Angel-Confirmation Number 111

Channeled by Quornesha S. Medium & Egyptian Healer: Seichim, Sekhmet, Shaktipat: Angel number 111 is a message of commendation from your spirit guides and messengers. And is a reminder that your thoughts are high and enlightened for a reason in specific. Know that as you advance and accumulate further wisdom, blessings will enter your life as a result.

The Number 111 denotes thought patterns that are ‘one’ and universal or diplomatic to all involved. Know that whatever you ask or think of you can manifest it into your reality. Do keep in mind that only that which is aligned purposefully with your Divine will, should unfold.

We are each powerful for our own purpose. Know that there are blessings entering your life, which you yourself have Divined and created or manifested. You are powerful in your own way. Continue to think ‘forward’ as wisdom gained today you will use for the enlightenment of yourself and others.

The Number 111 appearing in your dreams, waking life or synchronicity is also a message that, your ability is a part of your thought processes. Use your ‘mental’ ability wisely, for your good and that of humanity.

You are able to create with the assistance of Angels and ascended masters, and 111 reminds you that your prayers are heard, as always. You are now integrating into your life, blessings that will be of benefit to you in numerable ways.

Continue listening to that voice within you. Remember that whenever you feel out of place it is a message for you to do some cleaning of your own inward space and divinity. Just like our material possessions, our spirits can also become cluttered with things that we have made great use and intention of.

You are highly thought about, in variant ways. Continue to be uniquely you, as even when you do not acknowledge it, you are being listened to. Know that it was always you, whose the Diviner of your innate wisdom, remember that the prophecies you foresee or sense are for you first, unless asked or requested in some form or manner to delegate these concerns.

If you are pouring energy of prosperity, you are blessing your seed with a token of boomerang power or energy. Do not give any external force NOR internal force the power to operate in you, through you or around you in a toxic way. You are deserving of Good. And that is what you will receive. Our karma, comes into play with the blessings we receive, as well as the lessons we must learn. Do not fear the detail, get as intricate as you possibly can.

Remember that we are God. We are each responsible for seeing our own innate abilities. We are each responsible for seeing our own blessings. If we decide to walk over them or overlook them through feeling as though we do not deserve them, it is our own responsibility if it leaves and the window of opportunity returns at a time more suitable. Just be open to your own blessings. Honor those God uses to channel through. Yes, God is the reason for your blessings. But do not fear to be grateful to the messenger.

Remember that no two messengers are alike. How you perceive energy will not always be how the messenger perceives it. You have the right to take what is of use to you, as you receive your blessings and what is not.

Remember, that when we disagree with what others are doing, WE ARE RESPONSIBLE for shining our own light to illuminate the way for ourselves and others. Your indifference exists for a reason. But your indifference must be of a positive and empowering nature, unless it is no better than the messenger who have presented it to you.

The angels ask you to remember, that no weapon formed against you is going to prosper. They remind you that everything happens for a reason. And also a denotion that every event that occurs in our world that disrupts our sense of peace or disturbs us, even though it may not directly affect us at the present moment, is a message that we are to get to work.

Any repetitive thoughts you may have is a message that, you are healing and moving on from whatever you may sense in your mind. Never is a powerful word, when used in a manner of declaration.

1+1+1=3 The angels assure that any ‘next steps’ or transitions will be smooth in nature. Do not feel deterred when looking at your past. You are  not going that way. Stick with what you know within you *gut feelings* don’t ignore it nor feel persuaded by the tests that come from others. Remember that we cannot help those who refuse to help themselves. As to keep in line with the law of  request, Law of love and of God…everything we desire, must exist already.

If you have placed it out into the universe as though it already is, this is your seed from which your source of abundance will flow. Love is automatic, and never needs approval to awaken. The angels ask that you surrender all fear based voices, vices, messages, dreams or visions of any sort/kind. As we need to transmute all things that are cluttering our lives  *mind, body and spirit* in any way.  Also see the number 3


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Western Diamondback Rattlesnack Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Egyptian Healer & Psychic Medium:  Seichim, Sekhmet & Shaktipat: When a Rattlesnake crosses your path, it is a sign of fortune. It is often a positive omen. The rattlesnake at first appearance may mean you no harm unless it senses that it is in danger itself. So then the lesson of the Rattlesnake isn’t to fear upcoming changes, But to take a look at the way you may have treated others, and the actions you have taken.

