About Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S.

“Your Healer & Consultant from Heaven, On Earth.™” 

Psychic Based Media Consulting 

I am One of the Most Powerful Egyptian Healers and Clairvoyant Mediums’

Using Seichim-Sekhem-Reiki energy.

“So Powerful, it puts critics and skeptics to shame”

The 2016 Year of The Fire Monkey Report

The Power of Three: ‘Power, Peace, and Priorities©’ 

Psychic Visions + Dreams

Just so you know…

I see and hear Legends + Leaders + celebrities and television networks/media often, in my visions and dreams, often receiving messages from some of the greatest; Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Dr.King, George Washington and More. Even though I do not know them personally I have a connection telepathically to celebrities both living and deceased.

The Voice of Divine Flows Effortlessly, I am one of many/few of The Divine Creator, chosen to forewarn and foretell through prophecy and wisdom, through his voice.

How do I Know for sure, that these voices and energies belong to those I’ve identified?

When I suffered depression, the spirit of Dr. King visited me, not one, or two times, but throughout the phase of it. I remember lying on one side of my body, and I heard his voice, and I heard him give his speech, ‘I had a dream’. It was as though I was present at the moment he was alive. But I know that it is bigger than that. I’d hear him say, “I’ve climbed down the mountaintop, lilies, and valleys. Even as I type this right now, I am in the vibration of his spirit. I was once told by an old friend, “I know that was you, what are you doing to me? Back then I had no idea of my healing power nor my telepathy ability. It goes beyond reading minds, but I had no idea I could do so. Ever since that time, Dr. King sat with me through my pain and discussed with me, not to wallow in my pain. I’ve never questioned their presence. As a medium, Yes, I question everything, but it’s about trust. I must trust it, believe in what I am sensing, seeing and hearing. As that is a belief in my abilities. That is how I know for sure, that I am speaking to spirits such as, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, as Well as those that are yet alive. I not only hear them loud and clear, I can see them. And there is no use for tools, like a crystal ball, even if I do use certain crystal stones etc, for my personal use. I can be at a game, and hear exactly which team will win, just as I have in recent times. I am in the know because God has provided me with the ability to do so. If God knows all, that is what he reveals to me. Although I am yet learning through others. (Which is why, these spirits, have shown up to me.)

Clients can get a message from these same spirits, when requested, including a message from the Creator itself. 

Quornesha, Define who you work with & what you are working with…

Business & Media consulting for Television Networks, producers, writers, directors, comedians, Public Figures; Editors (Magazine + Television), Personal Readings for Actors, managers, Editors, writers & Musicians. Healing Available for both Personal + Business., through Stress reduction Egyptian Healing Techniques + meditation + Supernatural Prayer + EFT, Empowering you to achieve your greatness and leave a legacy.

Clairvoyance, Telepathy + Prophecy + Egyptian Healing

You can receive Egyptian Healing before a business call, conference call, meeting or speech or performance of any kind. The energy you emit to others is very important. When you receive good energy others will sense and feel this energy too. 

Quornesha, Tell me who you are…

Born, (Indian) Cherokee, African and Irish descent on 8/28/1988 As Quornesha J Silas @ 1:18 Pm In Houston TX  At 12 I experienced Full Body Physical Paralysis And come through that via prayer and muscle exercise. At 16 I suffered Clinical Depression and Anxieties, At 21 Psychotic Disorders and Insecurities and Fears, Later on, In my twenties, I experienced Homelessness and Family Violence. I Healed myself, although unaware at the time, that I held any healing power. I began my self-healing journey through my experience of Anxieties and Depression. My healing Journey further Awakened after Experiencing Homelessness and Family Violence. These instances are also known as, Adversity.

I have Committed, 6 Months of my Life praying for others and a Year demonstrating my Healing Abilities through spiritual Movements Including expressive, EFT Practices, Affirmations, incantations, and supernatural Prayer. 

I have always had visits from spirits since I can recall or remember, first, it started out as colors and then, through out of body experiences. 

Do you have Sampling sessions, where I can try your services?

I Do everything with full intent, so there is no ‘sampling, fees’!

What is YOUR story, where do you come from, that gives you the authority of the wisdom you have now?

There is an Enemy out there, worst than cancer. Adversity is an audition, to see who might bend, who might break. *47 Ways to Bloom In Adversity Is now Available

Quornesha, What are your Abilities?

My Healing Module is Distance Healing, My level of Healing Power is Ancient Egyptian Healing: This healing comes from the creator or the source of all that is love. This healing power will aid in your entire physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental well being. 

I Am able to work on any plane that healing is required, whether that is Past, Present or future, Dreams, Spirit realm, and ability or Ancestry or DNA realignment. This healing uses variant symbols and healing techniques, including and not limited to Shaktipat, Spirit Communication, Seichim, Sekhem and Reiki Energy. What are these energies and how do they work? Seichim-Sekhem and Reiki is a stress reduction, karma cleansing, soul purifying, energy healing and spiritual definition process combined all in one (All Love) 

The modules can be sent while sleeping or awake or in a meditative state. I Have the ability to call upon any power and transmute all energy, no matter the situation. Pyramids are said to connect to the center and the source, depicting healing from heavens. 

There isn’t good or bad karma as Either can work against one’s path. With This healing power, it shifts the mind-body, soul-heart and spirit. Not just your spirituality or energy level. It aids in spiritual quests and clarifies one purpose in life, spirit, business, and ideas. With this energy, It will move out all of what is not serving a purpose in your life and replace the mind, body, soul, heart, and spirit with new habits. 

How Grand is the Sky, which is limitless?

