Angel-Confirmation Number 5555

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant(Egyptian Healer: Right now you are making constant and rapid changes and you may not have any idea how you are making these changes. You are releasing what is no longer serving you or you are letting go of whatever is in the way of your stability or peace in your environment. It is important to make these changes as, they are indeed for your highest and greatest good.

Things will turn out to be blessings in disguise. So release constraints. Things are falling away as they should at this time. It is imperative that you recognize your potential as that is what is awakening at this time. You are going through a period of ‘waking up’ Immeasurable changes are to come about or are happening right now in your life. You are about to go through a change that sweeps your life and changes it for the better.

This change is Divinely orchestrated and you are ready and in your rightful place to receive. Something big this way comes. You are in the center of change and it is swiftly happening. Happy times are assured ahead for you. Your intuition may have already brought you a piece of this good news but it is all unfolding right now. It is now time to break new ground and the doors are opening or have already done so.

You are stepping into a new Divine level of you and living out your best life. There has been a shift in perspectives. You are awakening now. Your light will fully shine and you are blossoming. New levels of courage are to surface in your life in many different ways/aspects. You are encouraged to illuminate this new found light for the mass you are meant to lead.

You are meant to do big things in the world. And it is time that you see a really big dream realized and accomplished. You are ready and prepared in every way. You are courageous and omnipotent. It is through you that God flows in his own Unique presence. To which we are each an aspect of him, but take note that he shines fully right now in what you are doing in the world. You are fully supported by God, and the Universe he has created.

There is an unlimited supply of all that exists in our world. And you are destined to reap and receive your inheritance from this abundance. You are in a very high vibration right now. you will Make moves both indirect and directly wherever you are meant to go at this time. And rest assured, or as you may already know…Blessings are forthcoming and you will be prepared and provided to step into this next level in an abundant way and manner.

You are implored to keep moving forward. What you are doing matters in the most abundant and light ways. Whenever your power or ability is forgotten, remember you are a Divine Essence of the creator itself. Your beliefs about yourself and the world have come into harmony and you are at peace with yourself, therefore at peace with the world.

You are at present working on and walking in alignment with your Destiny. Know that if it is not a part of your purpose it will come to an end in it’s own unique way. Right now you are getting prepared or you are at present stepping into this new form of your destiny. Where things were once despair and disdained, you will find that the pieces of the puzzle become much clearer.

You will be called upon to teach the lessons to which are abundant within you. This is a favorable time of your existence. You look forward to new beats and new rhythms. Something big, beautiful and bold is happening to which quite soon, you will be benefiting from.

You are assured during this new chapter that your efforts have been strong and they have not been in vain. You will be able to trust those you are able to lean on and be able to part from those you do not trust without judgment and criticism. Remember that if it is too doomed to be true or real, it probably is. Know that this new found peace is a reflection of where you have been. This is the rest after the storm. You can be assured that the storm is over now.

You will begin to see life as it will be for you in heaven. Good things will begin to take place one after the other in your life. Do not trust what sounds too doomed. We all have to face our own obstacles, but there is also a time to rejoice. Know that your blessings today will measure up with the pain you’ve had to face in your past. Do not question the positive prophecies you shall receive, just trust that it is already so. Know that when God tells something to go, he means it. The only person who can call it back into your life is him. Everything happens for a reason. So enjoy this new life you will begin to live or at present are living.

5+5+5+5=20 & 2+0=2 Empowered! The Number 2 Empowered by the Quadruple 5’s and the number 0 enhancing it is a message of Stability and it confirms harmony on every level. It is important not to compare any answers you are receiving from within to what anyone else thinks in regards to this meaning and interpretation. It is overflowing in positive messages for A Divine Specific reason.


Quornesha S. 

Psychic Consultant + Egyptian Healer

See Also the Number 2 + The Number 20 + The Number 5

Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 

All rights reserved ©

Thanks for sharing so kindly + with all due respect. 



4 thoughts on “Angel-Confirmation Number 5555

      1. THANK YOU!!! The synchronicities within my life has recently sped up so much so, that for the first time in my life, I am being drawn to repeating numbers and occurences within my life. I have searched high and low for interpretations of what each of my numbers mean. This is by far the best. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Please never stop with your website and posts.

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