Angel Number 16/Confirmation Number 16

Number 16 is in resonance with relationships and love. Love is a spiritual journey as when two come together they come to learn and grow of each other. When you pray ask the energies of love to assist you in your current relationships or those yet to come.

Loving Archangel Chamuel, guide and assist me in connecting with a soul/being that will help me along my journey. Guide me to helpful people who will help me better my surroundings with more love and abundance of compassion and understanding. I call to all angels that are willing to assist in my companionship/relationships. Blessed be. It is so.

When you are being reminded of the number repeatedly (161) you are asked to open your heart for love. Forgive and release old memories of past relationships. You may not be able to eradicate entirely the memory but you are free to move on from it.

Sixteen is about your authentic spiritual path. Pay attention to what your soul is telling you about you as what comes through is very beneficial to your spirituality. Keep pressing forward in the way you choose to love others. Remember don’t judge others even when they are judging you, their journey is not your path.

Try mirror working and saying positive things to yourself. Dance as if your soul mate is watching you. Walk as if all the attention is on you. You’re affirming your good by how you choose to react in any given situation. Love yourself always. Keep the faith always. Always shine your love and light in a way that makes you feel good about yourself. Keep loving and love some more. Be open to all of the possibilities love can provide.

Don’t assume that you’re single, you’re preparing your life and yourself to share the journey with those willing to see beyond your physical appearance. The soul! Stay open and free yourself. Know this, if you want someone whose patient with you, you attract people who will require your patience in return. You must prepare and the Universe will be sure that you are.

xoxo Quornesha S.

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