Hummingbird Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S., Intuitive Medium Healer: The Hummingbird is a sign of forthcoming freedom or the enhancement of your present freedom. You are to step out of situations gradually, that have resulted in the lack of your freedom. You are being asked to use your faith. You are being requested towards your true path. Learn from your mistakes, breath and move forward and on. The Hummingbird reminds us that there must be, balance.

We must experience both bad and good, for lack of any better terms. As good or bad cannot coexist with any advancement of spiritual intellect. There has to be a middle wherever there’s a beginning or conclusion. We mustn’t adapt to our present circumstances. Although, the hummingbird, appears, with the analogy that, we are on the ‘right’ path. What is right? And what is wrong? Assuming the supposed ‘wrong’ direction is the path in which diverts from where you are appointed to be at this very time in your life.

It is considered your personal and present day, destiny. Destiny is not a word that is absolution, in part because, the destiny has the right to change. For the reason of disappointment, with the direction of our lives. We are apt to change the deviation or the vibration of our destinies.

Nelson Mandela Said it best in a Divine channel which I received from spirit; We were not meant to be prisoners in our minds if you do not like what you have been through, let it go.

I love what the Spirit of Nelson Mandela has said to me. Mostly, because he teaches one simple key in breaking free of imprisonment, in the aspect of mind, body, soul, spirit. The Hummingbird brings the realization that things are inevitable and well overdue for the change. It marks the territory for wherever it visits, for change. And quite often for the better. But you must realize that better, only means how you receive these changes. In other words, you cannot cling to your present situation in any aspect.


Use your courage to move forward  and aware of what’s next and what is passing, always! You are diplomatic, you are everything that higher power requests of you. Remember this, their only request is that you start using what they ask of you. Higher power is not dictation, it is gently and in a powerful way. Embrace every challenge as well as beautiful moments.    It is through them, which you learn to transmute. -Hummingbird Through Quornesha S. 



We each have a contract with life, as well as one with death. No exception to the rule. Only our souls know for how long these contracts are. Our souls know for sure, what is we need to learn. We descended to earth for the one true purpose, enlightenment and in the process to bare the light to the world in turn. Of course, your baring doesn’t come without residual supply for the journey along the way. It’s not possible to fully illuminate the world and yourself insufficient.

The Hummingbird reminds us, to be open to an abundant supply of giving and receiving. The Hummingbird in your waking life signals, that you are aware of the changes that need to be made. In Your dreams, it signifies that you are to awaken to your true path and get going as soon as possibly. It can also denote that you are destined to illuminate the path of others. Know that if something or a group claims to be secret, yet it is out in the open, it is not of secrecy and you should look within for forewarning of that association. Do not listen to falsities brought on through fear. Do not absorb, like a sponge the energies and vibes around you.

There ARE alternate worlds that exist. You are asked to meditate in order to tap into these realms or awaken yourself to their truths. Continue to listen to your intuition. Personal resources, are often the sweetest.

You will have all that you need for changes to come. Be abundantly grateful, as you deserve every blessing. For each gift, you give to the world, give it also, unto yourself. -Hummingbird through Quornesha S.


Quornesha S. 

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Decoding ‘To gain the whole world,& Lose your soul’

To gain the whole world is to take part in all that exists. Through time and space. The corrupt as much as the rightness.  And yet at the end of your journey have achieved nothing with regard to your higher purpose  or calling.

You are here for a specific purpose if you’ll stick to that…which your soul knows and resonates with. You gain everything and will have an understanding for it.

I guarantee that you will not have an understanding of every toxicity that exists. But you will for what your soul knows. The statement exists for a reason…stick to what you know. The cultures in our world are abundant. But just because Satanism serves a friend doesn’t mean it will serve you. Love and accept all people. No matter their cause. And if you can’t don’t HATE them…stay away from them.

In other words…your soul was not built to withstand every dark or bad thing. Make YOUR OWN MISTAKES. Don’t buy everything the world ‘sells’ to you. As that is the true identity and definition of broke…when you have no idea what to invest your time in when time is the most valuable human resource you have.

