The Letter V Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: Media, Personal & Egyptian Healing: The Letter V is confirmation for you to hang in there, even though it feels like you are trying to find your way, whilst it seems you have no footing, or place to ‘stand’ right now. Although this phase may appear intense, it has come, to pass. God is listening to you, even though it seems that you are talking to the moon.

The Letter V, reminds you that this situation is out of your control. Do not try and push ahead. It is a reminder that GOD is in control of this situation, and that although this situation seems hopeless, your prayers are heard and you are most cared for at this time. Angels are with you as you grieve or anything else for that matter.

If there are doors closing right now, understand that you are being prepared to walk into a new season in your life. While you may have experienced some setbacks, delays or upsets, know that these were pertinent pieces of the puzzle for you to complete the late chapter of your life. It is important to pause, rest, to meditate or simply exhale if needed.

The V is Symbolic of Victory, Venus (the planet), Vulnerability, Virtue, Victorious, Vain, Very, Vow, Various, voice, Vice/versa, Volume, as for in a Name: Vanessa, When appearing in your name or the name of people you meet it is confirmation that you are moving well along your journey and you are completing a journey of some kind. Nothing is by accident. In your own name it is confirmation that you will bring fruition to many projects in your lifetime, therefore denoting and hinting basis in philanthropy.

Which deeply expresses the intensities one may feel when they see the letter V. Know that all is taking place in a Divine moment of your life. Know that you are coming through this situation and shining far better than when you got started, sort of like that of the Symbolic process of a Diamond or rare stone. You are simply going through the processes to refine your spiritual self or identity.

Know that miracles will begin to take place in your life as you come through and out of this phase. If you have experienced any life adversities the letter V, appearing in your life at this time is confirmation that you are being defended against any further adverse constraints/strongholds.

If you have prayers that you are ascending to heaven at this time, it is a message that these are heard and being answered to, even if you feel that they are not. With the letter V, you are able to defend yourself wisely and speak up for yourself and others, to be a voice.

While these changes are sudden and unexpected, these are still blessings to me be met by you. Your challenges match the level of your blessings always, no matter how much you try to ignore this truth, while you are being processed through these changes. Further empower your blessings through prayer, and know that you are protected along the way.

The letter V is also the 22nd letter in the Alphabet, noting that things are Happening in alignment with Divine will for your life, according to God’s will and design for you, no matter how you perceive it at present. V also translates to the number 5 In roman numerals. V Is confirmation that you are doing well, even though it may not feel like it at this time.


Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant

All rights reserved ©

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