Technique 5™

The Power Of Manifestation Series:


For 5-10 Minutes after performing any of the Supernatural Movements 7 + 11 Days (reiki) Seal™ Your Practice With the Positions you see to the left.

Your fist must be comfortable enough (not tightened), and  relaxed.

As you do so, you may think of a mantra or two, in order to aid you in the process. It does not matter to which regard you may have to perform such a practice, only that you are open to  doing so.

If you are releasing something, you must use the Open Palm™ Method.

You may use it in combination with the 7 + 11 Methods™ As a booster.

As with the following movements + methods as mentioned above, it isn’t required that you bring into open awareness to me that you have began or completed. The presence of your practice will be felt.

Or simply focus on the energy in this Sacred Photo: By Quornesha s.:
Egyptian Healing by Quornesha S.| All rights reserved ©| Focus on the energy to get the vibration of the amulet. Use links for further healing

All rights reserved ©

Thanks for sharing so kindly + with all due respect.

Quornesha S., 

Psychic Medium & Egyptian healer



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