Others are adequate as well such as finance, home, transportation but TIME is prevalent here. It’s a rarity. Few have received that luxury this morning.  Didn’t open their eyes or breath into this world…but you did. Learn to value the extra space and time you’re giving.

When doors close…instead say…My highest power is saving me from something that doesn’t mean well for me.

Don’t fight against your purpose….welcome it with opened and outstretched arms.

Don’t Gain the whole world and lose your soul. Decoded. It’s your life. Your experience and these are your decisions to make or NOT. YOUR CHOICE.

There’s a spiritual law that exists that tells us, to take what is necessary and leave the rest. It is important to move ahead and be willing to let go. Release and detach. Question; can the plant grow if you only supply it with sunlight? Can the concrete be stable and smooth if we just pour it and expect it to go in the direction we would hope? Can the child grow up mature if we just give birth to? ALL roads require direction!

If you feel like no one can predict the future you are putting your trust in the wrong things or people. NOT the power of fortune telling, prophecy or that of Divine will! As all power comes from a higher source. Psychic powers are a gift of the highest power always. However…one may not always use them of the highest intent. The wrong end can be used for the right reasons, and the right end for the wrong reasons.

When you are ready to fully exhume a life on earth, that is filled with peace, vitality and humility you’ll have the support you need. Just follow the light of your highest will and purpose-Quornesha S. 

If at the end of our lives we are unhappy, feel incomplete, we have placed our trust in external things to bring about our happiness. Do not waste your time on that  which has been granted to you. We each have the power to choose/decide or integrate the resources available to us here.

If we choose to follow the way that diverts our purpose, it is followed by failure, it is followed by immeasuarble happiness. Adversity. This is to lose your soul, but gain the entire world. You as soul purposed and intended to do what you are called here to do, don’t need the entire world to follow your lead. If everyone’s paying attention to you, you are ignoring your own happiness…and are fulling committed to pleasing everybody else.

Your soul is your source of light, happiness and vitality. If you are unhappy, you are losing your soul to some external source which you are allowing to operate as influence in your life in an overwhelming way. It is not only destructive but detrimental to your calling to involve yourself with every ‘opportunity’ that passes your way. Everything is not an opportunity. Pay attention to the vibration of everything that enters your life. As it is not always what you are attracting into your life through your thoughts, but are as tests of your integrity, will and power.

Your hell could very well be in your mind and in the environment around you. As a result of the sort of life you choose to live through your actions. Your heaven can very well be as a result of the choices you make in the present and future moments. Walk your expectations which you have for others, be a leader instead of delegating to others what they shall, or should do. If you are so committed to anything it is for you and not others. You are the torchbearer. Illuminate the way.

Life is granted, it is not promised. Stay grateful for everything that takes place in your life. The lessons and blessings are all blessings for you to utilize.

In other words: Do things from a higher intent always. You lose your soul in the matters you choose to be a part of in your life today, or you gain and empower and level up. It is your choice. Make your life meaningful, the choice is ultimately your own.  We are not to take part in every ‘sin’ or ‘virtue’. As ALL IS NOT for every soul. Follow and illuminate your own path, luminary! -Quornesha

Blessed Be, 

Quornesha S. 

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The Above interpretation is a reflection of what it means to me, to join me and receive interpretations unique to you, book here!  You can learn about your abilities in an hour session, and consecutively follow up with as many sessions as possible to fully awaken your own abilities in order to tap into the meanings and interpretations of your own dreams, and the signs all around you!  There’s no course material, as each individual and their purpose is unique. Also, this ensures, you are learning what is vital and necessary for you, not what is in ‘general’. You can heal and gain knowledge in a single session, or at least begin your journey to awakening. ©

Finding Love Like The Love Within


Channeled by Quornesha S.: Intuitive Medium Healer | We are ALL love. When we are introduced to the world through birth we are assigned times…Signs, and a purpose to fulfill, plus so much more. We are immediately set out on a mission. We are made of so much energy and potential.

