Angel-Confirmation number 339

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: The number 339 is a reminder that your angels are fully supportive of your soul mission, and purpose. You are in a vibration of love and enlightenment and the angels encourage you to keep shining your light brilliantly.

Know that a ‘wait’ has lifted in your life. At this time, you may be concluding a hiatus, or returning from a trip or even entering a new beginning on a spiritual level. Know that at this time the epiphanies will be plentiful. Expect good changes to happen.

Know that if you are thinking of any activist based projects, these will be of long-term and immediate benefit to you. Know that you are shining your light and standing in the vibration of your true intentions and purpose.

Pay attention to the messages you receive right now, as these will bring about substantial personal benefits to bring you peace of mind. 339 Is a number of positive vibrations and omens. Know that as one door opens another should close, as one chapter begins another must come to an end.

Know that you will begin to further your career and work/soul mission. Accept every opportunity gracefully. Know that when the number 339 appears, there will be many changes in a spiritual and home aspect. Especially to do with relationships of any kind.

Use serenity statements and positive affirmations to boost your resolve/inner reflections. And turn every thought you think toward the light. Plant and sow ‘good seeds’/energy into your life. Change and shift the way you see the world and the way that you see yourself.

The angels are helping you to move forward towards your future. Know that everything concluding in your life today is making room and way for forthcoming blessings. As you get rid of, you open up to receive more or better of. As you release and let go of the old, and what has served it’s purpose, you are freeing up yourself to experience what is new.

Be in full resonance of your high vibrations, whereas, when you are happy and excited about life or blessings happening in your life, bless and receive. This is a time of celebrations for you. Open up to receive your gifts from the universe and the Creator.

Pay attention to the subtle signs; wind blowing more heavily, Seeing unusual insects, the weather more beautiful than usual. These are all signs of angelic and Divine presence. Be in the moment and enjoy life’s blessings.

3+3+9=15 & 1+5=6 Your relationship(s) will take a positive shift at this time. Be grateful for the blessings life has to offer to you and your loved one. Know that everything has happened for a very special reason, thus far. Be assured that blessings to come are for your highest good, as are all blessings.

Know that when you forewarn anything, you also have to go through it (In a sense). If you ask God to bless others, you more than likely will be the one, Divine asks to be the messenger or conduit for the blessing. Know that as we send, so shall we receive, in  kind. Choose your words carefully. And be sure your intentions are clean and clear. Be a light, where there seems to be darkness. Know that anything we foresee, is subject to change. We can change any situation, by shifting the energy and direction we send our focus towards.

Be a light in the world.

Also see the number 6


Quornesha S.

Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S.

All rights reserved ©

Thanks 4 Sharing so kindly + with all due respect.  




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