Angel-Confirmation Number 88

Channeled by Quornesha S. Oracle of Divine Wisdom: Angel-Confirmation Number 88 Is a message of encouragement. Your present actions, thoughts or processes are leading you toward prosperity and financial abundance.

Help from Above: You are being empowered by your ascended masters and angels to begin your spiritually based ideas or business. You will find that your monetary flow will be smooth.

Blessings in abundance: There will be an influx of opportunities with upcoming changes or the present changes you are making. You are requested to continue your research in regards to your ideas or business inventions.

Your Mission is Being supported: If this idea is in relation to your soul mission, rest assured that the financial means will be provided for in exchange for your work. The Number 88 is assurance that you are developing your wisdom in regards to the aspects of business. Know that your intentions are making a positive difference on your dreams and ideals.

Be assured: You can rest assured that money will not be an issue or concern with upcoming or present changes that may be taking place. If you are considering any expansions, know that these expansions will be of a prosperous  nature should you decide to follow through. You are in a beneficial period for your income.

Hope + A future: You can feel confident that if you’ve had any struggles prior to what is to come. This time has now passed. You are asked to release situations and forgive to free yourself of being tied to any karmic work that you have already come through or out of.

Individual Numbers: When you are being guided to take a look at each number individually, know that forthcoming changes are being empowered. These changes will allow more freedom to be able to do your work and serve your desires and personal needs as well.

Pay attention to your inner voice as you are being guided at this time.

Numerology: 8+8=16 & 1+6=7 since 8 Appears double, it is empowered. This number is a representation of Positive reinforcements to come about to gather your life in the order you have envisioned it to go. Your blessings are now being activated. Monetary gain and increase is now on it’s way and you can relax in spirit and in mind knowing that now or soon, all is well.

Remember to not take on lessons of others, as it is not your responsibility to teach others which way is right or which way is wrong. It is time to focus on your own spiritual needs and priorities and you will have the assistance required to fulfill your earthly mission. Whether that be through new opportunities or people entering your life to be of assistance.

Business resources are pouring into your life at this time. Be sure to take note and take advantage of these blessings. What seems useless today, could become a necessity tomorrow. Always bare gratitude, even if it does not makes sense as of yet. Blessings in disguise are not obvious answers to our request, yet what serves our highest good. Accept all blessings with grace and gratitude and know that there is more where these blessings are coming from. The best, is still yet to come.


Quornesha S. 

Psychic Consulting BY Quornesha S. 

All rights reserved ©

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Thanks for sharing so kindly + With all due respect


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