If you have not brought harm to others, you have no reason to fear. If you have, it is time to take note that some part of your life will come to an end as a result, whether this is a chapter or project. The Western Diamondback Rattlesnake is a message that, whatever we put out into the universe, we should be mindful of it. And to also take into account that, each action we take has a reflective mirror to send or boomerang this energy back to us, for us to see the error of our ways.

The universal energies have blessings in store for you whenever you are done with karmic challenges, lessons or if you are wrapping up a karmic phase in your life. You are reminded that we are all entitled to the blues, as well as the joys of life and is confirmation for you to keep in mind that no one is ever excluded from these experiences, although it may seem or appear.

The rattlesnake appearing before you is a message that, you are aware of some unforeseen or hidden dangers and you have avoided them with dignity and grace, and is a message that as your reward, you will receive some good fortunes, that are to enter your life immediately. A rattlesnake behind you and caught you by surprise is a message that suggests you are allowing yourself to be open to energies or vibrations that may not be of use to you going forward. “Going up the road and around the corner” that is all.

A Rattlesnake to the West of you is a sign that you are coming out of some adversities or  you are breaking through and is therefore a message that you will keep moving forward and things will work to your favor, ALL THINGS will work to your highest good. A rattlesnake to the East of You denotes some travel forthcoming.

When you come into contact with a rattlesnake and it does not attack it is a sign that your spirit is good, and you have respect even from unlikely sources.

No one can manipulate you or have authority or power over you, unless it is allowed by you. You are not easily influenced, so if ever you feel that you are, it is time to reassert yourself in whatever position you may be. Positive news may be forthcoming and unexpectedly.

You can assure that a time has come and passed. You can assure that blessings of many financial and material measures, that will help you serve your life mission and purpose with ease and grace are forthcoming. Ask for whatever it is you want and the Universal energies will see to it that your rewards are many.

If you are bitten by this animal, seek medical attention, but in dreams being bitten, is a sign that we aren’t paying attention to the opportunities laid out before us. Or that your environment is not one of a positive and uplifting nature. Set your course in action and make a plan along the way, as plans do not always go accordingly. By preparing yourself to face this truth you prepare yourself for other options as well. Plan as you go…As when we plan, ALLAH plans.

If you feel that the snake is your ‘power animal’, it is of even more benefit to see it in your dreams, waking life or visions.

Snakes in general are powerful signs of: illumination, enlightened, inspiration, light, power, influence, dignity, pride, spiritism, ritual, ability, leadership, seeing past illusions.

Meeting a snake at your left foot is a very powerful and positive sign or omen. A snake at your right foot is a sign of influence and encouragement and denotes that you are in the learning process.

Remember or take note, that when you are always being warned by others, to also take note of the person doing the foretelling or negative prophecies over your life. Remember that where darkness is, light exists, where light is, darkness is suppressed and/or absolved. You will know what to trust and what not. You must use your instincts. As anything can be used for one’s harm. Embrace your fears and use them to your good.

Seeing a diamondback rattlesnake is confirmation things are starting anew in your life and are working together for your good.


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Angel-Confirmation Number 37

Channeled by Quornesha S. Medium & Egyptian Healer: Seichim, Sekhmet, Shaktipat Healing: Angel-confirmation Number 37 is a message that You are supported. And you will have the help from the God Source in completing and feeling supported in your soul mission or purpose. You may confidently go about moving forward as your actions at present are being supported.

You are being commended behind the scenes. Do not allow yourself to feel distracted by external means, keep moving forward and stay/remain focused. The number 37 commends you to keep up the great work that you are doing on the material plane. You will receive rightful support on behalf of your cause or mission at this time. You are to step through every opportunity offered to you with grace and diplomacy for all involved.

Know that you do not have to accept the invitation to serving your soul mission in perfect position, acknowledge that, things will progress as you step forward. The Number 37 appearing in synchronicity, waking life, dreams or visions is a message that you are fully serving your soul mission and are to keep going in this vibration as things are happening rapidly and in Divine time or place.

The Number 37 promises change. If there are fears and doubts know that things will fall apart for higher purpose and reason if this is what is necessary in order for things to come together as it is destined and aligned in heaven, so that it is also on earth.

