Angel Number 50/Confirmation Number 50

Inner Knowledge + Wisdom: The Number 50 Is symbolic for having high sensory perception of all situations. All knowing and high intellect or inner knowing. The angels are confirming that what you sense is true and that you have an ability that is very rare. You are able to pick up on the slightest of frequencies and this is so for a very important spiritual and ‘soul reasons’.

You are here to help many, you’re equipped with the wisdom, abilities, gifts and talents to take on your assignments to fulfill your mission. Accept the blessings that may be entering into your life. Gratitude not only brings more of it to you, it also allows room for you to do more in the world without treading or restraint.

Prophecy: It may be time to leave behind some situations. As the road ahead requires that you be ‘clear’ upon where it is going to take you. You may find that many put their trust in you wherever you go, confiding in you with the truth without your need to dig for it. Don’t judge, and allow yourself to provide to those less fortunate than you.

There is an end in sight and you’re facing it courageously. You may find now that you attract the perfect opportunities to do your will or cause while you are here. The number 50 is also a symbolic message that you will leave this world, ’empty’. With all of you for the world to continue on with. Whatever you’re doing right now, stay in this vibration as this is your legacy.

Intuitive Conclusions: Take notice of your birth dates’ numbers and assess the meaning through intuition. If you look closer enough you will calculate that all is happening as it was set to occur. There is a Divine light within you that is surfacing and meeting the sunrise. As this one situation ends, another is prepared to appear before you.

You are evolving and going through the revolving doors as you should. Metaphorically, when a revolving door spins and you’re a passenger in one of it’s capsules, no one else can enter unless you exit. Think of this human journey as your capsule. You’re moving in the right directions now. All that is needed to continue along this way, will come about in unexpected ways now.

You deserve some commendation for your endurance. Congratulations.

You’re over it now. Even if you don’t know how, it is complete!

The Repeating Number 50 Is also in resonance to Star Seeds and therefore a message and reminder of the reason why you are here.


Quornesha S. 

All rights reserved ©

Thanks for sharing so kindly + with all due respect to the author.

For healing in regards to the wisdom of the number 50 or to raise your vibrations to this message or prophecy, click here



9 thoughts on “Angel Number 50/Confirmation Number 50

  1. Thank you so much. You made my day. I have been seeing the number 50 quite a bit, and also 55 as well. You mentioned it is “a symbolic message that I will leave this world empty”… does empty mean financially broke, or alone?… not sure what you mean. Thank you. Jay

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome Jay R. No, not at all. I’d consider ’empty’ in this context, to mean that everything you are meant to do in this lifetime. Will be fulfilled, completed and done with.

      Focusing on the soul mission above everything else, supplies what is required, for YOU to fulfill it.

      Quornesha S.


  2. Hi, yes I too am concerned do you mean death? I started life abandoned child, adopted and abused and have fought up to this point to start a new life of my own away from toxic family and relationships. Starting life again on welfare trying to be some body of importance and hood influence I’m studying but uncertain about this passion I once had and my other passion acting is difficult. So now in my life im feeling v depressed and lost. I want freedom, happiness and wealth to help me move forward in life. So I just thought the 50 cent coin that fell out of my purse in front of me was the end. Namestee♥


  3. Ps…My passion in life its to protect and preserve animals, deep empathy for ocean and marine life, spirituality, love to write for children and am creative but I still cant find what it is I want to and stick to it. So many thoughts and feelings are overwhelming me lately and trying to get out of a narcarist couple shared house who both continusly spiteful and Intefering. She drains my energy I can feel her from bottom of driveway. Her games are driving me to depression.


  4. Hi Quornesha ! Last night, the angels sent me number 500. What are the angels trying to tell me? Over the last 7 months, I have received numbers 7, (twice in my dreams), 5 whispered in my ear, the number 2…3 times ( seen in the clouds) and then, the number 5, again (in the clouds), the number 3 (in the clouds) and the number 489 in my dreams. Thank you, Michele


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