Often I send out a questions to the Source of Light and I recently asked for clarity in regards to relationships. While many of us place our trust into astrology or signs of any sort, I was told that we can also use our incompatibility to our favors. Such as using the phase of the moon to share vibrations and energy that are most compatible with us.

Because, how do we know for certain if one is right for us. If we don’t make ourselves available to the possibilities. Not convincing anyone or arguing that anyone or thing SHOULD BE SO. As that is for each individual to decide.

If you truly want a happy and long lasting relationship, not through the demands of marriage, the demands of agreements, etc., but through releasing all bias when open to receiving a companion that is good for you. Such as, making an intention that you choose to be happy rather than live out an ideal with someone or something that isn’t necessarily promised.

I believe that when we are open to trying things out and open to living the life of our dreams through happiness and peace of mind, we can have the results we actually want. If you are not purposefully dating, it’s impossible to reap the rewards of such.

While we don’t have to change for love, as we all grow and evolve along the way, regardless. We should remain open to change. It will not work to our favor whenever we decide we must change to meet a specific person at their ‘level’. Our needs are ever evolving. Who you are today will not be the same person you’ll be tomorrow or a few days from here.

Make it your personal mission to be happy, and peaceful. As when we decide to plan out our lives for the benefit of living at the expense of an ideal, we lose anyway. We may assume that because we have the ability to call into our lives what we want, we can have it. Think of it as a child, you don’t always give a child what they ask for, because what they ask for isn’t always what’s for their highest good.

When we decide that we are ‘sticking to our guns’ no pun intended, we fail to see the bigger picture. We not only miss out on the open opportunities which are plentiful and available to all of us, but we also…miss out on the doors that refuse to open for us. We are each to celebrate our biggest dreams, but you must also be willing to give up whatever future you have ‘planned’ so as to have the life the higher powers will have you happy and peaceful with.


We are each assigned a specific purpose, right down to the details. These details can be edited but its original purpose must never be altered. No matter what happens. Open your mind and heart, you are not limited by your past, your environment. And moreover, you must begin to trust your future. If it isn’t one you’d be proud to live out, then change what you are doing in your present or at least the direction and intention you may be coming from.

Know that nothing for you can slip away, your destiny is yours alone. Although you may have or add others to this path that you are on, it is yours to live out and be happy to live it. You don’t have to become anything more than what you are destined to become. To receive the blessings that are aligned for you. Love is inside of you first. Begin to exude how you’d be with your beloved, as though it was already so.

You must simply trust the process and remind yourself that all things are working together for your good. And the highest good, always. Become the love that you may have hidden within, you begin to attract unlimited potential from then on and the opportunities to choose for yourself. Know that the journey will never be perfect. You are complete as you are, although you desire someone to share it with.

Create and visualize as these have magnitudes of power. Create the future you want, by who you are, how you treat others and what you allow to go on in your life. Affirm daily, even when you don’t always get specific results; all things are working for my good. Use prayer, use your inner energy. Don’t be afraid to ask of what you already are. Most of all, be exactly who you wish to attract, the kindness, loving, kind and gentleness you are asking for, become it first so that it is reciprocated.  For Love Readings Book here|


Quornesha S. 

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Three Eyes

In this 📸 there are ONLY 3 eyes energized! Can u tell which ones?
Join me → Clue: Ask your heart to Guide you to the love..Illumination and empowerment in this photo.5834bookquornesha.com88

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The Above interpretation is a reflection of what it means to me, to join me and receive interpretations unique to you, book here!  You can learn about your abilities in an hour session, and consecutively follow up with as many sessions as possible to fully awaken your own abilities in order to tap into the meanings and interpretations of your own dreams, and the signs all around you!  There’s no course material, as each individual and their purpose is unique. Also, this ensures, you are learning what is vital and necessary for you, not what is in ‘general’. You can heal and gain knowledge in a single session, or at least begin your journey to awakening. ©

Blood Hound Dog Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Intuitive Medium Healer: Photo Credit: The Blood Hound is a message and prophetic confirmation of some ‘good ol’ country living’. It is a ‘sign’ that you are moving in the right direction with recent changes or changes you are  setting in motion *utilizing*.

