Angel + Confirmation Number 415

415 Channeled through Quornesha S. With Bob Marley| A Divine Spiritual Communication

Changes taking place to empower your spiritual purpose.

Breaking the Code: The illusion that you ‘need’ someone to lead you. Your ability comes from within your heart. Yourself.
You are the leader. Confidence comes from using Your own abilities.

You cannot take shortcuts in revealing the true face of your soul. -*Bob Marley channel.

Prophecy: Be careful searching for someone to lead you, guide you.
Very often this quest only leads to further frustration in the soul and stagnates your abilities.

Quote: It’s like taking medicine although medicine is not needed.

Yes it is your responsibility to value your worth. But you do not need anyone to reassure you of this truth.

It’s time to tell your own story. It’s difference.  It’s flaws. Most of all it’s beauty.

Metaphor: There is no such thing as a dry well. Instead one must dig in order for it to flow.

Intuitive Conclusions: Yes. There are stones and barriers for us to break. But these are all inner workings. With cancer, or, any other disease we must work with the essence. The source. Within. Regardless of what it may appear to be upon the surface. The beginning is always within
No matter the roads one must take. No matter the trials one must face.

Follow the inward light. It is the answer to all illusions.

4+1+5= 10 & 1+0= 1 New beginnings are imminent/on the horizons. These are changes in alignment with your purpose and soul mission. Honor them through gratitude and gentleness.

Quornesha S. With Bob Marley A Divine Channel. Through Quornesha S.,

Thanks for sharing so kindly + with all due respect. 

All rights reserved ©





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