Angel-Confirmation Number 55

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant Seeing the number 55 whether in dreams, waking life, visions, synchronicity or otherwise is a message that Our energy needs focusing and grounding. 

55 Is a message of confirmation that changes are taking place right now from our present course of actions. We are not to feel discouraged or dismayed and we are to understand that love lights the way at this time. If there is anything at this moment not turning out as you’d like. Seek out other opportunities.

55 Is a message that As we get moving and going, the blessings and favor will begin to flow. It is a reminder that the universe supplies what we need, when we need it through Divine will. Know that everything operates together on your behalf. Know that you are loved and admired and appreciated for your actions.

Changes are coming at this time and they may not appear as you are expecting them to. But you are encouraged to take up the opportunities that resonate with you, even if you fear how they may turn out. The Number 55 is a message to challenge yourself to do what feels daunting at this present moment. Ask the angels to guide you to make the choices that serve your highest good.

Ask the angels to teach you your lessons and to help you learn from your past, your mistakes and to help you accept your flaws.

55 Is also a  reminder that everything happens as it is intended, you are where you are right  now, because at some point these instances were a reflection of your beliefs. Know that it all has come about to pass through your life. If your present does not reflect your beliefs right now. Know that your life is aligning. And your blessings will begin to flow. Know that your fears are also manifesting abilities. So be sure to cast out your fears and do not give further power to them.

You are moving forward into an awakening, further illumination and Divine will at this time. Know that a new beginning awaits you. As long as you continue your positive thoughts and vibrations your life will begin to reflect that. The number 55 is also a reminder that you have some clairaudient abilities and Claircognizant abilities that you must put to good use without delay or doubts. Trust your instincts at this time.

More importantly, know you deserve forthcoming blessings that will shower down upon you and within your life. Be sure that your actions, as much as possible, lean and lead you toward your outcome visualized in your mind. Expect good increase to flow into your life in all areas that need it most and the least also.

5+5=10 & 1+0=1 Empowered, Expect your changes forthcoming to lead you into a new beginning and know that all changes are temporary. Know that your dreams will be realized through these changes, even if it isn’t what you want right now, know that these are blessings in disguise, so be grateful for all of them.


Quornesha S. 

Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 

All rights reserved ©

Thanks 4 Sharing so kindly + with all due respect


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