The Hound dog appears in your waking life, dreams, synchronicity, or repeated messages/signs, as a representation and acknowledgement of your spiritual truths coming into the spotlight at this time. You will have no fear or concern. The Hound dog is a representation of your new openness to your own mysticism and abilities. Pay attention to the ‘strangeness’ that crosses your path.

The Hound dog is a message from the universe or higher powers that your serenity of concerns or constraints has been heard and are therefore appreciated for your continued faith and momentum in the blessings of your future. You are blessing your path by remaining empowered and focused on your inner will and strength instead.

The Hound dog encourages you to see the higher perspective or implores the vibration of your higher perspective to keep up the momentum in this vibration. Know that any opportunity that once ran past or slipped from your fingers or grasped has completed it’s cycle and you will look forward to new beginnings taking place in your life.

Represent heaven fully with all of your true nature. As you deserve the vibrations that carry the positive attitude that you have. Changes have come about for a specific purpose and you are to keep going as the animal kingdom has taken note of any measures you have empowered or ushered into your life.

Just know that you are empowered. You are powerful and you have much to be glad about. You will see fruition and results of your steps very soon. And you have nothing to concern yourself with. Take all things with a grain of salt. Know that as we see or take note of signs appearing all around us. Or even ‘opportunities’ honor your intuition and gut feelings and take note that any situation that is not as efficient as you may have expected it to be, should now ease and you’ll feel motivated to move forward onto new and greater with less difficulty. Remember that each prophecy we speak is a reflection of the interpreter first, then to those whom receive it. Whatever we deliver, we receive in turn also.

Continue to shine your light. The Blood Hound is symbolic of enlightenment, passion, speaking up, awakening, watching, instinct, seeing past illusions, and discernment. You are an advocate of integrity, you have a unique purpose in the universe, you are to utilize each skill-set that you have for your utmost benefit. Monetary benefit, as much as material and spiritual will begin to flow your way. Expect gratitude from and for your blessings, as this is just the beginning and more is on the way into your life.

You will experience changes to your thought process and enjoy peace and harmony in your home life, as well as balance in life in general. Finding that all needs are met, most immediately as required/needed.

Seeing the Blood hound in your dreams is a sign of protection and trust. You can trust the process of forthcoming changes if you have not already integrated them, at present.


Quornesha S. 

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The Above interpretation is a reflection of what it means to me, to join me and receive interpretations unique to you, book here!  You can learn about your abilities in an hour session, and consecutively follow up with as many sessions as possible to fully awaken your own abilities in order to tap into the meanings and interpretations of your own dreams, and the signs all around you!  There’s no course material, as each individual and their purpose is unique. Also, this ensures, you are learning what is vital and necessary for you, not what is in ‘general’. You can heal and gain knowledge in a single session, or at least begin your journey to awakening. ©

Lory Bird Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S.| The Lory bird is a symbolic message that we take notice of our surroundings and enlighten or equip ourselves with the necessary wisdom in order to move ahead courageously and confidently. The Lory bird reminds us that we will be going through some changes or transitions at present or if not right now, soon enough. The Lory bird reminds us, to take responsibility for our own spiritual business, or to protect our intentions during this time.

The Lory bird, is a reminder, that all things that are for your highest and greatest good is about to come about for you at this time. The Lory bird reminds you that the signs taking place in your life right now are happening for a reason. The Angels of the animal kingdom surround you at this time as they remind you that you are moving on from specific restraints. The Lory bird reminds you that even though you may have the ability to forecast what is ahead. You are entrusted with specific information for a reason and are to guide at a distance, moving forward.

The Lory bird reminds you that you are about to come into a miraculous period and this is personal due to some faith based work that you have been accumulating in the foreground. The Angels of the animal kingdom would like to remind you that as you move on and forward, more good is forthcoming for you. And all is taking place for a very pertinent reason.

