Co-Creating With The Universal Energies

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant “Egyptian Healer + Media Consultations”: The Universal Energies means that you are invoking all energy at once into your life. God, Angels, Ascended Masters, Heaven’s Energy, Helpful People, The energy and Universal Laws. Etc. When Working with these energies, we are saying, “I need Big Help, right now”.

Whenever you hear someone say, “And all things work together for my good”. This is often what it means. Though not interpreting how they mean it or speaking for them, this phrase in general speaks volumes, we are often unaware of.

Whenever you hear someone say, “God works through people” this is often also associated with the Universal Energies. “Helpful People”. When you pray, you ask for a solution, and often it is rendered. The Universal energies want us to be abundant. If you’d look around, the ground around you, is not empty with a gaping hole. It has lawns, or concrete. Now Picture yourself…Filled  and whole of all that you need, and desire.

The Universal energies are activated, and often are doing the work of God in our lives. This is how God is able to work through and with everyone at all time. He has legions of good energy around you, and sends his angels, ascended masters, and guides into the world to help you at every call you make out to him. The Universal energies is the connectedness. The Unexplained occurrence.

The Universal Energies are often guiding us, with so many at work at once on our behalf, each of us. Regardless of whatever storm we may feel like we are in, the Universal forces will always be there. Watching over us, to see us through. And you don’t have to go through storms for them to show up. If you need help with even the littlest task, they are there. ‘Invisible’. But present. The chills you feel. That is the universal force, touching your every core, even though there may be ‘other’ scientific interpretations, this is what you are feeling.


Even Spirits come to our aid, in times of crisis, calm, conclusions, new beginnings,  neglect, fear or even worry. Assuring that we need not concern ourselves with what is.

The Universal forces and energies can be called upon at any time. Allowing things to shift, smoothly in our favor. Whenever there’s a moment where, you receive some unexpected good news. The Universal energies are behind it. Making all that you desire, possible. Allowing things to flow.

When things begin to shift favorably and we have no idea why they have concluded or opened up for us, this is the force of the Universal Energies. Miracles are born of the Universal Energetic Flow. Acknowledge all that is. As this is to honor all that is of God, alone.

You’ll know that you have come into contact with the Universal Energies, because you will find yourself walking into favorable outcomes and situations at every turn in your life. Favor you cannot explain. Blessings you were not expecting. Gifts that you may not have thought about. Epiphanies ‘out of the blue’.

When your prayers are heard, these are the Universal Energies at work. God and the many forces that work on his behalf for your good, are working together in this moment of your connection to the Universal Energies.When things work themselves out. This is in alignment of this energy. Positive Signs are also workings of this vibration.


Quornesha S. 

Psychic Consulting *Media + Egyptian Healing*

All rights reserved ©

Thanks 4 Sharing so kindly + With all due respect


Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant

*Media Consultations + Egyptian Healing*


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