Blood Hound Dog Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Intuitive Medium Healer: Photo Credit: The Blood Hound is a message and prophetic confirmation of some ‘good ol’ country living’. It is a ‘sign’ that you are moving in the right direction with recent changes or changes you are  setting in motion *utilizing*.

The Hound dog appears in your waking life, dreams, synchronicity, or repeated messages/signs, as a representation and acknowledgement of your spiritual truths coming into the spotlight at this time. You will have no fear or concern. The Hound dog is a representation of your new openness to your own mysticism and abilities. Pay attention to the ‘strangeness’ that crosses your path.

The Hound dog is a message from the universe or higher powers that your serenity of concerns or constraints has been heard and are therefore appreciated for your continued faith and momentum in the blessings of your future. You are blessing your path by remaining empowered and focused on your inner will and strength instead.

The Hound dog encourages you to see the higher perspective or implores the vibration of your higher perspective to keep up the momentum in this vibration. Know that any opportunity that once ran past or slipped from your fingers or grasped has completed it’s cycle and you will look forward to new beginnings taking place in your life.

Represent heaven fully with all of your true nature. As you deserve the vibrations that carry the positive attitude that you have. Changes have come about for a specific purpose and you are to keep going as the animal kingdom has taken note of any measures you have empowered or ushered into your life.

Just know that you are empowered. You are powerful and you have much to be glad about. You will see fruition and results of your steps very soon. And you have nothing to concern yourself with. Take all things with a grain of salt. Know that as we see or take note of signs appearing all around us. Or even ‘opportunities’ honor your intuition and gut feelings and take note that any situation that is not as efficient as you may have expected it to be, should now ease and you’ll feel motivated to move forward onto new and greater with less difficulty. Remember that each prophecy we speak is a reflection of the interpreter first, then to those whom receive it. Whatever we deliver, we receive in turn also.

Continue to shine your light. The Blood Hound is symbolic of enlightenment, passion, speaking up, awakening, watching, instinct, seeing past illusions, and discernment. You are an advocate of integrity, you have a unique purpose in the universe, you are to utilize each skill-set that you have for your utmost benefit. Monetary benefit, as much as material and spiritual will begin to flow your way. Expect gratitude from and for your blessings, as this is just the beginning and more is on the way into your life.

You will experience changes to your thought process and enjoy peace and harmony in your home life, as well as balance in life in general. Finding that all needs are met, most immediately as required/needed.

Seeing the Blood hound in your dreams is a sign of protection and trust. You can trust the process of forthcoming changes if you have not already integrated them, at present.


Quornesha S. 

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Pipevine Swallowtail [Battus philenor] Butterfly Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Intuitive Medium Healer: When the pipevine swallowtail butterfly appears in your dreams, waking life or synchronicity it is a message that you will experience some shifts that will allow you to be as a torchbearer to others who feel inspired by your actions and beliefs.

The Pipevine Swallowtail butterfly is a message that, you are ready for your next level, you are now ready to do what no one else has ever been able to do before. You feel enlightenment flowing into your life and you feel inspired to take action. The odds are in your favor. Know that as you enhance your life you are benefiting all around you in your own unique way, as a torchbearer through your own well being.

The Pipevine Swallowtail butterfly encourages each of us to let go of aspects that are no longer serving us. The Pipevine Swallowtail is a sign of strength and breakthrough. Such small or seemingly fragile being is capable of so much. The Swallowtail Pipevine butterfly encourages you to uplift your environment as you see fit.

This butterfly *Pipevine Swallowtail* Encourages us to leave the past behind us, as we have no worries or concerns of the future. The Swallowtail *Pipevine* Encourages us to practice what we are preaching and stick to beliefs with conviction. It encourages us to take action today in alignment with the future we wish to see unfold in our lives.

The Pipevine butterfly insists that we lift every concern to the highest power for transmutation and healing of said issue or constraint. You are to focus on situations that truly matter to you. When we align ourselves with things that don’t matter, trying to get ahead, we miss our blessings. We miss out on the bigger picture. Stay the course of your path. It is okay to ‘try’ things out. But listen to your own innate wisdom, and do not be steered or directed away from your path.