The Lory bird is a reminder for you to take into acknowledgement that you are sensitive to the vibrations of others for a reason. And a spiritual reminder that for whatever reason, you are gaining the conclusions that are happening for very specific reasons. The angels of the  animal kingdom, stand by as they are sending vibrations and signs to you for your personal spiritual benefit. Know that as your life changes, so is the matters of the heart. If you are making any career changes at this time, it is a reminder that these have come about for specific reasons that you will begin to understand.

The Lory bird reminds us that we are not unaware of these changes, and it asks us to take a closer look at our instincts as they are unraveling. Know that next steps are aligned in the heart, mostly and not solely in the mind. The Lory bird is a reminder that with each step we take  new is flowing into our life, but we must take time out to recognize the flow of this energy.

Know that whatever weapon formed against you is not meant to prosper, no matter the sense in which it was formed. You are well. All is well. -Quornesha S. 

The Lory bird enters our life as a reminder that as we let go, and willingly surrender situations or concerns we make room for new. The Lory bird reminds each of us, that no door can close without another readily available to take it’s place. The Lory bird reminds us that things are shifting favorably, even though we may not see it all take place visibly.

The Lory bird reminds us that we are indeed breaking through. And is a reminder that we are strengthened and we know the actions we must take next.

Take notice of the prevalent colors in the lory bird, which colors reign most with you. The colors that stand out most to you at this time, is the message that aligns you with the next steps to take. For example: Green,  Blue, Yellow,   purple. 

The Lory bird’s symbolic message: Enlightenment, Heavenly Virtues, Unity, Working towards a goal, empowerment, playfulness, power, being diplomatic, interpretation, dream world.

The Lory bird appearing in your waking life, is a message that, you are bringing solutions to the table in an abundant way through your own innate resources. It is also a reminder that now you must release your seed, and let it run it’s course. You’ve done a great job and the animal kingdom would like to commend you for the actions that you’ve taken to better your life and that of others.

The Lory bird appearing in your dreams is a message that you are working inward on results, therefore is confirmation that your meditations, prayers or affirmations are now working. It is also a reminder that you have only one thing to do when you feel that you’ve done what is necessary, which is to allow things to work themselves out in a manner that is for your highest and greatest good.

If you are willing to take time out and breathe you will notice that things aren’t exactly how they are in our head. Even if we feel that way about certain things. The Lory Bird is a reminder that you have completed an emotional journey and you will now become more calm, cool and collected in regards to situations, as now you will just know that things have a purpose and you will identify each and every purpose.

The Lory bird also reminds you, that even though you can sense the trepidations in others, you are not responsible for these emotions and must therefore, not allow yourself to vibrate on levels that you know are not that of your own. It’s your choice. Remember to clear and cleanse your chakras and attractions, as you are making all things possible. This is a period of next level.

Do not worry or fear. Do not allow your fears to win. We all each have inner insecurities, to allow someone to empower us to believe that they don’t experience any doubt whatsoever is to fall into ‘ideal’ traps. The Lory bird reminds us, that we are all equal in the eyes of God. Though we may grow tired, and a little bit weary, we are to keep going, continue moving forward as we are going in the right direction.

Be entirely who you truly are, as you are admired and commended. The Lory bird comes as a reminder that, blessings, peace and happiness are your birthright at this point and that, what you’ve gone through may have not been forgotten or you may not want to forget, but you are to cut the ties and begin something new in your life. Begin a new project to take your focus and empower it.

The Lory bird reminds you that as each door close, heaven watches over you to see things through. You are not to worry of illness, debt, or otherwise. Begin to speak high prophecy over your life, and your life will be empowered to follow suit. Deflect anything that tells you otherwise of the prophecy you speak over your life. Begin to enlighten yourself as new is coming and you will not concern yourself any longer for whatever you’ve been so worried about for so long.

Get prepared for the ‘sweetness’ of life. And stop saying things that do not resonate with the good that is coming to you. Your good does not recognize that vibration and sometimes get lost, along the way, even though it will always belong to you. Attract what’s yours completely to you. If you choose it, it belongs to you.

