Technique 7™

7 Days 4 7 Minutes™, administered & developed & led by Quornesha  Whose a Reiki Master Healer. This Holistic Therapy Non-Dominant Hand™. For 7 minutes in 7 Days you place your non-dominant hand over your heart, for whatever topic The Supernatural Healer® has guided you to take. Sometimes that may be grace, sufficiency, Favor or whatever key area she is guided to undertake.

This 7 days for 7 Minutes™ is a powerful moment of reiki & energetic healing available to all, as it is administered. You can also inquire for first time clients only, whenever this healing isn’t being performed at a time.

Quornesha also joins in when it is sensed or known to her that you may be performing your 7 Minutes® also.

The heart chakra is one of the most powerful of all 7 Levels. There are countless chakras and energetic fields in the body, however 7 are the main focal points. In some practices, there may be 77. In some practices there may be 7007, it all depends on how you see your body-mind-spirit. There are as well energies outside our bodies, that dwell on the vast space of our spirit frequency. You may or may not count these as a part of your chakra or energy field. Which is called an Aura.

7 Is most spiritual because of this. So, when you focus your intention on the source of your alignment, the Heart, Spleen, Kundalini Which is more centered to your root Chakra. Intended on spiritual awakening.

The 7 Chakras that are most known for healing. You send the energy to the connecting chakras, and so on.

When you connect with your heart, everything else opens up. You create from here, you’re inspired from here, you sense from here. Which is intended to be used as a priority over the head. In spiritual terms, not medical. In some cases medically the heart will continue functioning even when the brain isn’t.

Through this healing you may feel more awareness & openness or knowing, this is nothing to fear. You may find that people around you begin to resonate with a vision you may have about your life. 7 Minutes alone is powerful, Be sure to check out the reiki products in the Supernatural Healing™ Store®.


With Love + Light + Fire,

Quornesha, Psychic Medium + Egyptian Healer

This technique was originally designed for a movement, and is now available throughout the products + services

Heal areas of blockages, areas of thought, areas that no longer positively or purposely fulfill you! Accelerate the healing of any illness. Find the light…


3 thoughts on “Technique 7™

  1. Eye found you by divine resonation and I feel And Eye see myself in you. THE number 32 led me to your page. Eye am honored to know you are here!!!


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