The Letter K Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. *Medium + Egyptian Healer*: Letter K, is symbolic for: Keepsake, Keeper, Kaballah, Kangaroo, Knight, Knowing, Knowledge, Kindred, Kindness, Kings, Knowledgable, Kite, Kosher, Kwanzaa.

The letter K is a message that tradition is being called for or even considered. The letter K in a name is symbolic of a person Outgoing, sometimes mischievous and explorative. The Letter doubled or Tripled in a name suggests auspiciousness as with any letter, and can suggest difficulty to maintain achievements and successes in a stable manner due to so much going on at once.

The letter K in your dreams and waking life suggest that things are have changed and most likely for your benefit and the benefit of all involved. With the letter K showing up, it is a message that you are or will soon be busy with many opportunities abound. Pay attention to offers and walk through doors YOU CHOOSE with confidence. You are to know that anything in your life taking place or passing away, will not be your same story in times ahead.

Where things have been stagnant before will now be flowing. NOW is always the best time to commune with God/The Source. You are to meditate and receive. You are to open yourself to receiving as well as give. As we all are, both receptive and giving. It is a matter of changing your thoughts to align with your intention.

Know that as you move forward into your new, what has now passed has served it’s purpose. The Letter K is a promise to you that, the present chapter you are closing will close forever, meaning you can never walk through the same constraints ever again.

Look ahead with potential and optimism. Knowing that things have come to a conclusion for a reason. Do not regret what you did not do, what you did do. Just let it rest. And move forward now. You are to shift your focus from the things you are leaving behind.  It is up to you to assert your will in whatever you are doing moving forward. Do not feel deterred, as there will not be a need for it ahead. You are to release old faucets of yourself.

If all messages that you’ve received have spoke of change, you are to use these messages and prophetic words collectively as confirmation that this changes is now complete and you will begin to experience the efforts and blessings that the universe has dueled out to you. Do not settle, although you are to remain open minded. You are stronger than you’ve ever realized yourself to be.

It is important to take note that a death of something has come about. Whether this is to the past, old habits, old life, or other. It is assuring you that time has come for a new setting. This will increase your life in all ways. Sow what you wish to reap. If you want to be more social, find yourself more open and receptive to new and fresh individuals entering your life.

Just know that with the letter K appearing in your life, it is assured that, If things were not flowing as you’d like, with people you prefer, now will produce a favorable outcome where settings are more suitable for you.

Surrender all concerns as you move forward. And know that you and all that you have developed is being watched over. Pay attention to the signs.

The Letter K is the 11th letter of the alphabet. Hinting toward breakthroughs, illumination, enlightenment and new beginnings. Things will become more balanced and stable from this moment forward. Choose things that really resonate with you, from the clothing that you wear, to the food you eat, to the company you keep, as you will have support from the Universe in these matters. Also see the number 11


Quornesha S. *Medium & Egyptian Healing*

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