The Number 37 recognizes and acknowledges the steps you are taking. You are stepping into your platform gracefully. You are to keep in mind that even though you are flying high and living out your dreams, you are abundant and powerful for a reason. You are to continue to use your abilities and powers for the good of those you are guided and purposed to serve. You are given the right appropriations for your actions and steps that you are taking.

37 suggests that You have the gift of clarity, wisdom and speech. You will receive the opportunities to provide for yourself as you provide your energy and cause to others. You are fully supported and your life will result the comfort and peace that you provide to others. Know that your kindness will result in immediate karmic reactions.

You are being freed of emotional chains or generational curses and your energy is being lifted so that you can present and step forward powerfully and influentially into the actions that are most needed at this time along your way.

You have higher help on the way into your life as well as the support of those around you at this time. Continue to believe in your actions as they are making merited changes in many forms.

The Angels wish to continue to bless your path and shed light into your mind, body and soul so that you may express it outwardly and inwardly, and boldly.

If there are any fears you may have at present, they’ll be dissolved and immediately ramified and transmuted for your good. Allow all things to go according to their purpose and as they rightfully should.

The number 37 is equal to 10 *3+7=10 & 1+0=1  Empowered* You can look forward to or expect changes to abound and blessings to enter your life, and paving the way for New beginnings. You are to continue shining your light and offering wisdom through your actions, thereby expanding change and incorporating your mission in all that you set out on earth to achieve.

Continue listening to your intuition and follow inner guidance.Continue to use your powerful and positive elements. You have the support of angels and higher powers, as well as the support and vibration of your spiritual mission/purpose.

Also see the number 1 & the number 10


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Angel-Confirmation Number 2140

Channeled by Quornesha S. *Egyptian Healer & Psychic Medium* The number 2140 is a message or confirmation of a beautiful soul-mate period. You are to choose wisely and to choose carefully as the mate entering your life will be for the long-term. It is a reminder for you to follow your instincts and intuition to be a guide to you.

Go in the direction your heart chooses. You are to choose based on your happiness and not solely based on status, etc. The angels want you to know or remember that you are in a prime time, and although this time is available, like anything else, it has come to pass. So be grateful for this time and select. In other words, make a decision. Do not be at a crossroads in making a choice.

Although there’s an influx of opportunities your heart has already decided and you are to open your creative mind and eyes to see and travel in the direction you have chosen. Right now is the opportune time. It is shown in the reflection of the number 2140 that you’ll indeed make a decision. Know that if you are not ready, this time will come again, and therefore this time at present is preparing you for the next one that may appear in the next 5 or so years. Which is why it is of importance, that if you are ready, to make a decision that is RIGHT FOR YOU, at this ‘window.’

All those who are entering your life at this time are receptive, but it is your decision that will shape the course of your future. So be wise and see the heart of the other person, as well as character apart from status of any sort. You are to build a solid future for yourself, including in the area of romance as to experience stability in all aspects or faucets.

If you are willing to build something and continue growing, your choice will reflect that with someone whose also ready to make an evolutionary change or difference in your and their lives as well. Pay attention to repeating colors as this is your soul mate period. Do not compare answers to what you already know within your heart.

Right now, affirm that you are not a reflection of what others desire for you, nor what others believe about love and relationships or marital. I am a reflection of my ideals, and reflections of everyone else’ ideals for me are beneath me now, I am elated & at peace with my decisions. Create your own affirmations and declarations. Free yourself.

You will decide, ultimately. This choice will reflect that which you truly want. Do not try to overlook the future, or the present moment. Your past is your past for a very special reason. 2140 Is a reminder, that right now, the time has come for you to decide how you will go about into your future. If you are serving a mission that is related to being of service to others, this person entering your life will be of great benefit to you to support you moving forward.

The number 2+1+4+0=7 Empowered. You are to select your mate based on what your heart is telling you at this time, do not look to far ahead as to miss the door right in front of you, do not step over your own opportunities. Accept your golden opportunities with grace and gratitude and remember that you deserve them. Also see the number 7! If you are considering moving in with a partner this will be of great benefit to you!

It is okay to have different perspectives. It is safe to be different on specific aspects. You are not to do or believe the same things. Even if you do, there will be different point of views about it or perspectives. Choose wisely for your own happiness. As this is an opportune time and window for a reason. Your choice is up to you. Congratulations &


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Angel-Confirmation Number 307

Channeled by Quornesha S. *Consultant* Medium & Egyptian Healer: The number 307 is a reminder of your positive attitude right now. Your attitude towards situations are being commended. Just because you’ve made your mistakes doesn’t mean you keep your silence. When crisis arise or things happen in the world it becomes your business and is therefore a reflection that effects all of us. Do not trust to ignore what goes on in the world. We all must play our part to shine a light on darkness.