Lory Bird is a sign of prosperity and good fortune, as well as Divine timing. Heaven commends you and implores you to keep going. Your ‘more’ is in front of or ahead of you, arriving right on time. -Prophecy through Quornesha S.


Quornesha S. 

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Llama Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S.: Seeing the Llama in your dreams, visions, synchronicity, waking life or otherwise is a message that things are taking place in an order which you have unexpected. It is also a reminder that you are releasing some old restraints or constraints and are therefore coming into a new beginning in your life.

The Llama reminds you that a chapter is closing in your life right now, and you will benefit most from the outcome of these changes. Even though you have a sense of fear about it. The angels/ascended masters assure you that you shall receive your due diligence, as they bring into your life reflections that will empower you to move ahead.

The llama is a symbolic meaning of illumination, change, restoration, mysticism, worship, prayer. You are beginning to acknowledge your own steps. But higher powers encourage you that you are to stay grounded  and not become zealous of your future or present success. Begin to acknowledge the contribution that others have made into your life over the course of your life and in your goals and dreams.

The Spirit of the llama reminds you that you will be allowed to undo some negative attachments in your life and you will be able to renew and restore some ‘dry’ places which will now or soon be flourishing and you will overcome many challenges which you may have battled ‘long enough’.

The Llama reminds us, that in each of us, is our own unique source. We are all connected. It is a reminder that, all power comes from the same source. It is just interpreted differently. Make use of this beautiful time in your life, as you have earned it through your personal determination. If you don’t yet see these changes…take note that this is a prophecy for forthcoming blessings. 

The Llama reminds us that our lives are not meant to be perfect. And is a message for us to take a look at world happenings and acknowledge, that we are not exempt from the vibration of change, flaws or challenges. It is a reminder that blessings as well as challenges are a part of our experience. The Animal kingdom through the Llama also reminds us, that we create our OWN realities. That if we are not allowed to impose on others how they should live, others are not allowed to do unto us either.

The llama is an expression of favor and well being. Where you once knew stress in your life, you will now know and experience peace. It is important to absorb all positive messages forthcoming in your life, as these are blessings, prophetically entering for you to take full benefit, and acknowledge. The llama reminds you that a period of upheaval is coming to an end. And you will see things begin to flow favorably for you in matters close to the heart.

The llama is a representation of leadership, passion and prosperity to many measures. The Animal kingdom reminds you that, things are falling into place just as they should. And wish to remind you that, for the reflections of your past, you will achieve what is forthcoming to you. You are not to worry or concern with what is forthcoming as it defeats the purpose of the unknown. And you are to acknowledge that these are a part of your blessings and lessons.


Expect changes to come about in influential ways. Understand that those who are being a blessing in your life, know that you are grateful and understand the special relationship you may have with them. Even though you may not speak directly. If not now, they may soon know.

Awaken your own inner light, the way you choose. Choose to be different in your own way… be united and informed but not conformed to anyone’s  or the worlds’ argument  of who you truly are. Use your creative power and ability in your own way. Speak and act in the vibration of who you truly are always.


Quornesha S. 

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Angel-Confirmation Number 111

Channeled by Quornesha S. Medium & Egyptian Healer: Seichim, Sekhmet, Shaktipat: Angel number 111 is a message of commendation from your spirit guides and messengers. And is a reminder that your thoughts are high and enlightened for a reason in specific. Know that as you advance and accumulate further wisdom, blessings will enter your life as a result.

The Number 111 denotes thought patterns that are ‘one’ and universal or diplomatic to all involved. Know that whatever you ask or think of you can manifest it into your reality. Do keep in mind that only that which is aligned purposefully with your Divine will, should unfold.

We are each powerful for our own purpose. Know that there are blessings entering your life, which you yourself have Divined and created or manifested. You are powerful in your own way. Continue to think ‘forward’ as wisdom gained today you will use for the enlightenment of yourself and others.

The Number 111 appearing in your dreams, waking life or synchronicity is also a message that, your ability is a part of your thought processes. Use your ‘mental’ ability wisely, for your good and that of humanity.

