Angel-Confirmation Number 77

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: Angel number 77 is a message from the heavens and celestial beings, that your existence here on earth will become more powerful. In regard to your influential setting in regard to your purpose and potential. Right now is the most positive and uplifting time for change and progress in your life. if anything exists in your personal world that doesn’t reflect your true spiritual nature, know that at this time it has moved on. Your life is shifting to every regard.

Know that you have every right to believe what you feel about your origination. As it truly resonates with the truth about your soul’s nature and past. It is of importance to release any inner anger in a positive and uplifting or empowering way at this time. As new will enter your life in regard to your spiritual requests.

It is now time to move forward and give old patterns, habits or concerns. Anger, sorrow, guilt, hurt and pain are all a part of the human journey as much as happiness, serenity, peace and contentment. You are asked to express every angle of your human experience, as it is your Divine nature. Honor your truths in every way possible.

Stay your own personal spiritual course and focus on how you see yourself at this time. What matters is how you see your own self image. Know that any negative aspects you see about yourself will begin to uplift at this time. As we all have them. Know that no one is ‘ideal human’. We are all on the same planet and all seek the same thing, the truth about ourselves and why we are here.

Right now is an empowering time to release burdens of any kind. You are free to walk the direction you desire and along the way, you are free to let it go if and whenever it no longer serves you. Know that there will never be a perfect journey, person or situation. Align your life with your strengths and you generate peace within and a mind that is generically focused upon what is positive, therefore light.

We are each magnets, our soul brings into our lives everything that is written in the will the creator has in store for us. At any time we may request that the will be edited and empowered in a direction that serves us.

It is not a time to fold with regard to what is happening around you. Are you deemed an ill person, although you become exhausted? Are you a miserable person, because you grieve for your losses? Are you unfortunate just because you go through something? No. These are all emotions you are allowed and understood to be expressed along the way and path of the human existence.

Do not apply external or internal labels toward yourself. Send out a reflection into the universe what you are grateful for today. Be thankful even when you feel like everything crumbles. Be content and surrender even when you forget your own strength. God is for you, you are a masterpiece of the Divine, therefore you are light and positive, even when you do not know your own strength. Know that what we put out, we will need it some day. Put ‘good boomerangs’ out into the universe. Speak to others as you would speak to yourself. Act towards others, as you’d have them to act toward you. Know that at any time along the way, we reserve the right to refuse energy to anyone (Sent or received), and anything. Vibrations are keepsakes and you do not have to collect everything that comes your way! We all deserve respect, no matter our pasts, no matter our situations. You’re powerful, In your own way,  beyond measure.

7+7= 14 & 1+4=5 Know that there are spiritual changes to be had and these are inevitable. Soon they will come about and the angels assure you, that it is now okay to ‘open your arms’ to it, in order to receive. Express your boundaries in your own unique way. Have big dreams for yourself, as you can and all of us, have the power and strength to step from potential into being.

See also the Number 5

In reference to Quornesh S. Tarot™ card Number 12


Quornesha S. 

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Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 

Thanks 4 Sharing so kindly + with all due respect. 

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