307 Is a reminder that God is well pleased with the lessons you have learned. Do not question how he renders to your past. Keep moving forward. Release the attachment to how others are, and continue to move forward. There are spirits beyond this world that are proud of you and all that you do.

You are to take vow, that from this moment forward, you are to look at yourself just as God/Spirit or any Divine source will see or have you. Do not believe lies that God is outside of you. You are GOD in your own Unique way. Love doesn’t operate outside of us. As grass needs to be mowed to be kept neatly. Our furniture shifted, to meet our desires.

We are not people without love or understanding. When we decide to allow any emotion to show up instead of love, we are discriminating against the Divinity that is within. Loose and free yourself from outdated ties or beliefs. Take a good look at your present as this is where you move forward from. Not in any position in your past.

When feeling blocked, notice the people around you. Perhaps they aren’t negative people, but they may not be open to whatever you are trying to create. Take notice and re-position yourself so that creative energy can flow abundantly. You are loved far more than you know in the material/physical world, as well as in the beyond and other realms. It isn’t rude to step away. It isn’t rude to ask others if they need help in anyway.

You are more powerful than you can see with your physical eyes, which is why your prayers, your affirmations, your positive vibrations are necessary. Notice everything in your life, sort all things, and acknowledge which opportunities are passing through your life and which ones are meant to carry you through into the beyond?

Do not try to make what is temporary into what is permanent, no matter what it may be. Be accepting of the truth!

Notice card Number 43 In Quornesha S. Tarot™: 


Take note of the ‘little’ wisdom that you learn through small experiences. Know that the angels are always with you and working with you to meet your material goals and needs. You are on your Divine mission in your life daily. Spare gratitude to all you receive and all that you continue to do.

3+0+7=10 & 1+0=1 Empowered doubly! There is a new beginning and rest period, this feels right because you’ve recently undergone some spiritual ‘surgeries’ Ie: upheaval, anxieties or stress/overwhelm as a result of transformation. Know that you are being watched over and things will be looking up and moving forward from here. Notice the signs and commend and thank them for showing up as they did. Release intense feelings like fear or trepidation as this is your new beginning. Enjoy!


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Angel-Confirmation Number 473

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: *Media, Personal + Egyptian Healing* Angel Number 473 is a message that you are to take gradual steps in making the changes that are happening in your life at this time. To listen to your inner wisdom and then take action. You are learning that it isn’t about being vindictive toward anyone or anything whenever you come through something. You are learning to let go. Fate plays a part of the final outcome anyway. Especially right now.

Whatever is happening in your life right now, is not a mistake. It is justifying past happenings. Right now is Justice at it’s best. Begin to recognize it as blessings in disguise.473 is also a reminder that angels are present with you as you walk along and in alignment with your present course.

Begin to acknowledge new parts of yourself as they are unfolding at this time. We let go, we cleave, we receive, there are many parts to the experience of life. Do not define life by an ordeal. Know that all things happen for a reason and everything has an intent or purpose for existing. Ask yourself, what it is that you want out of this ever abundant world we call earth. Do not feel guilt for your own unique experience. For we are not asked to walk as others walk through life, as each wisdom we each have is intended as awareness for our world.

Make your own mistakes. Make them how you choose to make them. Do not count others’ mistakes as less important than your own. Begin to acknowledge your own flaws and then use your judgement carefully. DO not condone hate. Your present situation/circumstance or position isn’t your permanent destination, not by a long shot.

Dive into your own Unique, earthly experience. Feel your feelings, each and everyone of them, is important. Do not try nor feel dictated to walk in anyone’s shadow, as you have your own to realize and awaken. Be your authentic self. As you and all were born to be. However we believe, that is how we are each meant to live.

Each door opens for a reason. Each door closes for a reason. Things or situations cause us to apply patience for a reason. Every individual you meet is for a reason. Those epiphanies that you have are for a reason. Everything changes for a reason. Do not dwell in your grief, sadness or loss for too long. As each emotion has come to. pass.