You are able to create with the assistance of Angels and ascended masters, and 111 reminds you that your prayers are heard, as always. You are now integrating into your life, blessings that will be of benefit to you in numerable ways.

Continue listening to that voice within you. Remember that whenever you feel out of place it is a message for you to do some cleaning of your own inward space and divinity. Just like our material possessions, our spirits can also become cluttered with things that we have made great use and intention of.

You are highly thought about, in variant ways. Continue to be uniquely you, as even when you do not acknowledge it, you are being listened to. Know that it was always you, whose the Diviner of your innate wisdom, remember that the prophecies you foresee or sense are for you first, unless asked or requested in some form or manner to delegate these concerns.

If you are pouring energy of prosperity, you are blessing your seed with a token of boomerang power or energy. Do not give any external force NOR internal force the power to operate in you, through you or around you in a toxic way. You are deserving of Good. And that is what you will receive. Our karma, comes into play with the blessings we receive, as well as the lessons we must learn. Do not fear the detail, get as intricate as you possibly can.

Remember that we are God. We are each responsible for seeing our own innate abilities. We are each responsible for seeing our own blessings. If we decide to walk over them or overlook them through feeling as though we do not deserve them, it is our own responsibility if it leaves and the window of opportunity returns at a time more suitable. Just be open to your own blessings. Honor those God uses to channel through. Yes, God is the reason for your blessings. But do not fear to be grateful to the messenger.

Remember that no two messengers are alike. How you perceive energy will not always be how the messenger perceives it. You have the right to take what is of use to you, as you receive your blessings and what is not.

Remember, that when we disagree with what others are doing, WE ARE RESPONSIBLE for shining our own light to illuminate the way for ourselves and others. Your indifference exists for a reason. But your indifference must be of a positive and empowering nature, unless it is no better than the messenger who have presented it to you.

The angels ask you to remember, that no weapon formed against you is going to prosper. They remind you that everything happens for a reason. And also a denotion that every event that occurs in our world that disrupts our sense of peace or disturbs us, even though it may not directly affect us at the present moment, is a message that we are to get to work.

Any repetitive thoughts you may have is a message that, you are healing and moving on from whatever you may sense in your mind. Never is a powerful word, when used in a manner of declaration.

1+1+1=3 The angels assure that any ‘next steps’ or transitions will be smooth in nature. Do not feel deterred when looking at your past. You are  not going that way. Stick with what you know within you *gut feelings* don’t ignore it nor feel persuaded by the tests that come from others. Remember that we cannot help those who refuse to help themselves. As to keep in line with the law of  request, Law of love and of God…everything we desire, must exist already.

If you have placed it out into the universe as though it already is, this is your seed from which your source of abundance will flow. Love is automatic, and never needs approval to awaken. The angels ask that you surrender all fear based voices, vices, messages, dreams or visions of any sort/kind. As we need to transmute all things that are cluttering our lives  *mind, body and spirit* in any way.  Also see the number 3


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The Color Pearl Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. : Medium & Egyptian Healer| Seichim, Sekhmet, & Shaktipat Healing Energy| The color pearl when seen in your waking life, dreams, visions or synchronicty is a message that you have many perspectives to view a present situation. To which is up to you.

We may not always attract what we think about. The color pearl asks us to honor ourselves as well as honor our higher calling or purpose while surrendering constraints of wants or demands. You are encouraged to keep in the law of God. Which is to be open and receptive to fulfilling your earthly mission.

You are free to live a life as an example of your standards. Know that even though you’ve gone through recent changes, that these will be of pertinent benefit to you in your future. You have your specific beliefs for a reason. Remain open and of harmony with all around you. Even when you express your disagreements. As You do not have to feud when you express your perception(s). You are a mature being when the Color pearl appears to you. Take note that this color also denotes that you take a playful/humorous approach to changes you’d like to be made in your life.

Know that WITH ALL THINGS, *tangible or intangible* there’s an exchange of energy of some kind or sort. In it’s own unique way. Know that your surrender to the things you cannot change or accept at this time, is for your highest good. This color presents into your life as a prophecy, that, you are fairly expressing your own beliefs. No two perceptions are ever alike. Even if the belief is the same. We all have our different conclusions of the events which occur in our lives.