Although we may not be where we may be expecting we are surely further than we may expect to be in our lives. The Pipevine Butterfly reminds you that you will have sufficiency from this moment on. And you are to release this concern. Butterflies in general are symbolic of the afterlife, spirit, messages from loved ones, and communication of the higher and invisible realms. Blessings are coming into your life when the presence of the Pipevine Butterfly comes into your life.

You can assure that some storms are coming to an end or conclusion in your life and some illusions are dissipating. You are to become the Essence you are in your heart, as obstacles flow out of your life. Know that some trials will begin to feel like water under the bridge for you. Honor yourself in every single way.

You will be able to give birth to your dreams NOW! But have gratitude in your spirit, and begin to take notice of the energy and vibrations around you. Truly take notice. You know what your path truly is, and look no further into the temptations of this world. As these are only distractions and delays in disguise. You will experience a breakthrough in the efforts of your transformation.

Do not stress any longer over the nuisances in your life as they are coming to conclusion as necessary or vital to your fruition of dreams. You are connected to all things and all people for a reason. And you have learned to use your resolve in a manner of empowerment rather than how you were told or taught to go about being or utilizing.

The information you are entrusted with. is a part of your life purpose. You are a leader, from your own efforts, and without much ‘trying, dictating or delegation’ In other words, it is natural and normal for you to be influential. It is your birthright, just as much as success. As much as abundance…Know that all that you’ll require will begin to flow just as easily into your life. Expect Miracles.


Quornesha S. 

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The Above interpretation is a reflection of what it means to me, to join me and receive interpretations unique to you, book here!  You can learn about your abilities in an hour session, and consecutively follow up with as many sessions as possible to fully awaken your own abilities in order to tap into the meanings and interpretations of your own dreams, and the signs all around you!  There’s no course material, as each individual and their purpose is unique. Also, this ensures, you are learning what is vital and necessary for you, not what is in ‘general’. You can heal and gain knowledge in a single session, or at least begin your journey to awakening. ©

Angel-Confirmation Number 886

Channeled by Quornesha S. Consulting *Medium & Egyptian Healer^ Media & Personal |The number 886 appearing in your dreams, waking life, or synchronicity is a reminder to put out the same vibration we wish to receive. As whatever you put out there for others to learn from will be your lessons in turn also, whatever answers you deliver will be the answers you will need also. You are to take responsibility for the way you shed light on all of humanity. Just because we are strong in particular areas doesn’t mean that others are. You are to be cautious of the words you speak and the answers you give.

You are to be free of bias and/or judgment from/with your advice to others. We are not here on earth to be told how to live out our lives. We are here for guidance. There’s no absolute ONE thing we are here to do. For the calling,  requires that there are many deeds to do. We are not parents to those of whom we lead. You are not to tell anyone how to be or how to go about doing or being or becoming.

There is only one true mother, that is earth/universe, there is only only one true father, which is creator. Your frustrations of who or how anyone understands their life and it’s path are a reflection of yourself alone.

Fun fact: the one reason they say, don’t point at graves/cemeteries, or other ‘Living’ beings for that matter. Because, two fingers are being pointed and there are three are pointed right back at you, and from your own hands! Whatever you sow you’re going to reap, whatever you send out you will receive also. Be as kind to people as you can always. If you speak negative words, those words and vibrations are in your mouth. Which is why it is outlined in the holy bible, that Death and life are in the power of the tongue. Wherever you point your fingers, for whatever reason, is what you think of yourself, three times more. 

You are not to take it into your own responsibility to teach others of rights or wrongs, as again. We are not parents to those we lead. You are to allow others to grow out of or learn from the way they have been brought up themselves. As this is a part of their human experience.

You are not to allow anyone the power to refute you, even if your perception of what you see may not be fully understood. This isn’t some competition to see whose wrong or right, or who comprehends the most along their journey. You are to allow others to be, accept them as they truly are. Doing so, acknowledges that God didn’t make a mistake. Your editing of persons shows your lack of faith in the  higher plan/purpose for a persons’ life.

