Pink Pigeon [Nesonenas Mayeri] Symbolic Meaning

Inner Wisdom: Seeing a Pink Pigeon in your waking life, paintings, dreams, visions, psychic flashes, outside of window sills etc. Is a symbolic message of rarity. A blessing that is rare is due to come about in your life. It could also be symbolic of a person in general who is rare.

Perhaps, YOU are the person of uniqueness + rarity. It is a symbolic message that you will begin to receive an influx of blessings to accommodate you along your life journey. The best people, the best companion, the best of friends, the best that life has to offer for you.

Whenever you were told that the best was yet to come, you kept the faith, even when you didn’t have to or wanted to. It was your determination that brought where you are positioned now. You have found yourself, & have discovered how to work it, flaws and all. Everything about you speaks of beauty. Including the way you see the world.

You are of grace and elegance.

The Message of the pink pigeon, asks you to continue as your true self. This is what it means to be perfect. To align your actions with who you truly are, not what you want the world to see or hear. The Pink Pigeon may also represent the crown chakra, It is a message that your abilities, whichever those may be, have reached culmination where you may teach them to others.

Prophecy: You will find that all of life, and in it will be drawn closer to you in a way that screams victory and triumph. Whatever you may be considering doing in your business, practice, teachings etc, will benefit it now for the long term. Allow today’s success to lead you further into your legacy.

You have aligned your thoughts, actions and intentions with your purpose.

The Pink pigeon knocks out automatic negative thoughts or thinking, it chirps, not this time. Began to recognize those negative thoughts as only fear for forthcoming changes. You may begin to see the number five, as confirmation that changes are imminent. 

There’s a blessing on your life that not even the strongest of evils can pierce through. You are meant to do great things. You’ve completed the trials required as prerequisite to this next level.

Intuitive Conclusion: Sideline all disclaimers about it “not going to be easy” etc. They may mean well, but this is your journey, continue forward as you see it. Don’t be afraid to release toxicities from your life. You don’t need disclaimers to empower you. Don’t volunteer to take on what you don’t need to. In other words, keep your emotions separate from the emotions of others. Stand in your convictions.


Quornesha The Supernatural Healer

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