The Pearl color would like to remind you, that YOU ARE making the most out of every situation in your life. You are being applauded and/or commended for the path(s) that you are taking. You are free to detach from anything in your life that isn’t going as you see ‘fit’.

You are not attached to anything is the message and vibration of the pearl color. You are powerful as you are. The pearl also asks you to continue recognizing your inner truths, as you stand in the light of your own truths.

You will experience blessings uniquely designed for you. In other words, whatever is for you is yours alone. Whatever door closes, there’s another door that will take it’s course. If you have let go, know that if it’s meant for you, it will return to you. You are to keep pushing forward. Experience the great details of your blessings. Take pleasure in speaking positively over your life’s challenges and blessings, equally.

Affirm: If it is not meant to be for me to have what I want, I surrender it so that I can have what is better or greater.

Use gratitude. Your positive nature is  and always will be your support and efforts that are commended from spirit within you. Take your negatives and use them to better your life or advance your own enlightenment. Take time to learn from all things taking place in your life, as these are meant as lessons. Everything works together, no matter what.

The pearl therefore comes into your life, irregardless as to how it presents, as prophecy that you are going to be ‘alright’ no matter what happens. Surrender every habit you may have. Whether this habit consists of psychological, spiritual, or otherwise.

The color pearl is a message of confirmation, that all things are now beginning to work for your good. NO matter what. Right now. The Color pearl is actually a variation of many colors softly, as that of the depiction in a rainbow. Things look better from here. More importantly, you have the authority to transmute every negative vibration, as no vibration has power or influence over you.  The color pearl is symbolic of Love, grace, enlightenment, insight, healing and phenomenon. Pay close attention to the details of your situation(s). As the blessings are innate.


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Blue Dragonfly Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S.:  Medium & Egyptian healer: Seichim, Sekhmet, Shaktipat: When seeing the Blue Dragonfly in your waking life, dreams, visions, or synchronicity, it is a message that things are moving forward on your behalf. You can assure that old constraints are uplifting now. Also take note that, many of the obstacles that stood in your way before are now shedding and moving on, so that you will have your abundance or blessings more efficiently.

At this time you will be expressing yourself through the wisdom and inner knowledge that you have received along the way to your present outcome or position. You are reminded through the presence of the Blue dragonfly to ease any frantic energy you may feel by your own personal means or considerations. In other words, you’ve got what it takes to step into your new self.

The Blue Dragonfly reminds that things have come about for a reason. It is now time to let go of or move on from challenges as you will see that new is now falling into place for you. Your heart chakra is awakening and you can feel new entering your life.

You may now be entering a very prosperous and abundant career phase in your life. If you are feeling more content and that things will occur with ease, you are right. Take rest in spirit, and know that you still have work to do, it’s just going to more efficient from here.

The blue in this synchronicity represents creative power, energy and a creative period. You may be offered opportunities where you are able to shine and illuminate the way for others. Continue to use gratitude in all that you are blessed with. Your aura appears beautiful at this time. Enjoy any ‘rest’ periods you are being offered and know that, you are being commended through these blessings and through those that are yet to come.

No good deed ever goes unrewarded. Moving forward, take into account that you do not have to ‘prove’ yourself. And giving without strings attached also means that you are not coming from a place of feeling the need to prove what you can do, rather you are freely giving. Without one expecting of you to do things in any specific way or you, expecting some specific outcome.

Take note at the blessings that enter your life at this time, as they are reflections of blessings that will or are to be used for your long-term benefit.

Even if your instincts seem silly, honor it. As these are messages that will all make sense in times to come. And will be of most benefit to you in immeasurable ways.

Acknowledge that you deserve each and every blessing that are due to come about for your life for a long time now. Get ‘rid of fears’ that you miss anything…as if missed out…it was not for you to begin with.  Face this fear with the truth, that anything missed never belonged to you in the first place.

We do not belong to this world, do not cling to anything. No matter it’s capacity.


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