If you do not feel the support necessary to nurture you, you are free to move forward. Think of having your needs or dreams met consistently, as opposed to only for a moment. You will find the instances where you do things that are for trial and only meant to pass through your life, however, for your own happiness, commit to situations that commit to you and see where it will carry you.

Open your eyes and be receptive to something new, as it is forthcoming and unexpectedly but happily!

4+7+3=14 1+4=5  Rejoice! Change has come. Your angels are orchestrating these changes and you are to be happy and grateful for their outcome. You are more blessed and appreciated by all means than you realize. Send love and light to all that crosses your path and let go of its’ emotions, as you are not how others feel nor are you how you feel. Also see the number 5

Namaste, Namaste, 

Quornesha S.

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Galah *Eolophus roseicapilla* Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: *Media + Egyptian Healing*: The Galah, when seen in your waking life, dreams, synchronicity,  visions or signs is a message of Prophetic messages coming to pass in your life. Someone’s thinking of you right now. Whether they are living or on the other side *In the afterlife* You are mindful of.

The Galah, a majestic bird, reminds you to connect with those you love, more, as you heal through these connections. If loved one’s seem or feel distant, assure them that all is well with your love for them. As we all often need gentle reminders. Know that you are loved. even when you feel like you are forgotten, even for a brief moment in any way.

The angels, God, and ascended masters wish to help you make clear decisions in regards to your life path at this time. Things will get a lot easier from here on if you have found yourself stuck in your creative endeavors. You get to choose how your life will go, even in times when or where you struggle. Know that struggles are non existent and often are swift lessons. Know that any difficulty will swiftly pass.

The Gala enters our realm as a reminder that right now, the right changes are taking place. And they are assuring us that things are arriving at a solid stance. The Galla, reminds you that you have a lot of work to do in the earthly world. Allow the world to experience your beauty and grace. Know that any doubts about ourselves if there are any are recognized as fears. Do not feel deterred from how you feel.

You are allowed to express yourself so that heaven and it’s frequencies can help you to move on and heal from them. Therefore the issue must be identified. And cannot be identified if we disguise our emotions or feelings for what they are not. A friendship, relationship or partnership *business* is getting ready to grow *one or all*. You are growing and the world loves you for your authentic self, as you are healing others by allowing them to know that they are not alone in this world, which is not always fair, or this journey, which isn’t always in a straight line.

There are people around you right now, who do not mind uplifting you. As you do the same for them. You are loved, and love is flowing out of you. Do not fear when you have disagreements. As these too, are a part of your relationship, friendship or partnership with this person.

Ask God to sit with you throughout your meditations from this moment on. Recognize that you are God, in a human version, we are each a version of God. Think about that. Keep affirming your affirmations and listen to your body whenever it tells you how you feel. As these are the answers as to what you are to do next.

Also known as the ‘Rose Colored Cockatoo


Quornesha S. 

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Angel-Confirmation Number 317

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: *Media Consultations + Egyptian Healing*: Angel number 317 seen in your waking life, dreams, visions, or otherwise is a symbolic message and meaning that the angels are prevalent and involved with one or more of your expectations/desires/wishes or manifestations.

317 Is a reminder that you are serving your purpose in a powerful and assertive way right now. And this is being commended by the Universe on your behalf. Look forward to new beginnings. The angels and ascended masters recommend that you continue the good work that you are doing, as it is making a difference more than you may know or visibly see.

You are to receive a sign of some sort to do with your reason for being or existing as per your request. As we all need these reminders daily or often. Whichever comes earlier. You are being reminded that indeed, at this time you are doing things in the ‘right’ order, time and space. It is never heaven’s request, God or the angels’ to have you do things in any other way, than what you want to do them.

Know that you are being empowered and assisted through transitions at this time. It is recommended to you that you have nothing to worry about right now, to surrender everything to God right now. As you have arrived at this moment for a very special reason. You are asked to make a very special request toward heaven right now. Know that if it is your intention to live abundant in your own way, this will be granted. If it is your desire to live well in this human experience and to never have it again, this will be granted.

Whatever you want can and will happen for you. As promised through the prevalence of the number 317 in your life right now. Begin to acknowledge your own wants and needs at this time, as they are sure to come to pass right now. Forgive every opinion from within yourself about your situation if any, and forgive every opinion outside of you, about yourself. Express love to all around you in your own way.

