Technique 11™

11 Days for 11 Minutes™ is a holistic therapy + ritual. That assists with the manifestation of one’s dreams. Once a Social Media Movement, but is now a technique facilitated through the Reiki/Healing Amulets™

4 11 Minutes + 11™ Days you place your palms together® or if unable you hold the hand of a dear one for 11 minutes. As you do, + it is sensed, I join in on the frequency\frequencies to transmit healing+enlightenment. Reiki/Egyptian Healing is sent through these 11 minutes in 11 days. Simply practicing the 11 minutes for 11 days blesses the receiver greatly as each therapy is charged+empowered or invoked by Reiki/Egyptian Healing on the beginning of the 1st day in this Holistic Therapy or Ritual.

You will simply think of your goal+ idea+ or hope/wish for our world or ones’ self…and you have began the process.

To Book a Session Please Visit: Psychic Consultant Quornesha S.

To Be used with reiki amulets or in a session!


Quornesha S.

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