Technique 2™

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Two Minute Method, Is a reiki series, used as a booster for when you are receiving reiki. When one finds him or herself impatient with the world or even him/her self. Reiki/Egyptian Healing Method For two minutes comes in quite handy. The only side effect to this form of healing is the intense feeling or pulse between the eyes (third eye, crown chakra) and some intense vibrations in the head and neck space.

Used for when one wants to tune out voices in one’s head or thoughts and frequencies from one’s environment.

It is the first of it’s kind, the non-direct way of expelling. An incantation is fueled through this series, as with all on some level whether telepathically or verbally. Yet very directly. In the Two Minute Method™.

This reiki is to refine one’s binaural waves. Especially if you feel your thoughts are very oppressive at this time in your life. Remember you can visit emotions, you do not have to live with them.

As the recent prophecies have been focused or geared more toward emotions, I have been guided to publicly produce and share this unique technique with you.

It also heals superstitious beliefs, fears, doubts and it only takes about a minute or two.

How  to use this technique: Simply select your hand position as shown above, and for two minutes with a clock or timer, attune both ears or one at a time to this frequency. You do not need affirmations to assist, however saying them just after or using the Five Minute Method will help to illuminate this Healing Even more on a Supernatural™ Level.  This boosts one’s creativity, and you will feel the effects immediately. It can be done around plenty of noise or none at all. When you are undecided, procrastinating, feel free to join this frequency at any time.

It also heals one’s spoken words and removes negativity or lower frequencies.


Quornesha, The Supernatural Healer

Natual Born Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master

All rights reserved©

Thanks for sharing so kindly + with all due respect.


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