Angel-Confirmation Number 317

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: *Media Consultations + Egyptian Healing*: Angel number 317 seen in your waking life, dreams, visions, or otherwise is a symbolic message and meaning that the angels are prevalent and involved with one or more of your expectations/desires/wishes or manifestations.

317 Is a reminder that you are serving your purpose in a powerful and assertive way right now. And this is being commended by the Universe on your behalf. Look forward to new beginnings. The angels and ascended masters recommend that you continue the good work that you are doing, as it is making a difference more than you may know or visibly see.

You are to receive a sign of some sort to do with your reason for being or existing as per your request. As we all need these reminders daily or often. Whichever comes earlier. You are being reminded that indeed, at this time you are doing things in the ‘right’ order, time and space. It is never heaven’s request, God or the angels’ to have you do things in any other way, than what you want to do them.

Know that you are being empowered and assisted through transitions at this time. It is recommended to you that you have nothing to worry about right now, to surrender everything to God right now. As you have arrived at this moment for a very special reason. You are asked to make a very special request toward heaven right now. Know that if it is your intention to live abundant in your own way, this will be granted. If it is your desire to live well in this human experience and to never have it again, this will be granted.

Whatever you want can and will happen for you. As promised through the prevalence of the number 317 in your life right now. Begin to acknowledge your own wants and needs at this time, as they are sure to come to pass right now. Forgive every opinion from within yourself about your situation if any, and forgive every opinion outside of you, about yourself. Express love to all around you in your own way.

It is up to you what you will give up and what you will keep. You are shining your light in your lifetime and you are free to not do or do what serves you, etc. You will receive a miraculous answer and solution to your prayers at this time. Remember that Divine works in mysterious ways. Often, toward our highest purpose. Know that each present moment isn’t an intention for contentment but for gratitude for what is now. Always press onward to your greatness knowing that you are achieving just a piece of it daily or often, more.

Don't give too much of yourself, set limitations. Because it is greed to give only what others want of you and depletes you once allowed.
Mother Teresa, ‘Do not emphasize/condone Greed’. © Quornesha S. Divine Channels™

Enjoy life. As you soon will experience a new beginning in some aspect or another. Everything has an ending, everything must begin anew. As you cannot pour new liquid into what is old, as it is often spoiled and ruined of what it has the potential to become. Expect new into your life.

Move your furniture or rearrange things the way you prefer them to be at this time in your life. Actively participate in life, the mistakes you’ll make, the joys you will experience, the abundance you will achieve. YOU can only live once. Do not dwell on what you express. Speak and move forward always. The world or those that love you cannot experience you any other way, than for who you truly are. Tap into your authentic being which you are currently an expression of, use every ‘spiritual muscle’ that exists within you.

3+1+7= 11 & 1+1=2 Balance is being restored in your Blueprints, life charts, fate, or destiny. You are to be a reflection of the greatness that you are at every moment. You already are all that you are to become, all you have to do is tap into it and step into that new level of yourself. *What you haven’t experienced, as of yet* Also see the number 2


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