Technique 6™ Surrender Technique

For Six Minutes, Raise the hand above one’s body™ and intend that all you’re concerned about is being answered to by the angels or higher powers for your highest good! To be used in combination with Serenity Statements™ Which I have recently Introduced to you!

You will be guided by  Quornesha S. Without adding any excessive energy, raise your hand in the time you are guided to do so. With your concern in mind and you’ll immediately feel it lift from you. When you join the frequency!

It is also as though one is writing down the issue and ripping the concern into bit sizes and throwing them away!

To receive this healing, simply be open, when you are guided to join this frequency!

6 Minutes + 6 Days™

It is preferred if one would practice outside. (For Best Results) Being outside is good for the soul. Everyday one should at least connect with the universe. The relationship you have with your home (staying inside too much) should not be greater than your connection to mother earth!

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Quornesha S. 

Thanks for sharing so kindly + with all due respect


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