It is up to you what you will give up and what you will keep. You are shining your light in your lifetime and you are free to not do or do what serves you, etc. You will receive a miraculous answer and solution to your prayers at this time. Remember that Divine works in mysterious ways. Often, toward our highest purpose. Know that each present moment isn’t an intention for contentment but for gratitude for what is now. Always press onward to your greatness knowing that you are achieving just a piece of it daily or often, more.

Don't give too much of yourself, set limitations. Because it is greed to give only what others want of you and depletes you once allowed.
Mother Teresa, ‘Do not emphasize/condone Greed’. © Quornesha S. Divine Channels™

Enjoy life. As you soon will experience a new beginning in some aspect or another. Everything has an ending, everything must begin anew. As you cannot pour new liquid into what is old, as it is often spoiled and ruined of what it has the potential to become. Expect new into your life.

Move your furniture or rearrange things the way you prefer them to be at this time in your life. Actively participate in life, the mistakes you’ll make, the joys you will experience, the abundance you will achieve. YOU can only live once. Do not dwell on what you express. Speak and move forward always. The world or those that love you cannot experience you any other way, than for who you truly are. Tap into your authentic being which you are currently an expression of, use every ‘spiritual muscle’ that exists within you.

3+1+7= 11 & 1+1=2 Balance is being restored in your Blueprints, life charts, fate, or destiny. You are to be a reflection of the greatness that you are at every moment. You already are all that you are to become, all you have to do is tap into it and step into that new level of yourself. *What you haven’t experienced, as of yet* Also see the number 2


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Angel-Confirmation Number 457

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant *Media Consultations + Egyptian Healing* The Angel Number 457 is a message that there are auspicious changes happening in your life right now. These changes have come about as spiritual requests.  With 457 entering your life, you may be considering making changes to your personal appearance. The angels encourage and insist that you always do what is right for you in your life always.

You are to renounce determent of your ordeals, dreams and plans. You are to walk in the direction you choose to make in your life and along your path. As you are the one who must  go along the road you must travel. And not others.

Right now the angels ask? What personal goal, wish or fulfillment you wish to manifest in your life right now? Make this a meaningful opportunity to get and receive what you want. Begin to appreciate your own way and direction.

Spend time in meditation and remember that God/Universal Energies are mindful of you. When the time is right to make changes, these will fall into place in the most miraculous ways. Do not make emotion-based decisions. Do not allow your emotions to be in control of you or your directions.

4 In this sequence represents the Ascended masters being beside you and available through any constraints that may be present at this time. 5 In this sequence is a representation of changes. 7 Is a representation of your Chakras in this sequence and you are to call upon ‘higher help’ to continuously and consistently change things into your favor as the changes roll out in your life.

Remember that we are each here for a reason. Do not allow your thoughts to have dominate decision making power in your life. Ask of God what you need right now, and he will handle your every care or concern. If you cannot accept things the way they are, surrender it to higher powers in your own unique way. Spend time studying your own energy. How do you react to certain situations. Are the thoughts you think a source of fear? If so, it is time to navigate through these fears.

We each have abilities for a reason. How we use these abilities are up to each of us. Do not apologize for your intuition, but you are to also, not judge or criticize as though your mind isn’t also at work in the process. When it comes from a fair and diplomatic stance,  ‘for the good of all involved’ feel free to express it openly. When it comes from a place of criticism and never constructively, check the source as to which or where the information comes from.

The Number 457 Promises financial/business or project ‘luck’. You are to use your use your wisdom in a constructive manner. Do not tell others what to do and how to do things, simply be a guide. When they are willing and ready to listen they will apply what they can and move on from whatever it is that doesn’t resonate with them.

457 Is a reminder: Keep your emotions in check.


Quornesha S. Divine Channells™ By Mahatma Ghandi Through Quornesha S. 

Be prudent in receiving advice, be grateful for the thoughtfulness of others. And ask for love to be sent to them in return, even if it isn’t from you. Good things and clarity come with hindsight. Even when you do not understand your feelings in the moment.

Speak your truths at every moment. You are only having a human experience. You are not robotic. You are not computerized. How you feel isn’t one-sided nor, monotonous. But you are to do so in a balanced way. Express yourself without becoming overwhelmed in doing so.

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Use your gifts in all that you do. Be good to yourself. Do not halt your life during a difficult time, pick up the pieces and get going, again. Hesitation or procrastination will not alter the outcome nor the experience.

