Normal + Natural Tapping Series

Natural + Normal was developed throughout the Movement 26 Days of™ It is natural + normal…

You will tap, pray or affirm your new normal. Using this technique you are using the power of affirmation to turn your thinking from “It’s too challenging” Or It’s too big to obtain, etc.

You are affirming and reassessing your mind, that IT IS POSSIBLE. You change your thought processes through either writing your list(s) of the thoughts you wish to alter. While writing your lists, along the way, you apply the affirmation to fully shift your thinking.

Instead of tapping about the issue, to bring more light in, you have to reassess.

Using this technique does not require you to tap over and over again until the frequency is released. This is not a shortcut, rather you are more focused on possibilities. You do not need to reaffirm “the issue”. If you know what is wrong, what use is it to tap it into your brainwave or frequency more so?

It does not benefit you. As you may already know, it takes a while for you to clear yourself in such ways.  Saying, I know I’m concerned while tapping into your skin emotionally or tapping points, will only bring about more stagnation. You’re trying to change your thinking, not produce more of the same. So you must compliment.

It is normal and natural for me to receive the good in the world.

It is normal and natural for me to let go of lower frequencies and truly be in love with myself, no matter the flaws.

etc.  This way, you are calling out the issue + healing in the process, in the most loving way possible.

Methods protected, thanks for Sharing + Participating with all due respect.

xoxo Quornesha

All rights reserved © ™

Use the Tapping sequence below with the techniques Above.

If affirming, declaring and decreeing is more of a technique for you, go for that, as you wish. xoxo Quornesha

Depending on your preference, you may use all four fingers, (that’s excluding the thumb) or if you’re looking for  a more relaxed and calmer setting or technique, use only your index and middle finger.

As you tap, address the issue in a way that compliments you as you do so.

It is natural and normal for me to be fearless, and face what I need to. (Even though fear doesn’t necessarily go away, (it’s a natural human emotion) you’re removing what blocks you from moving beyond that fear instead.

You can do up to three rounds of tapping if you like. But on each point tap at least five to seven times, or as long as you say an affirmation or statement for that point.

For example when you start at your karate chopping point. It’s more easier to do two palms at once.

  • Hold both hands face up in front of you…
  • Begin gently clapping the edges of your palms together.™
  • You’ve just tapped your karate chopping point.

Now try doing so, while creating your setup statement. Remember to be positive, you’re already speaking the truth. No need to be harsh any further.

All rights reserved ©

Quornesha S., 

Natural Born Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master

You can Learn to tap Through the Following Movements

26 Days of™ + 27 Days of Healing™


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