Seagull Symbolism

Seagull is symbolic for signs and confirmation. Empowerment. Signs of favor.

Their presence is confirmation that we are indeed taking positive steps along the shores of our souls’ purpose. Seagull is a reminder that we are breaking through something. Often confusion or having gone through a huge amount of changes that seem to keep us feeling a lack of clarity or seeing things clearly.

The rewards of being by the ocean or river is to release confusion. To take in the blessings of the maze. When it seems as though you’re going in a circle and moving forward no where. The seagull asks you to look within and around you and see purpose.

YOU may not have been able to make sense of the clouds surrounding your insight but surely the purpose of the veil is near. Be grateful for the breakthroughs you receive. Or you may find that the veils have taught you to be more grateful of your abilities and how to utilize all of it to it’s highest capacities.

The seagull is in relation to the number 178 and also grace. ALthough things may appear to have come easy, you paid the ultimate price to receive such abundance or blessings. Keep that in mind when someone is in admiration of your blessings. YOU have not had any actual overnight successes although it looks that way to others.

When this favor arrives know that it is something that you do deserve. Why you? Why not you! YOU deserve it all, anything great available to others is also available to you.

xoxo Quornesha S. 

all rights reserved ©


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  1. Ms dana

    Thankyou, during my prayer, when i was done i saw 3 seagulls. They were flying high above the place were i did my prayers, at a local park. I felt like they were riding the vibration of my prayer.


  2. lola

    Anytime i feel down and pray, i see Seagulls, its a bit scary before, i decided to read about it tonight and here i am reading from you and feeling thankful

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