Panda Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant to Business + Media + Personal: The panda symbolizes royalty and kingdoms, while representing humility gentleness, kindness and Patience. The Panda, seen in your waking life, synchronicity, visions or dreams is a message that there are forthcoming blessings and opportunities, that are presenting in your life due to some patience on your behalf.

Your efforts will bare fruit, if you are entering any new phases in your life, rest assured that, You will feel balanced and nurtured during this phase. Know that whatever you require to suit you along this journey will be attained.

The Panda represents material abundance and rewards. If you know you need something, when you see the panda, now is the most auspicious time to call upon the angelic guides, Know that your needs matter. Do not feel discouraged by what others are preaching around you, whether that is of failures or of obstacles.

You are empowered to feel the belief in yourself and in what you are doing. Choose to think and act positively, even if an opportunity to complain presents itself. Know that all you need, whether that is in regards to your finances, your home life, love life, or emotional and spiritual life, will and can be provided for you.

Right now it is time to take caution and act with wisdom in sharing your ideas with others, as you may not be surrounded with power thinkers, like yourself. So it is better to do more and talk less of your plans.

Know that if you have failed at something, these are only lessons and a time will come and your faith in the dream you failed at will be restored.

When all else, *advice or relationships* are not benefiting you, it is due to the need to go within and transmit the energy from a higher source.

Know that we are all different people and we are all blessed in our own ways. It is up to each of us to use our self empowerment, capabilities, to bring about peace to our inner worlds. Take care, to what you wish for. Take care to how you express your words. Know that it is okay to be concerned about particular situations. But do not allow concern to advance into worry. 

Be cautious at this time and only entrust your visions with the teams of people who can empower you and the dream, further.

Have fun along this journey, in your own way. Step out of your comfort zone, the way you want to and do not allow yourself to be dictated into new comforts that do not suit you.


Quornesha S. 

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