Affirmations With The Chakras

There’s a total of 7 Chakras, when you are unaware of how these heal, Affirmations may be of help to you!

You must first know what those chakras are and where they are located.

The Number 4 Is associated with the Triad Power Including yourself as the fourth person or being.

#7 Crown Chakra (Head + Hair Area) Violet

  • #6 Brow Chakra (ForeHead to Nose) Indigo
  • #5 Throat Chakra (Chin to Collar bone) Blue
  • #4 Heart Chakra (Just below collar bone to breast/chest area) Green
  • #3 Solar Plexus Chakra ( Just beneath Chest/breast area to mid-waist (belly button) Yellow
  • #2 Spleen Chakra (Belly Button to waist line) Orange
  • #1 Base/Root Chakra (All areas beneath waist line, you may affirm from the area you prefer most, traditionally it is sent through your thigh/leg area. Red

How to: Use your none dominant hand in position one below for larger areas + none dominant finger points for the smaller areas.

You must affirm as you apply your hand/finger placements, I feel the potential flowing from my crown chakra. I feel my brow Chakra receptive to the greatness flow, My throat chakra + heart are resonating from potential to living. Continue on with other chakras. Feel free to clear your chakras as you choose to do so. These are potent but used as example. Only you know what your soul needs when practicing this technique.

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