No one is spiritual baggage to be ‘checked’ or put in place by what you/we know for sure, certain or otherwise. If you nose around in the understanding or lack thereof you may later find out that it was you who lacks understanding. Do not quickly speak. You are to pace yourself. And mind your own path. If something compels you so much, the person whose ordained to follow the orders you are tossing about is yourself.

If you are teaching others, then whatever you teach you need it also. You cannot try to build a house ‘off or outside’ of the foundation, it must be built upon the foundations, so as to not build a home on sand.

You are to surrender all worries or concerns to God for transmutation and healing. The body is a temple where God dwells. The mind is a part of the Body, and so, it is vital that worries that lay on the mind are surrendered so that they may be healed.

If you are learning,  make use of what you learn in your own words and way. Do not abhor others, respect others and you will attract spirits who will allow others to respect you. If you disrespect others, you have given spirits the permission to send that energy to you also, through others.

886 Is a reminder, that positive energy and vibrations like prosperity, wealth, well being, peace and kindness are a state of mind and a choice. Whatever we are, we will gain more of it. If you have karmic work to be done that is negative, higher powers will see to it to send the necessary spirits to help you work through this. If you have positive karmic work to be received then you will see that angels will assure that these come about for you.

Success is not a luxury only available to the few. We are chosen by our destinies, but not by the Love of God, for the love of God is open and available for many and their own and unique way!

8+8+6=22 & 2+2=4 Know that a sense of stability is about to take place in your life with the number 886 appearing in your life. Some situations may come to an end and you’ll see or recognize new situations that enter or come in. Be very grateful for where you are. And focus on your own journey, do not judge that of others.’ Remember, that while we may be more involved in our spiritual aspects, we do not necessarily ‘know God’ more. We are God, having a human experience. Allow others the permission to travel along their journey as they are supposed to, and remember, they are not against ‘your’ time. No matter how impatient you grow, which, should you be impatient, shows a lack of acceptance in your own position along your path. See also the number 4


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House Finch (Haemorhous mexicanus) Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: The house finch is symbolic of harmony and the home life. It is a reminder that the angels of abundance and harmony are always near you. Any life lessons you may have recently experienced are for your highest and greatest good. You are encouraged that even though things or situations are intense you will be content and at peace once again.

You are loved beyond what you can measure by Divine. The spirit realm and world is always understanding of the human existence and experience. And is aware of what it takes to be in your shoes. You are on your mission and Divine/God would like to remind you of this at this time.

You are in the right space and time in your life right now. Although things seem displaced, you are reminded that when you are working passionately and from the vibrations of your highest thought form, it is wise to refuel as best you know how. You do not need to worry of your future or where you are at present. The sun is beginning to shine in your chart once again, after tests and trials.

If there are any goals you need met at this time. you are being asked to take time out and write out what is required at this time. The accurate question would be to ask, “What is it that I can ask the angels to provide for me at this time, as they need not money or other resources to achieve it. Know that your finances will begin to flow in the prosperous direction it is aligned to flow in.

Know that you will begin to heal from any spiritual illnesses you may feel at this time. Things are beginning to run their course in your life, which indicates endings and conclusions. You are being appreciated at this time, and you are to accept this commendation. You are reminded that the angels have not abandoned you to any degree, although it may feel or seem that you are walking alone.

You will begin to focus your energy and time toward what is more accurate. Notice the heightened level of your intuition or messages being presented to you at this time. You have no reason to fear or doubt your path. Pay attention to Déjà vu’s happening in your life and around you.

Heaven is answering a lump sum amount of your prayers at this time. Be prepared for new futures to unfold for you at this time. Pay attention to dreams, visions or plans that come about ‘out of the blue’. Be patient with yourself. Be attentive to inner intuition. At this time you will become more involved in teaching on a subject rather than learning.

When you become overwhelmed with your work, it is a message to regenerate your energy. Take time out to care for your energy and your mind. If meditation does not work, it is time to surrender some work or projects as it may indeed be too much for you to carry at this time.

The House Finch promises that your home life and finances will begin to flow in the direction you hope.


Quornesha S. 

Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 

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Cotton Plant Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: Seeing cotton plants in your waking life, or dreams is a message that you are awakening. You are receiving a prophecy from the Divine realm that assures financial and material well being. Know that good news you receive right now is valid.

