Angel-Confirmation Number 86

Angel number 86 is a reminder that life is short. Do not worry about the money that needs spending, saving or investing. Look forward to new beginnings. Know that one ‘no’ is simply a door closing. When that one closes another will open.

Know that we are designed to move forward, through change. Not stand still. Do not fear your own capabilities. Do not allow others to sweep your confidence from beneath you. Do not allow others to make you feel lesser than.

We are each responsible for our own inner well being (confidence). Others may empower us, however, we must be self reliant and lead our own minds.

Be bold, dangerous and outstanding. Know that there are forthcoming blessings. Know that when one relationship ends, something new will take it’s place. If you are concerned that something will end, know that if it is aligned and destined we cannot pray for a different outcome at this time. Know that God is at work in all conclusions.

Be open to those who want or desire to help you. Forgive old and past memories. Love those you care about, no matter who they were prior to or before.

Know that there is a Divine plan for you. And it may not always involve those that came into your life or those who have been in your life.

Know that everything is coming together as it should. Let go of things you feel the need to own. Or that you are obsessed with.

Free yourself of negative affirmations or negative self-images. And be content with your own life and your own goals. Don’t compare where you are to where others are. As you cannot receive anyone’ else’s blessings. As you have not been through, what they have been through and vice versa.

Know that everything comes to an end. As well as everything begins.

8+6=14 & 1+4=5 Know that change has come about in your life to shake up what has been. So that you can adjust to your new rhythm. 86 Is a number of inner chaos. Often, times, adverse situations. At this time, your energy needs clearing, and your aura needs healing. Take time for rest and relaxation.

Also see the number 5


Quornesha S.

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Thanks 4 sharing so kindly + with all due respect. 

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