I am certified in stress management, with immense training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Positive Psychology (Science of Happiness), Life coaching, + A Master Class with Oscar-winning Actor, Dustin Hoffman (Meet the Fockers) I am *were* A Part of OWN’s Online Community to offer opinion and perspective on the shows created and developed through the network + Immensely trained in Project Management. With the intention to empower Success, Wellbeing and stability.

I follow up with every client at no extra charge once a Session is complete.* 

What Makes sessions with You, Unique?

A Session with me will bring clarity, into the meanings of your dreams, the messages from your animal guides and symbolic meaning; of animals and instances, life path or purpose, angel numbers repeating in your life, the meaning of reoccurring events and situations or visions, the reason for delays/setbacks or upheavals. We will go on the journey together to see the bigger picture, providing clarity and wisdom for both sides, You + I, walk away more empowered. I work from the highest vibration for myself and the client. For your guides and my guides, giving suggestions and spiritual epiphanies. When the answers are not clear or the answers you’ve received have been confusing, you come to me, to clear the way for good. 

What sort of pain or issues can be healed with All love energy? 

  1. Physical pain
  2. Anxiety*
  3. Fibrosis*
  4. Dietary Imbalance*
  5. Spinal Aches and Pains
  6. Hormonal Imbalance*
  7. Thyroid Issues + Concerns
  8. Diabetic* (Dietary)* 
  9. PTSD*
  10. Psychic Debris 
  11. Dreams/Insomnia 
  12. Business Obstacles 
  13. Money obstacles
  14. Home Life Issues
  15. Past Life Issues
  16. Karmic ties
  17. Spiritual Obstacles
  18. Life crisis
  19. Fears
  20. Trepidations
  21. Consciousness 
  22. Soul 
  23. DNA Healing and Realignment 
  24. Physical Realignment of the spine and Bones
  25. Habits
  26. Insecurities 
  27. Emotional Issues and Concerns 
  28. Spirit Guide healing
  29. Angelic Guide Healing 
  30. Ascended Master Healing
  31.  And more. 

What are the Benefits of a Psychic Consultation?

  • Discover Where your spirituality comes from.
  • expand your ideas and scripts
  • expand the ideas in your network
  • expand your creative projects 
  • Get clarity in business 
  • Empower success in business
  • Empower your life dreams and goals
  • Clarify the ideas you have 
  • Breakthrough your spiritual potential
  • Find peace of mind about life, relationships, and Ideas.
  • Unbiased media consultations
  • Expand your network
  • Expand your goals and dreams 
  • Move forward and release past ills, hurts, and pains. 
  • Heal your relationships and family situations
  • Live more authentically
  • Awaken your inner light and wisdom
  • Awaken natural born abilities
  • freedom from habits, constraints, and concerns. 
  • Learn to be a self-reliant leader and a listener
  • Personal Feng shui Advice (Gemstones and colors that work for you, + more). 
  • & More 

15 Minute Egyptian Healing

A 15-Minute Egyptian Healing Session| Egyptian Healing will assist you in raising and clearing psychic energy and bring overall well-being into your life.


What is all LOVE energy? 

All love, is interpreted as healing, that flows on all levels of your body-mind-spirit, Healing that not only flows to the issue but to your mind, healing to your habits, healing to your soul, healing to your heart, healing to your aura, healing to your chakras (not just the 7, which are popular) ALL love is exactly what it sounds like. Energy filled with love.

Where does this energy come from? 

All love Energy comes from the source of love, the creator, it is known to make contact with pyramid energy which is known and intended to be divinely connected to heaven itself. 

How It Works?

This energy works on the levels you need it to and on the levels for your highest good. Symbols are used in order to send healing, as well as meditation, and prayer. 

What must I Believe to receive this energy?

The best part, is, healing and consultations aren’t serviced to any religion or belief in particular. Which is the purpose of ALL Love energy? All LOVE can service the LGBT Community, as much as the Christian Community, It can service The Spiritual Community as much as the religious community, it can service the Political community as much as the liberal community. Love holds no judgment, no wrongs or prejudices while being receptive to all.

What makes A Psychic Consultant different, compared to a life coach? 

Everyone has their own preferences. There are some subjects a life coach may never touch that a Psychic Consultant can and will, there are some areas of life that a Psychic Consultant would leave up to the person, whose strengths are stable in it. Each can help you, so it is one’s own preference. A Life coach may focus on the present moment, while a Psychic Consultant will lead you to where you are trying to go. There are different aspects, and no two individuals are alike. What resonates with you, is where you will end up. In life, you hire the carpenter and the plumber and the electrician and everyone else for those specific aspects of your life. you may need a team to navigate your life. Or you could be an independent person, and do it on your own. But you’ll get much further when you identify with each of your needs rather than one area alone.

How do I know, that this healing and wisdom are going to work or the insight given will be of benefit to me?

We apply for jobs we want, we get hired because we are entrusted with the way we have presented ourselves. It is up to each of us to apply the messages and does whatsoever needs to be done with the energy we are given. Most of all, we do not perform any task, unless we are fairly paid to do it or respected enough to do so. The rest comes from you. When you are given the ropes, you must lead them.

*No further questions*

Learn about your true Spiritual Origin & Potential, and Breakthrough With Animal Guide, angel guide, spirit guide, and Divine-Egyptian Meditation, led by, Quornesha S.


Quornesha S. Meditation Techniques™

Technique 11

+ These concepts:

-Art of Expelling

Healing is being sent in all forms of consultations, but more prevalent in a Healing session. 

As A Client; services exclusive to you are: Supernatural Prayer and support, Affirmations to empower you, Healing, Insight, Consultations, EFT Exercises, Media, Personal + Business Advice, co-Product creation, project development, stress management, Personal + Spiritual and Home blessings and cleansing. Transmutation of energy. + More.

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