just got Knocked out!  HA HA HA!

😅 😅


As recorded on 12/14/2016


As recorded on 12/23/16 by quornesha.com He even sings Happy B-day *Which was my mom’s the day prior/before this post/channeling.


A Divine Channel From Dr. Maya Angelou! She never truly liked flowers. In a sense, it was something that died at the end of the day, or sometime shortly. She preferred to focus on what had life, longevity and is life. And her attention always brought her to the color ‘blue’. She loved butterflies and beautiful things that moved. This is my Homage to Dr. Maya Angelou!  ~Quornesha S. Lemon  Channeled on 4/5/2018 at 8:00 am central time.

Powerful Life Changing Prayer by Quornesha

I will write a prayer specifically for your situation and pray it in your favor to the tenth power of the intention. Please, only one prayer per purchase/intention. If you need to add others to your prayer request please place the quantity of this item to 2 Thank you! Also, this prayer can be prayed in any faith or belief. As I have the ability to cross any form of spiritual path.


Maya Angelou Channel: 4/10/2018

Continue vying toward that future that you foresee. Any attacks on the spirit should be interpreted that they feel threatened by you. No one has the need to attack what they feel cannot harm/shatter their whole way of thinking. If ever life or energetic attacks knock you down, come back with a vengeance. Let them know that you are not weak, and the spirit realm will stand behind you and ask your opponents, “What, did you expect her to not fight back?”.

Do not worry about snake-like people, once they realize you will be smitten nor bewitched by their charms, they will go along the highways and byways. Make your fist in the universe, and be bold in who you are. Do what you can for others, and leave the rest to their responsibility.

That’s the beauty of life…we don’t all have to agree with one another. We are each on our own vibrational journey. What we like or dislike about life are our own personal lessons. Comparison is poison to the soul. Ask the ancestors “what’s the problem, Others’ Have with me”? And they will tell you, ” It ain’t got nothing to do with me, You cannot force good energy. Good energy has character, and it knows exactly when to leave and come back later if it is too much right now.  Life Will rotate back to you what you give to it.


Prince, Channeled at 5:15 a.m 6/7/2018
muhammad ali by quornesha s. lemon
Channeled by Quornesha S. Lemon on 1/20/2018| ©quornesha.com

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