Angel-Confirmation Number 239

Angel Number 239 is a message to you that the angels and ascended masters are connecting with you on a higher consciousness. In order to balance your life in variant ways. The energies and vibrations you may be sending out right now, may not be as receptive to others and the angels are working closely with you to release these situations so that you can shine your light in a more authentic and loving way.

239 Is a message that you are free to shine your light as you wish, and you are free to move on from situations that may be holding you from blooming as your true and authentic self.

You are currently releasing beliefs and thought patterns and you are encouraged and empowered to continue moving forward, as many of these changes are taking place in a manner, one after the other.

You are reminded that these changes will soon come to a conclusion and your efforts will be positioned where they can shine. Know that, had you taken any action to better your life recently, know that your efforts are making a difference. For yourself and those who are looking on at your progresses.

It is highly requested that you detach from situations you feel the need to be involved in, you must always willingly be of service. Your life purpose does not resonate with the need to do things, rather a passion and an urge to be involved.

Numerology: These changes forthcoming resonate with your prayer requests and affirmations, as well as the work you are doing with the angels and ascended masters, and your humanitarian mission, here in your lifetime.  (2+3+9= 14 & 1+4=5

You have a Divine right to let go of the perceptions and interpretations of yourself from any groups or circumstances or people whom, know little of you, personally.

It is time that you turn your situations and constraints into something better. And it is assured that this will come about. And it is assured to come about with Love and Light energy flow.

The positive and incoming changes, you are ready and prepared for, will come about in beautiful way, (being in the right place and time) so that they can be successful.

A New Beginning is in store for you. On all levels. Everything is taking place for a reason, and situations happening around you, are occurring so that all will come together and place the puzzle pieces together as they were meant to be.



Quornesha S. 

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Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S.   


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