Angel Number 6

Six is the ability for leadership and not being a follower but setting an example. It is also the number  for material gains and prosperity. Also denoting harmony.

When you see the number SIX repeatedly (666) it is time to call upon your angels about your earthly purpose. Maybe you or someone around you is not listening or paying attention.

When you fear moving ahead due to secrecy of what will appear at the expense of taking on an opportunity. Surrender your worries. You are here to serve your purpose and it is very important that you get going with it as soon as possible.

Do not put off tomorrow what you are called to do today.

What doesn’t serve us anymore needs to be removed or it could cause us to feel depleted. If you give to charities be certain your heart and soul is committed to it’s purpose.

If you falsely give you cannot reap anything beneficial.

It’s not going to serve you otherwise.

Your angels and guides ask you to stay on the right path. What is the right path? You will always know because you will passionately do so without thought that what you need will be met or not.

Please consider the actions you must take to manifest your dreams.

IT’S TIME for your life’s debut…ARE YOU READY?

Angel number 6 Is the number of your home and family life. If there are any issues and concerns in regards to it, you are free to let them go. Know that love will find the way should there be no solutions in sight to you in this moment.

You will begin to pause and celebrate. It will seem more efficient and effective to achieve dreams closest to your heart at this time.

A big dream is set to come to pass in your life. You are open at this time and receptive. Find gratitude and stay humble of spirit. The best is yet to come. Keep your emotions in check and listen to the advice given to you at this time. See your soul as beautiful and accomplishing your dreams and plans. Many of your spiritual abilities and gifts will begin to flourish at this time.

6 Is the number of harmony and balance, with this new found peace you will have the time and spiritual space to see your dreams and plans accomplished, in a big way!



Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant 

© All rights reserved.

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