Heaven is the place where you do not need money or material possessions. It is now time to being open and receive your present and forthcoming blessings. You are loved in more ways than one. Every blessing you receive at this time is because you deserve them. Understand that your blessings have also chosen you.

Cotton is a promise of wealth and well being in your life. Be assured there will be plenty and more, to continue doing the work you are doing in the world. The Divine realm: Angels, God, Ascended Masters, ancestors and Spirit guides, commends you for the work you are doing in the world. And wish to congratulate you through further rewards and financial responsibility.

Know that you are healing yourself and those around you. Appreciate every step you are taking. Express gratitude for what you already have. Know that at this time, your small blessings and beginnings are set to grow and empower further. Know that you deserve everything you are receiving, even if the blessings forthcoming are unexpected.

Your work is very special to the Universal & Divine Realms. Be appreciative of your present and forthcoming blessings. Even though you’ve made mistakes, have a past of your own, or otherwise, you are an angel in this world and in the next.

Open your heart to receiving Divine knowledge and wisdom. Be assured that your hard work or toiling will be paying off at present. You can assure that your life will feel empowered and you, awakened to further blessings.

Your best self is emerging and you can sit in quietness or stillness to gain more of these vibrations and opportunities. Further awaken your present blessing(s), through prayer and meditation. You are a conduit of prophecy in your own unique way through your music, through your writing, through your acting or through your speaking. Whatever avenue Divine has provided for you to empower and be a light, you are a prophet through it.

The Love that is known for you in the beyond will begin to flow your way, at present. Be open minded and empower these blessings through grace, receptiveness, affirmation and gratitude.

Picking cotton in your dreams is connotation that you will be successful after all of your efforts. It’s time. That is the message that is appearing right now. Success, abundance and prosperity is assured. Being given cotton, is a connotation that you will blessed far more than you are expecting. Your dreams will be exceeded or you will excel.

Card 1 In Quornesha S. Tarot™ Also Appears out of this interpretation


Quornesha S. 

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Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 

Angel-Confirmation Number 44

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: Angel Number 44 is a message that Divine blessings are on their way into your life. As these blessings enter your life they will uplift your spirits and empower you to act further in the light of your purpose.

It’s time to focus on your light and what you feel you are called here to do. You will notice your fears diminish at this time. Know that a phase of your life to do with your past has come to a close. It is time to set aside constraints, constraints can be in regards to the understanding others have of what you put out into the world. Part of being authentic is to only take responsibility for your emotions, not that of others.

We are each responsible to gain knowledge and to understand the knowledge being presented to us.

There are financial blessings to enter your life. It is time to push through to the next level of your personal spiritual journey. Your personal spiritual journey involves being of service and teaching from a reflection of what you know for sure, and what you have learned and experienced.

Set aside fears and walk through upcoming doors of opportunities with faith and confidence. It is a new time of life for you. It is important to carry your vision with you on a daily basis. Right now is a powerful and auspicious time. Only attach your thoughts to that which is positive.

It is time to cast away stones of judgement. See your surroundings positive and uplifting and every stale thing that isn’t part of a lesson or path for you right now will uplift and dissolve.

Detach from negative situations and without fear. Knowing that better is to be replaced with it. It is time to embrace your greatness. As right now is the time. You have come into your own. Now you will be able to put your confidence to good use without delay. Know that the greater you have been praying for is on it’s way into your life.

Know that if you feel tired in mind or body, it is a time to shift your focus for something new and refreshing to energize you and keep you going. If you feel pain in any area of your body it is time to listen to your inner wisdom and intuition. Begin to express your light in ways that you will feel uplifted. Release concerns and fears.

Right now is a very rare and auspicious time of life for you. Trust that it takes a village to guide you. Know that God, the angels, ascended masters, and your ancestors are working together for your good. Trust that blessings are coming into your life. Know that new beginnings will occur in your relationships.

Trust that you have gone through what was necessary, do not feel discontent; and move forward to receive your blessings. Right now, you may see a reflection of what you have been through in the happenings around you. You are not to fear. You are not to intervene. You are to step aside and allow God to work in others, as he has done also in you.

