Hummingbird Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S., Intuitive Medium Healer: The Hummingbird is a sign of forthcoming freedom or the enhancement of your present freedom. You are to step out of situations gradually, that have resulted in the lack of your freedom. You are being asked to use your faith. You are being requested towards your true path. Learn from your mistakes, breath and move forward and on. The Hummingbird reminds us that there must be, balance.

We must experience both bad and good, for lack of any better terms. As good or bad cannot coexist with any advancement of spiritual intellect. There has to be a middle wherever there’s a beginning or conclusion. We mustn’t adapt to our present circumstances. Although, the hummingbird, appears, with the analogy that, we are on the ‘right’ path. What is right? And what is wrong? Assuming the supposed ‘wrong’ direction is the path in which diverts from where you are appointed to be at this very time in your life.

It is considered your personal and present day, destiny. Destiny is not a word that is absolution, in part because, the destiny has the right to change. For the reason of disappointment, with the direction of our lives. We are apt to change the deviation or the vibration of our destinies.

Nelson Mandela Said it best in a Divine channel which I received from spirit; We were not meant to be prisoners in our minds if you do not like what you have been through, let it go.

I love what the Spirit of Nelson Mandela has said to me. Mostly, because he teaches one simple key in breaking free of imprisonment, in the aspect of mind, body, soul, spirit. The Hummingbird brings the realization that things are inevitable and well overdue for the change. It marks the territory for wherever it visits, for change. And quite often for the better. But you must realize that better, only means how you receive these changes. In other words, you cannot cling to your present situation in any aspect.


Use your courage to move forward  and aware of what’s next and what is passing, always! You are diplomatic, you are everything that higher power requests of you. Remember this, their only request is that you start using what they ask of you. Higher power is not dictation, it is gently and in a powerful way. Embrace every challenge as well as beautiful moments.    It is through them, which you learn to transmute. -Hummingbird Through Quornesha S. 



We each have a contract with life, as well as one with death. No exception to the rule. Only our souls know for how long these contracts are. Our souls know for sure, what is we need to learn. We descended to earth for the one true purpose, enlightenment and in the process to bare the light to the world in turn. Of course, your baring doesn’t come without residual supply for the journey along the way. It’s not possible to fully illuminate the world and yourself insufficient.

The Hummingbird reminds us, to be open to an abundant supply of giving and receiving. The Hummingbird in your waking life signals, that you are aware of the changes that need to be made. In Your dreams, it signifies that you are to awaken to your true path and get going as soon as possibly. It can also denote that you are destined to illuminate the path of others. Know that if something or a group claims to be secret, yet it is out in the open, it is not of secrecy and you should look within for forewarning of that association. Do not listen to falsities brought on through fear. Do not absorb, like a sponge the energies and vibes around you.

There ARE alternate worlds that exist. You are asked to meditate in order to tap into these realms or awaken yourself to their truths. Continue to listen to your intuition. Personal resources, are often the sweetest.

You will have all that you need for changes to come. Be abundantly grateful, as you deserve every blessing. For each gift, you give to the world, give it also, unto yourself. -Hummingbird through Quornesha S.


Quornesha S. 

All rights reserved 

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