You are The Child

A man was on his way home when he fell beneath the ground, there was an earthquake. He had just wished for stability. His words were I have fallen. He noticed just behind him a child had fallen below ground also. He spent hours asking for help. It only took a few more hours before the child began to lose breath and the ground began to gain on him.

He did everything he could do to keep the child alive. The child said, “It’s okay, I told my mother how much I love her. If you live you can tell her how much I fought to stay alive.

The man turned to him and said, I want to get us both out of here. At least you if not me. The child smiled and then fell lifeless in his arms.

The man began to weep and just above him he saw a light and heard the sound of the helicopter. He said no, Get the child he could still be alive.

The medic replied,” Sir, we are taking care of this situation as best as we can, grab the rope sir so that we can pull you through.

He hadn’t realized how his lugs had failed and began to faint. He was lying there in the bed, and all he could hear was my son. His first words as he began to wake up was my Father.

The man by the Name of Chuck never looked at himself as less than important in his life again, he began speaking around the world, teaching others to embrace their position in the Universe. We are children of the highest. We are the child. We can’t be angry with him for what he isn’t doing in the communities we feel he should center his attention and healing towards. Because we are the ones chosen to step up, he chose you. And YOU ARE HIS CHILD. You are the child.

What’s the moral of the story?

Quornesha S. Lemon

all rights reserved ©

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