4+4=8 It is a powerful time for you right now. You are being honored for the work you are doing and life begins to reflect what you are capable of. Your innate gifts are being blessed in a kind manner.

You have nothing to fear in regards to your mission or purpose, know that Divine is guiding you along your course in a powerful manner. Know that you are being positioned to be in the right place and time to receive.

Also see the number 8


Quornesha S. 

Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 

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Clarifying The Quote: The Best Thing You Can Do For a Poor Person

Channeled By Quornesha S. Oracle of Divine Wisdom and Healing: The best thing you can do for a poor person is to not be one of them. At the surface it appears or sounds as thought it is harsh.  It seems selfish. But truly this quote is born out of people who feel guilty for their wealth or the wealth they have gained. You have the potential to keep growing in your wealth and you have the potential to be just as broke before you got started.

The reality: You should not feel sorry for those who do not have their life together. You did not make their mistakes.  We are each responsible for our own well being.

The Prophecy: Something is about to occur in your finances when this quote appears to you. What you do with this new found stability is up to you. The best business do not use their own money to pull the stick out of the mud. They get funding.  If funding is not required more creative thinking is required to attain it.

The Principle of It all: Those who understand this principle will assist. In exchange for a percentage for their investment.

Keeping Finances in Check: It is now time to balance your money.  Once you decide to do so.  Everything will run more smoothly.

Wisdom: When you use money loosely. It’s difficult for it not to slip away. When you manage, it’s difficult for it to become displaced.  Your future and how you are going to live it is up to you.

Project Development: It is up to you to use your own wisdom when developing projects. As we all start/begin somewhere. Along the way someone gave each of us an opportunity. However there exists the reality of an investment versus guilt or discontentment.

We all reap whatever we have sown. If we have sown good seeds we will see these sprout in ways we do not usually expect. It is up to each of us to invest in our dreams with the appropriate research, patience and diligence. Know that when one door shuts another opens. Always know, that when your ideas do not appeal to someone else, there is someone to whom or which it does.

Clarity: When you know about your dreams, hence, done your research as to how it does in it’s field or niche, you are equipped with the wisdom to move ahead from there. Clarity is  always a great starting point. However, it does not always show up in order.

Do not be persuaded to give up your dreams: If you believe in something, do not render your foundation based on what others may think or say. You will know what to do when it is time to draw the line into investing your time, money or energy into something. One must never give up something until he or she feels absolutely ready. (When it no longer serves you).

No one does business, only for the sake of ‘saving’ someone.


Quornesha S.

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Angel + Confirmation Number 955

955 Channeled by Quornesha S., Natural Born Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master| Psychic Consultant to Spiritual Businesses + Entrepreneurs 
Be empowered to make the changes you are being guided to make. Let go of the need to compete with others and shine. You don’t need an opponent or any to oppose you to feel good about your efforts.

Psychic Note: Yes. You will generate them naturally. But you will find that they will be blessings rather than oppressive in any way to your purpose.

You are taking the steps in the right directions.  Many will begin to understand when you trust in yourself and within your decisions.  Do not be swayed or persuaded to quit.

Prophecy: It’s time to move forward and love the changes you are making. The road ahead. May appear steep as you make them.  Just know that you are never nor will you ever journey alone.

These steps are necessary and will lead you through the doorways of illumination and forethought. You will find that your thinking increases and you’ll see life differently.

Prophecy: Your destiny is aligned with the steps you are making. Be comforted and confident that what you are seeking is seeking you and that which you desire. Desires you also. Continue with your prayers. AS Many blessings will be unfolding as you continue on your present course.
Know that you will make many changes along the way. But like any good dress or suit. Due to wear and tare it will need alterations to ‘fit’ your latest identity.
Bless your actions and all that you touch.

New Beginnings: Remember that these changes are for you to make and transition into. YOU only, can only live your life, YOU  only, Can and no one else.

Release the emotional, mental or spiritual shackles and just be free to walk as you wish to, live as you wish to.
Greater Horizons: Whatever you love. Loves you.  Whatever you desire, desires you also. Changes taking place right now are not for you to procrastinate. Well done on making necessary changes.

