Angel Number 11

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Medium 

The Universe is trying to tell you something: Eleven represents illumination and dreaming, When the number 11 appears the universe is asking you to check your thoughts. YOU attract into your life what you most think about. THE number eleven appears as an open door way for you to manifest your dreams.

Help is on the way: You may find that helpful people appear in your life at this time assisting you in the fruition of your goals and desires. Remember though, that action is powerful and quite magical. If you do not want something or to be involved with someone or something then don’t do it.

Love yourself as you love  all others: It is time to take your beliefs as seriously and as loving as you take the beliefs of others.

The Magic; See your words as a lamp, each time you rub those words something or someone appears to help you manifest it. WHY? Because you’re speaking of it. The only thing the manifestation will do is honor that wish or your command. YOU cannot undo time or the past. So live each moment as though you want more of what you are contributing your energy towards.

Time to cut it out: Stop involving yourself with negative people for the sake of being right or having the last word. As anything you do or say can and will be held against you or served up to you. You are arresting and holding captive every thought or idea in it’s material form when you speak of it. Focus on what you do want. Don’t sit and dine with ignorance if your intention isn’t to get up more foolish. Don’t stare at things until you judge them. Let go of all judgments about yourself and about other people.

Your reflection: Live more peacefully by developing a spiritual mirror and know that what you see about others you see about yourself. If you’re in a relationship it is because there is a part of you that you see, and you simply wish to give to the other half of you out of gratitude for it’s materialization in your life.

Repeating number 11: Your wish has manifested. Whatever you desire at this time must be alignment with your purpose. The angels commend the manifestations you are making or have made. You are free to release your fears. You are free to separate yourself from repeated negative energies.

It’s not going to be ‘easy’:  it’s easy to fear, out of fear, that things may not work out as we’d hope. Put yourself at peace, knowing that whatever your hopes are, they are hoping for you as well. See yourself confidently open and receptive to the abundance you are asking for. Know that even though, what you are asking for may not appear as you ask, it can also appear in the form of opportunities, people. The point is to expanse your belief so that your horizons can be lifted above  5 or 6 feet from the ground.

Change your thinking: Think boldly. even when your mind tells you that it’s not possible. When we think only from our left brain it can be difficult to remain optimistic, instead we look at what exists already and claim that what we hope for is impossible. You cannot relate your past misfortunes to what is present. You have served the time required for your failures. There is no need, to go through those again. Never is a very powerful word. It’s up to you to revoke and renounce your repeated negative thoughts.

Intuitive Conclusions: If you will, you may kindly ask that your inner and higher self release these habits of self corruption or possessions of the past. As no matter what you do, you cannot throw paint over the pain and hope to carry that with you. So then, you have to decide, to let it go. There are new lessons for you to learn from. And the answers, do not lie within your past mistakes. They are called mistakes for a reason.


Quornesha S.

Psychic Consultant Quornesha S. 

All rights reserved ©

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Thanks 4 Sharing so kindly + with all due respect.

10 thoughts on “Angel Number 11

  1. I found your page out of manifestation. You speak to me in a way other sites have not.. thank you sista🙏🏾 Thank you for choosing to share your gift


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