4+5+7= 16 & 1+6=7 The Number 7 In this dialect, gives a symbolic reference that You are to express yourself and your spiritual beliefs in an assertive yet judicious way. Do not have fears of being naive. We all experience moments of great inner sensitivity and often, times of great strength. Use them both to your ‘positives’. Do not accept negative/toxic/labeling/restrictive interpretations about yourself from others. Nor send them.

Expect new beginnings In regards to personal beliefs.

Affirm: It all gets better from here.

Affirm: All good and bad, if it even exists, has come to pass.

Declare, I will never have to cycle the same situations twice, as I journey through the gift called life. I am freedom and peace and happiness.


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Angel-Confirmation Number 781

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant + Egyptian Healer: Angel Number 781 is a message that you are very powerful. That you are working on the spirit-plane or realm. You are beginning to recognize your own uniqueness. You are beginning to see the truth about yourself and everything else.

Divinely continue forward. Tough situations conclude. Doors close. So that new ones can take their place. We all feel vulnerable when that time comes, for we are joyous when we are joyous, loving when we are loving, grieving when we are grieved. Etc. 781 is a reminder that you are headed towards something new in your life.

You are to choose the battles you will fight in life. There are no mistakes, coincidence or random acts. Everything has it’s own Psychic Energy. Each soul upon the earth, all sentient beings, that live, are a part of this energy. We are all in vibrations together. Which means we must shield ourselves from random energy. Do not be an ‘experiment’ for spiritual energy that does not serve you.

You are all that you are for a reason. And you will begin to understand this at this time. Take time out to absorb the information and Intend to LISTEN. As this information is very important for you to fulfill your earthly and soul mission.

Like businesses, we must use our intuition and ability to see into the details to fully know when or what will uplift us. And take us higher. Do not be clingy. Do not look too long upon what isn’t working out. If it has ran it’s course accept it. If you are receiving intuitive messages trust these at this time. If you can say to your innate wisdom, I trust you, and just let it be. Do not try to compare what you receive. Believe what you receive with all your being.

Remember, a part of us dies each new day, for we can never be who we were yesterday. Take back your power. Put things into priority at this time. What energies and thoughts truly serve you. Listen to your own teachings. Walk in alignment of what you are teaching, as you are the prime or best or ordained or chosen example to teach what you are here to teach in the world.

Choose your words carefully when describing others and yourself. Do not brand yourself with your past or that of your mistakes. As Nelson Mandela has put it in one of my channels:


Listen to your own wisdom, when you feel like you cannot rely on that of others. You can always go back to the external wisdom but you have these feelings for a reason. Feelings or sensing that something is not right. Even when you are assured that nothing is ‘wrong’. These are your gut feelings letting you know to do your own research. Something doesn’t feel right for a reason.

If you are experiencing vivid dreams, pay attention. But do not leap at the first message that you receive. Adhere to your own judgment of situations. Be certain that you are not making swift steps without consulting your heart!

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The angel number 781 is a reminder that we are facing changes and we are facing, spiritual upheaval in some way or another. And this is justified at this time. Do not blame yourself or others. As we all have our ups and downs. As long as you are in human form, you will experience every faucet of emotion, every faucet of living life. And to which, you are not a victim in it.

Know that if you have concerns for a loved one, we cannot get in the way of God’s work. You cannot pray or wish his will away. You can only accept it. Do not fight against the current flow. Allow!


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It is time to accept a new long awaited, beginning. Embrace it. If you are feeling that you are only going in one direction without receiving what you need in return, this is about to change. Remember that the future is not an image of what we ‘want’ but what is for our highest good. We must learn to be happy with the blessings that enter our life. Do not try and live out an ideal for yourself or anyone else if it isn’t truly a reflection of what you absolutely want for yourself.

Spend time in silence as it is necessary! You are growing at this time in your power and ability. Which makes it all feel more intense than what it will look like when it is all complete. Invoke the Universal Energies At this time
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Begin to illuminate the way for yourself, during this ‘down time’. Fully express yourself with God in these moments. You are love and You are light. Honor your power, on every level. This too has passed!

7+8+1=16 & 1+6=7 The Number 7 Is a representation that life is unfolding in regards to spiritual matters. Whatever your beliefs may be, tap into them at this time for further guidance and clarity. Also see the number 7 meaning


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