Intuitive Conclusions:  It’s up to you to find your own flow and dance to your own rhythm. It’s time to set aside all interpretations that are unrelated to who you are.

You are headed forward in the right direction when you can look ahead without carrying the load of what others may or may not think of you.

9+5+5=19 & 1+9=10  & 1+0= 1 Which is associated with Illumination, new beginnings That are Divinely Guided for you to take.

Quornesha S.

Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant

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Angel + Confirmation Number 951

951 Symbolic Meaning + Prophecy As Channeled by Quornesha S., 

Changes and new beginnings to do with soul purpose.
Leading to a very satisfying home life.

The changes you are currently making have been aligned and planned by you and your spirit guides or angels if that is your choice of higher power.

Psychic Note: Your light is shining brightly right now. You have the courage required to follow through with plans and dreams
A new beginning is set to unfold that will be most beautiful and encouraging for what lies ahead.
Keep up with your positive thinking and inner confidence.

Any jealousy will be easily overcome with the confidence that is planted within you.

Prophecy: You do see yourself in a higher light as your authentic self is surfacing now. The only act is that of kindness and honoring your dreams.
It’s time to put together a dream board and renew hope on what you have set aside time for. It’s time to put your learning or training into active measures.

Success awaits. And your higher power of your choosing;  Whether angels, Ascended masters, or Deity, Or teachers await your request for assistance.

You are entering a creative period.  Due to your intentions to reveal and embrace your inward light.

You are beginning to accept the world as a whole as well as the world within yourself.  Be confident in flying high and do not come down.  Be comfortable in your successes you have worked hard to achieve them.

9+5+1=15 & 1+5=6 With Six representing the home and family life.

Shine bright.

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Quornesha S.

Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant

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Angel + Confirmation Number 1209

Channeled Through Quornesha S., Natural Born Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master: Psychic Consultant to Spiritual Business Owners + Entrepreneurs: Angel or ‘Confirmation Number’ 1209 symbolizes a social disconnection.  If this is you disconnecting from what no longer serves you. Know that all has ended for a specific reason and that you have obtained the lessons required through these individuals that are now exiting your life.

If it is you whose surrounded by others who may be losing social disconnection with YOU.  It is a part of the transition required at this time.

Psychic Note: You may be taking a quantum leap. When you have made all of the effort to communicate there is nothing more to do. Besides walk away from those who only seem to listen to themselves than to allow any other point of views.
There is no spiritual need that you cannot obtain within yourself. You Owe it to yourself to look forward to what flows and those who are genuine.

Remember, If this is pertaining to career. Promotion. Opportunities. Anyone who procrastinates has already made their final decision.    And you have yet to obtain an answer. It’s time to move on and seek elsewhere. A decision has been made behind the scenes and may not be to what you are expecting.  Clinging to anyone or any opportunity out of dismay holds you steadfast in front of the closed door.

Move ahead and you will find that there are those whom will celebrate you.

Prophecy: You are awesome, and there are people who believe that as well as those who don’t.  But no matter what. There is someone and a group of believers waiting for your uniqueness to surface.

This number is associated with communication.  So those who do not communicate yet ignore and do not acknowledge your presence it is time to close this chapter and head into a new one.

We cannot make demands on others nor do we have to allow demands to be honored from ourselves on behalf of someone else’ desires.

Prophecy: Remember to honor your relationships and those you do desire in your life. Especially when they show equal interest.  With this in mind it is time to set aside all testing of another person’s character and just trust.
Your instincts will read to you any thing that is out of order or not as it seems. Now it is time to trust. As we only drive away those we love when we choose to test their honesty rather than perform direct communication.

Intuitive Conclusions: We all have the ability to be intuitive. Remember, if ever you are confused about anyone you love seek kind and compassionate professionals who will guide you.  As our friends,  Though they mean well do not have all answers in regards to our particular situations.

Always ask divine to reveal things that are meant to be and those that aren’t.  After all you have to live with what you keep and what you let go of. Be wise and it will bring you further to your purpose rather than away from it.

Numerology: 1+2+0+9= 12 and 1+2= 3 Which is in resonance to communication and the angelic realms. Also, Highest good, in regards to the number 1209.

Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant

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